Gupta Brothers 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Veeru and Alok’s shop is robbed

Gupta Brothers 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Ganga, if Rajat slept? Ganga says yes, he slept. Shiv says he must be tired from body and heart. He looks at Ganga. Ganga asks what happened? Shiv holds her hand. yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays……Ganga looks at him. Shiv recalls her words, urging his brothers to choose him, fighting for Rajat’s custody. He looks at her holding her hand. Ganga gets teary eyes. Shiv recalls Rajat calling her Bhabhi and hugging her. He says I have brought up my three brothers and never made them feel alone. He says when I got your support, I felt that I was alone before. He says I got Rajat because of you, else I would have lost him. Ganga keeps her hand on his hand and says this can’t happen, if Rajat is here then he is because of you. Shiv says I have fought many struggles to brought my brothers up. Ganga thinks of Magistrate’s words and tells that the struggle is not yet over. She says she couldn’t forget whatever Magistrate said, says we got one year time and I don’t want anything to happen. She says I have thought something and shows some papers. Shiv looks at the paper and asks this? Ganga says we have to end this matter right away. He asks do you really want this? She nods yes. Just then Shukla comes there and knocks on the door. Shiv goes to open the door.

Veeru and Alok also come. Veeru asks why did you come? Will you break the door? Shukla says all your shop shutters are open and stuff is stolen. Shiv, Veeru and Alok run to the shop and find their stuff stolen and the shop empty. They get shocked and teary eyes. Alok says 40 lakhs stuff is stolen. Everyone looks shocked. Shiv asks 40 lakhs stuff? Alok says yes, Veeru ordered it for more profits and sales. Veeru says I have ruined all and gets shocked. Gupta ji calls Alok. Alok says our shop stuff is stolen and says your money…you will get, give us some time. He says everyone came to know and tells that they have taken 35 lakhs stuff from Bansal. Bansal calls Veeru. Shukla says bansal will not leave even a penny. Veeru says from where we will get 40 lakhs, I have ruined everything and cries, blaming himself. Shiv looks at his brother crying and keeps hand on his shoulder. He makes him get up and says bad times comes, and we have to fight with it, and not to accept defeat without fighting. He says if you accept the failure then everything will be finished. He says I won’t let this happen and goes with him to the Police station.

They go to the Police station. Inspector tells that he is writing the complaint and will look into the matter. Veeru asks if he will catch the thief. Inspector says he don’t want to give him fake hopes. Alok says that means we will not get our stuff. Inspector says yes, as the thief sells the stuff and escapes from the city. Veeru realizes his mistake. Inspector asks Shiv, how he did such a mistake? Shiv asks him to try that thief is caught. Inspector says I have sent constable to get the finger prints. They get the calls from the bulk sellers. Shiv, Alok and Veeru come out of the PS after getting the report filed. They get call from Bansal and Gupta. Shiv asks God to give him strength so that he don’t let his brothers break. He picks the call and assures Bansal that he will get all his money. Alok says we have lost everything, then also Bhaiyya is so calm. Veeru says my hands are shaking even now. Alok says we are duped and everything is destroyed. Shiv ends the call. Ganga comes there with tiffins and asks if anything is found. Shiv says I don’t think so.

Ganga asks Alok and Veeru to have food and tells that she brought their own food, and made food for Shiv. She gives strength to Shiv. Shiv keeps his hand on her hand and smiles. Ganga says I will leave. She goes. Alok and Veeru cry. Shiv sits with them and returns Alok’s phone to him. He reminds him of the childhood, says once you fell down and was scared. He says you didn’t want to ride cycle again. He tells Veeru when he was out in match, he told that he will not play. He asks do you both remember what I said. Veeru says you had said that real game is played by heart, and we shall not accept defeat. Shiv says if we are zero then we will make century tomorrow. we shall not be afraid and lose strength. We shall never accept defeat, not yesterday not today. He asks them not to think much and says whoever is behind, will be caught. He asks them to have food and says everything will be fine. Veeru, Alok and Shiv have food from their tiffin.

The thief comes to Amba. Amba asks where is the stuff? The thief says no, and gives her money, says whatever I had stolen, I have sold everything. Amba asks did I ask you to sell everything and slaps him. She asks him to leave from banaras. Ganga captures everything in the mobile and shocked.

Precap: Ganga pushes Amba. Amba tells that she has done so much for his family. Ganga tries to tell Shiv about Amba. Amba gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Wow this is great news. I really didn’t like Alok pairing with Jaya. I prefer “Veerja” that is Veeru and Jaya pair and always had doubt, that they were a pair seeing their nok-jhoks and both are baail-buddhi, hee hee. Now, I really wish it becomes true and Veerja love story is also shown.
    I love Shiga chemistry too. Only this serial and Shaadi Mubarak has taken a different concept of not following that stupid teenage romance for the leads and that is something really amazing the story.
    Shiga and Veerja have good chemistry and even Aishwarya Raj seems to a have good chemistry opposite Akash Mukherjee.
    That’s the thing which should be applauded about this serial where the pair have so good on-screen chemistry unlike some serials where the pair has zero chemistry!
    Hats-off Mahesh Pandey Team, good choice of pairing! Shiga is the cutest of all

    1. Radhakrishn

      You are correct, but I think Aishwarya might be paired opposite veeru.

  2. Sorry made a mistake in my id, someone else’s id came

  3. Radhakrishn

    But after seeing the link, I am happy that veerja are together. I always like their sweet nok – jok.

    1. Yes both Shiga and Veerja are really cute pairs and even Aishwarya Raj will look great opposite Akash Mukherjee, still don’t know Aishwarya’s character name otherwise would have given a couple name for them too
      I think Veerja pairing will be the best answer that evil Amba tai

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