Gurbani 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Gurbani 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Gurbani 21st March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sohum going and sitting on his tractor and pulling his hand back from offering to help Bani onto the tractor. He thinks to himself that he always wants to talk to her but he fears that if he starts talking to her, he’ll let her know what’s in his heart. Baani also thinks to herself that he is an akdu (arrogant) person and Rajji was wrong about him since he never even bothers to help her.

They ride on the tractor for a bit and Sohum notices that Bani has mud on her clothes so he stops the truck near a river and tells her that she can wash up if she wants. Bani goes down to the banks of the river to wash her hands and face and Sohum watches her and imagines a brief bit where he goes to help wash off the dirt on her face but when Bani turns to look at him, he snaps out of his dream and tells her to hurry up as he has some important work.

Sohum and Bani reach Jassi’s house and Sohum greets Bani’s mother and family warmly. Bani thinks to herself again that Sohum is so nice to everyone but her. Sohum drops her off and leaves.

At Jassi’s place, everyone marvels at how much Jassi has changed after marriage and moving to Canada…they show an old picture of Jassi when she was plumper and darker and everyone comments about how Jassi has become more confident and glowing in every way. Bani’s mother constantly watches Jassi and what a luxurious life her and her family are leading now and notices the contrast b/w her condition and Bani’s condition…ultimately she breaks down and starts crying and everyone is confused as to why she is crying. Rajji’s mother also starts crying watching this but when asked, she pretends that they are tears of joy at seeing Jassi’s happiness.

Jassi brings gifts for everyone and is shown to be quite a close friend of both Bani and Rajji. Everyone marvels upon seeing her husband and young son as well.

Back at the house, Happy is flying around a toy helicopter which accidentally flies over the wall and falls onto Rajji’s brother’s chest. He throws it back over the wall and it breaks.

Epi ends.

Precap: Bani’s mother tells her that she is going to put an aeroplane water tank on the roof of their house and definitely marry her off to an NRI…Contrastingly Rano is shown removing her jewellery bit by bit.

Update Credit to: AreYaar

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