Gustakh Dil 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 13th September 2013 Written Update

While walking, Nikhil asks Lajjo whether she will be happy with their marriage – he can never love her and the marriage would be a compromise. Lajjo tells him to not worry about her and that she has no problem if he never loves her. Nikhil is surprised at her words and Lajjo explains that she has a lot of people who love her already! Nikhil says he is talking about the kind of love that only happens once, and he already loves someone else and will never be able to give her a place in his heart. Lajjo insists that she understands what he is saying and has no problem with it. He is already giving her a place in his house and saying her parent’s honor, and she could ask for nothing else.

Lajjo takes him back home from a random path in the field and Nikhil keeps almost tripping.

Just then a mouse runs out of the field and Lajjo gets scared. She shouts and tries to hold Nikhil. They both lose their balance and fall in the muddy water nearby! Nikhil is a little upset at his clothes getting dirty and Lajjo says she’ll wash it! Nikhil starts coughing from getting some mud in his mouth and Lajjo makes fun of him! They make fun of each other and have some light hearted material!

Nikhil is talking to Dadaji and Bua. Dadaji praises Nikhil for his right decision. Bua tells him that he should reconsider and make sure he is not making the same mistake. Bua does not want Lajjo to have to go through anything more and wants to make sure that Nikhil won’t go back on his word. She says that she hates how everyone keeps making decisions for Lajjo. Bua finally asks Nikhil if he will be able to protect Lajjo’s honor in that house where everyone hates her, and Nikhil says he will try his best. Nikhil says that Lajjo will get both honor and respect in his house. Bua asks if he can give her love, and Nikhil walks away without answering. Dadaji tells Bua that he is proud of Nikhil and that he obviously has his morals. Bua counters that he cannot love Lajjo and so this relationship will be a burden on her.

N and L are leaving and L is crying at having to leave again! L’s mom is consoling her and tells her than Nikhil is great and loving and she should be happy. She then tells N that L is afraid of two things – thunder/lightening (?) and mice. N remembers their fall cuz of the mouse earlier. They say their goodbyes and leave! It is a somber farewell with everyone crying.
Ishana and friends are all sad and serious! They decide to plan a party for Nikhil’s return. Ishana is still serious and sad and asks why Nikhil has not returned back yet. They have some light moments about N missing I the entire time they were in Sonbarsa. They continue planning the party and Kunal stops them saying that we cannot party written for India-Forums and be so insensitive. Afterall, whatever happened with that girl was wrong and that even N would not be in a party mode. Shreya agrees and I gets mad, and asks if she means that Nikhil is wrong in breaking this marriage. S calms her down by explaining that she only means that N will not be back to normal so soon and will need some time to move on. I agrees and that she will help N forget everything. K looks on somberly.

N and L arrive at N’s home late at night and all is dark and no one is around. L enters the house hesitantly and N tells her not to be afraid, as he is with her! He grabs her hand and brings her in to the house [YAY!!!]. N says everyone is asleep and he will talk to everyone tomorrow morning. He tells her to sleep and that no one will say anything to her!

Barkha comes back home with her husband. They notice Nikhil’s jeep and B is excited. L is in her room and is hungry, so she remembers the pickle her mom packed. B wants to talk to N, but his dad stops her saying that he is probably tired and sleeping. B starts looking for a catalogue Rosie sent and remembers that it was in the guest room. She goes to get it [dun dun dun]. In the guest room, L is eating pickle and spills some on herself. She goes to the bathroom just as B comes in to get the catalogue and does not see L! But then she remembers that she left the light on and turns back! She sees Lajjo on the bed and is shocked. She shouts ‘Nikhil, Inder’. When Nikhil arrives, she asks what is Lajjo doing here? Nikhil says that he is sorry, but he couldn’t leave her. Barkha is crushed.


Precap: Barkha is taking her suitcase and leaving the house to move in with her mother. Ayesha and Inder try to stop her, but she leaves the house!

Update Credit to: Persephone

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