Gustakh Dil 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 11th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Laajo telling Rishi to apologise to his dad, Rishi says sorry and leaves the room. Chachaji is very surprised at this and gets emotional, he thanks Laajo for this and explains to her that Rishi is very angry after the divorce. Laajo says she understands and asks him a question that a marriage is supposed to be the purest relationship in the world but if the husband-wife are not in love and there are many differences between them then also will be the marriage be pure in the truest sense. Chachaji doesn’t know how to answer the question as he feels he cant because he couldn’t save his marriage.

The next morning, Ishaana gets up feeling very happy her mom enquires about her good mood and her last night’s whereabouts. Ishaana lies and says that it was a girl’s night out and they all went for a movie and dinner, her mom is very happy to see her enjoying her life. However, Ishaana feels bad about lying but thinks that she doesn’t have any option.

Laajo picks all the dirty clothes in Nikhil’s room, and finds a jewellery item in his jeans pocket and thinks it is Ishaana’s. Laajo gives it to Nikhil and changes the topic by asking him how the dance went. Nikhil is surprised as to how Laajo knows so much about the Russian Ballet. She leaves the room to get water and at the same time Rishi enters. He says that Nikhil should have taken Laajo to the dance as Nani had promised her and she was very excited to go, Nikhil gets angry at Nani and says to Rishi that this marriage is not a normal one and everyone knows about it they get into a heated argument. Laajo interferes and requests them to not fight because of her.

Barkha wakes up Ayesha and advices her to not waste her time, she should consider doing a course or working till she gets married. At the same time Nani enters and rejoices that their plan was successful however, Barkha doesn’t understand why Laajo is being proud and not leaving. Nani again inqures about the bangle but Ayesha pretends to go back to sleep. Nani tells Barkha that something is not right with Ayesha and are suspicious of her new friend, she advices her to keep a strict eye on Ayesha.

While driving Nikhil thinks about the fight with Rishi at the same moment a stranger asks for life to the airport. The stranger introduces himself as Anshuman. Nikhil gets a call from Laajo who asks him to not be angry and says that when he smiles he looks good. Anshuman is surprised that Nikhil is married at a young age, Nikhil tells him his basic life story. Anshuman tells him that he was married when he was very small and he is going to be free. ( Actually all this was the promotion for the new Life Ok show Tumhaari Paakhi that starts today).

Laajo enters Gunjan’s room and keeps her book there while her eyes catches the colourful clips. While admiring the clips Barkha enters the room, she enquires from her what she is hiding in her hand. Barkha then accuses her of stealing something, Laajo opens her hand and its only a hairclip. Barkha rudely says to Laajo that where are her manners she is not supposed to enter anyone room like that as it not her house. Laajo goes to heer room and feels sad she recalls the time in the village when she would play with sister and friends and talk about hairclips and the escalators in the malls. Laajo gets emotional and takes the money that Nikhil had given it to her and decides that she wont touch anyone’s things and she would go the biggest mall and buy whatever she wants for herself and her sisters.

Precap- Laajo gifts a shirt to Nikhil and he wears it, Ishaana comes and makes fun of the shirt and judging the expression Nikhil doesn’t like it.

Update Credit to: Desigirl_21

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