Gupta Brothers 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Meet Sarvagunn Sampann Gupta brothers

Gupta Brothers 5th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The show begins in Varanasi. Ajay goes to his brother’s room, opens his eyes to see them. Their mother calls him and asks if I shall come to wake you up. He says I am coming Maa. He comes out and greets her. Her ashes are kept there and she talks to him via the photo. She blesses her and says until I see you face. Ajay says atleast you started loving me. She says let me continue, whenever you calls me Maa, I want to suffocate your neck. She tells that she has a bad day seeing his face. He asks will you drink tea? She gets upset. He makes tea. His mother asks when you will leave my sons. Ajay says they are my brothers. She says they are your step brothers. Ajay says they are more real than real brothers and asks her to tell them if she wants to. She tries to give him electric current, but she herself feels current, as he is taking bath. She says when you will go from here and tells that he is not letting her sons marry. She blames herself for marrying his poor father. Ajay says my father was rich and became poor when brought you here. His mother gets angry. She tells that man is incomplete without woman. Ajay tells that man is complete without woman as man and woman’s thoughts don’t match with each other. He says he and his brothers are happy without woman. He asks why she is getting angry today on Janmasthami guy. She tells that one day, her sons will get marry and he will get upset. His mother thinks nobody can hear her without him.

Some girls gather at a distance from Gupta’s house. The girl tells that Alok is just hers and praises that he is sarvagunn sampann. The young brother opens the window and thinks my shop opens in the morning itself. Ajay and his brothers do the tulsi puja, while the girls stare at them using the binoculars. An old lady comes there and looks at them, tells the girls that their values remind her of her mother. Sarvagunn sampan plays… while the brothers make food and clean the house. Alok gets scared and tells that he felt as if girl came on janmasthami. Ajay asks him not to worry and asks him to taste the food. Alok taste the food and tells that they feel divine shelter with him. Veeru asks Rajat to leave some paper. Rajat tells that he is gathering information of power today. Ajay comes there and tells Veeru that today it will rain, so they will give free umbrella with 20 kgs flour. He says if we give 500 umbrella order for 20 Rs each and if we pay the amount advance. He says what was our profit, 160. He says he will buy flour in bulk and get discount. Rajat calculates and tells him. Ajay tells that they will have 10 Rs profit each. Ajay tells that a businessman shall never leave profit. Sarvagunn sampan plays….when Ajay and his brothers leave for work. A girl is watching them leaving and says I love Alok. Her mother comes and tells that today is the jamnasthami night, and we will bring qayamat.

A guy walks from there. Tere naam song plays….The Gupta brothers come to the shop and pray to their father’s statue in the middle of the road. The tea seller tells that crow pee on babu ji’s head. Ajay asks his brothers to wash. Veeru pulls the shop shutter and they begin the day. A guy comes to the shop and tries to offer them bribe for taking permission to make the shelter for their father’s statue. A tea seller tells that crow pee again. Alok sends Veeru and Rajat to wash the statue. The guy asks Ajay to take bribe from him and marry his daughter karishma. He tells that his daughter wants to marry him and will make his house as heaven. Ajay says where we take breathe without the woman. Veeru tells that they will buy all the shop. Rajat says they will make the Narayan Gupta market here.

Ajay sees his mother dancing in the photo frame and calls her. He asks are you fine? She says she is Radha today as girls are coming here for puja. She says my sons will see them and wish to marry them. Ajay says we all have decided that we will not marry and no girl will come here. Alok panics and thinks his heart beat is increasing as girls will be coming for puja. He tells that Bhai gave him kitchen work and saved me. Veeru comes to help him. Alok tells that he will do slowly so that he doesn’t have to come incontact with the girls, else he will have to take bath. Veeru lifts the drum and takes it out. Ajay thinks their house is beautiful, why to make it bad by bringing girl here. Veer brings torch. Ajay says see your height and weight, you are scared of darkness. Veer asks him not to say anyone.

Jaya comes there. Ajay imagines Radha in her and folds his hands. Veer asks what are you doing? He says she will do pranaam. She sees the girls coming as Radha and thinks she will take the kanha. Ajay greets the guests coming there. The ladies appreciate the house decorations and tell that the girl will be lucky who will get married in this house. Other girl comes with her mother and thinks where is Alok? She thinks if he is in kitchen. The girl’s mother tells that she will switch off the lights and asks him to go to kitchen and help Alok. She asks her to shout when she switches off lights. She says plan is set. The girl goes to kitchen and sees Alok. Her mother switches off the lights. Veeru gets scared of darkness and shouts. The girl shouts. Alok also shouts. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Ajay tells that someone left 5 Rs coin thinking it is mere a coin. He tells that for me it is having 5 rs in it. He tells that he is a wiser spender. The girl’s mother trick them and convinced them for Alok and her daughter’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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