Gustakh Dil 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with house owner lady seeing Lajjo and Rancho. She asks what are you doing here, then who is in bathroom, boyfriend? She asks them to come out and says girlfriend? Seeing Shreya. Lajjo says its not her mistake, I came late as I went to give tuition. The lady scolds her and says Lajjo has broken the house rules by coming late. Rancho apologizes. The lady says get out.Lajjo cries.

A girl’s intro scene is shown. She is Ratri. A modern and independent girl. She comes on the road leaving a party to get a taxi. She sees a car coming. The car comes infront of her. She is shocked to see a man and says who are you. Its Sagar, he says who am I is not important. Lajjo tells everything to the lady that she tried to come early but came late. She says you are also a mum, tell me what could I have done. The lady says fine, I will forgive you this time, but don’t do this again, else I will kick you out of the house. She asks Lajjo to pay the rent in two days. She asks Shreya to leave.

Sagar says the important thing is what you can become. She is surprised to see Sagar. She says Sagar Khurana, OMG. He asks are you ready to become a star. She is shocked. Sagar smiles. She gives her hand. He holds her hand and she smiles. Nikhil comes home tired, he is unable to walk. Barkha sees him and gets worried. She asks what happened. She asks are you hurt. Nikhil turns. She says maybe you need a spray. She asks Chaya to bring first aid box. She says maybe a fracture, we can go for a xray. He says come on mum, stop this drama, now you are happy seeing me alone, leave me alone now. She says I m your mum, can’t I ask.

He says are you worried and concerned about me, are you seirous, maybe you forgot, I don’t forget, I got ten stitches on my head when I was ten years old, I called you whole night, but you did not come to see me. He says you have pushed me very far from you, good night. He leaves. Barkha thinks about Inder’s words. She regrets. Lajjo thinks to meet Sagar and ask for advance. She comes to meet Mili. Mili asks her to teach dance. Lajjo says first study then dance. Mili says no first dance. Lajjo says fine. Nikhil comes to a diamond shop for interview.

Nikhil says I need help, as I m finding a job. The man asks will you work in diamond shop. Nikhil says I did my degree. The man says we don’t need degree, diamond selling is an art. Nikhil says I will work well. He gets the job with Rs. 15000 pay. He says I will start today and joins the work. Sagar’s assistant Singh ask Sagar to find good talent soon else his name will spoil in the industry. Lajjo and Mili dance in her room. Sagar hears the music and tells him that he got the talent. Sagar introduces Ratri. Sagar says I saw her dancing, she is full of energy, she needs some formal training then she will be perfect. Singh says its good news. He asks Sagar to stop drinking. Sagar calls Ms Ahuja and asks about the music. She says Mili is playing it.

He says call Mili. Mili comes there. Sagar scolds her. He asks for her tutor. Ms Ahuja says she is there, she was teaching her dance. Sagar says what, teaching dance in study time. He says who is this fool, call her here. Lajjo walks down and both of them are shocked to see each other. He thinks about his insult I the village. Lajjo also thinks of his words. Singh is scared and sits quiet. Sagar says who permitted you to come here, who brought you here. He asks Mr Ahuja about Lajjo. Lajjo says no one, I came myself, for searching work.

She says if I knew this is your house, I would have not come. Sagar insults her and says are you capable of teaching Mili, you will spoil her, you are fired, get out. Mili says its not her mistake. Sagar asks Mili to go to her room. Lajjo argues with Sagar and says how can you scare your daughter, does a father be like this. She says my dad is better than you, he is poor and illiterate but he knows what is a father. Sagar stops her and gives her money. He says you can tell people that I was unfair. She says I worked for only two days, how can I take whole month’s pay. She stops thinking about house owner lady’s words. She says I need my two days money. She keeps the rest of the money on the table. Singh and Sagar looks on. Lajjo says you can count it. She leaves.

Some goons kidnap Mili. Lajjo is shown travelling in a taxi..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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