Gupta Brothers 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiv appreciates Veeru’s business skills

Gupta Brothers 4th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alok telling Jaya that if she is informing him now, though she talked to Veeru in the night. He ends the call, seeing Ram Prasad delivering the stuff. He says you should have wait until bhaiyya returns. Veeru says what is wrong if we take the stuff and shows the 22 orders which needs to be fulfilled. He says if we don’t deliver the goods then we will suffer much loss. Veeru says half of the ordered stuff will be finished by night. He says if we don’t want then we will not take the stuff from Ram Prasad tomorrow. Alok says I am talking about this stuff and worries about the quality of the goods. Veeru says if you don’t help me to sell, then I will do it myself. Alok thinks and tells Veeru that he will give the orders to the customer and asks him to keep the stuffs.

Shiv returns home dejected and tells Ganga that he has not found the supplier, but learnt a lesson today. He says I had gone to take help from those, whom I had taught business, and when I needed their help, they just made me drink one cup of tea and folded their hands before me. He says I didn’t go there to take return of my favors, but wanted their help. He says I am angry on myself for helping them, when they don’t value my goodness. Ganga says goodness is because of you and tells that people will understand his goodness one day. Shiv says wherever you are, there can’t be any wrong thinking. Ganga says I hope that we will not lose and will do something. Jaya comes there and says sorry for interfering. She says may be Bansal asked those suppliers not to give us the stuff and that’s why they are refusing. Ganga hears Aditi hearing her and coming there. She stops Aditi from arguing with Jaya. Shiv says we have to make some way anyhow. He asks where is Alok and Veeru? Ganga says they have gone out, must be coming home.

Rajat comes there with Alok and Veeru, gets happy seeing Shiv. They all greet Shiv. Shiv asks what is the reason of their happiness? Rajat says because of veeru, he has hit sixer on no ball. Shiv asks what did he do? Veeru says don’t get angry, I have taken stuff from a supplier on credit without giving any advance. Shiv asks who is that supplier? Veeru says he came from Azam garh. Rajat tells that half of the stuff is sold. Alok says we have a profit of 18000 today after taking out the investment. He gives him money. Veeru asks him not to feel bad as they have taken decision without asking him. Shiv says I am happy today, you have become businessman in real means. He says searching the right chance at the right moment is the business and you have done this. Veeru hugs him and says wherever I try to do some work, people call me jadh buddhi and looks at Jaya and Aditi. Shiv says even I have told you many times, but you have proved me wrong also. Aditi thinks that supplier will not wait like my Papa for money. Rajat says I have brought something for you all and shows samosas and kachoris, says he got 200 Rs for working in the shop for 6 hours. Shiv says you will take stuff for working in our shop and scolds him politely.

Everyone smiles. Ganga says we shall serve Samosa and Kachoris to everyone. Shiv holds Veeru’s hand and asks about Alok. He asks if Alok is unhappy with you and tells that business works with everywhere, and tells that all the decision of the business will be taken together. He says you would have called me once and says I am just trying to make you understand. Bansal says who has given the stuff to them. Amba asks Ram Prasad Mishra if the work is done. Ram Prasad says yes. Amba gives him money and asks him to go missing for some days. She says I will call you, when I need you. Bansal calls her. Amba picks the call and asks how did you call me? Bansal asks how did Shiv get the supplier in night and asks if she helped them? Amba says you have thought right and tells that she did this. bansal asks how she can do this? He says you had told me that we will break them. Amba says I haven’t ruined your plan, but have taken your plan to long run. He tells that she will make them fight so that Shiv will bend down infront of them and will know that the head of the family will die too. Bansal says two evil minds think alike. She shares her plan.

Precap: Food Inspectors come to the shop and tests the stuff. They tell that the stuff is of bad quality and seals the shop. Shiv, Veeru and Alok gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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