Gupta Brothers 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kamini elopes with Bobby

Gupta Brothers 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alok asking Veeru and Rajat if they are making fun of him and asks where is Bhaiyya? Kamini’s mom asks Shiv to ask Alok to get ready. Shiv asks him to get ready. Kamini’s mom asks Inspector to go and keep eye on him. Shiv thinks how this marriage will happen, as they didn’t call the pandit. Pandit ji comes there and says you didn’t call me. Veeru sees his Mama ji and calls him. He says even we didn’t know about marriage happening. Mama ji asks him to go green and keep the plastic leaves there. He then gets a call and removes his Pandit clothes and attends a call as an estate agent. Kamini asks if he is pandit or estate agent. He says both and gives his visiting card. She asks if he is their far away relative. Mama ji tells that he is their real Mama. Alok and Kamini sit in the mandap happily. Ladki beautiful song plays….shiv comes there. Kamini says did you start new drama. Shiv says he came to get his brother’s marriage done. He shows 12 lakhs cheque and tells that this is settlement amount. He says we, brothers had decided not to marry, but since as Alok decided otherwise, this time bride will take away the groom. He says after the marriage, Alok will have no relation with us. Mama ji asks Alok if he shall call his lawyer nephew.

Alok asks really? Shiv asks him to marry. Their mother in the photo frame gets furious. Alok asks Inspector and the society people to help him. He reminds Shiv of his teachings. Shiv asks him to become independent and do this marriage. Alok says I will do this marriage for your respect and tears 12 lakhs rs cheque. Jaya thinks I want to marry you Alok. Alok tells that he will he will become independent without his help and takes his blessings.

Shiv asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Kamini’s mom says her daughter is not ready. Kamini says she is ready. Kamini’s mom signs her to act to faint and acts to convey her. Kamini also pretends to faint. Her mom gets up and tells that she heard and opened her eyes. They take her to room. Kamini’s mom sends Jaya out of the room. She asks her daughter to get up and tells that what they will do to get her married to Alok, as he is separating from his brothers. Kamini says yes. Shiv comes there and sends her mom out. Bobby sings song outside the window. Kamini thinks if she had to handle her house alone, then she would have married Bobby. Shiv explains to Kamini that what Bobby can give her, that thing Alok can’t give you. Kamini asks Bobby not to call her. Shiv asks her to go and tells that he will handle everyone. Kamini says you are Ram’s swaroop, I didn’t get such support from my mother too. She takes his blessings.

Shiv comes to the mandap and shows the letter. Alok reads it that she ran away. Pandit ji asks if this marriage is happening or not. The guest tells that Kamini’s mom snatched plate from my hands. Alok acts and asks what do you think of yourself? He asks Kamini’s mom if he has not respect, and where is she, who used to say I love Alok. He says she left me on mandap, now I can’t show my face to anyone. He says he will marry Kamini only. Veer reads that she is going to temple. Alok’s mother scolds Shiv. Shiv tells that he has cleaned everything. She feels electric current. He thinks time has come to end the game, he can’t forgive lie and betrayal.

Precap: Alok goes to temple and stops Bobby and Kamini’s marriage. He sits with her mandap. Kamini tells that it was her mother’s plan. Their enemy John Johny Janardhan come there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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