Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 24

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I try to end Ragini’s character soon but till then tolerate her….

Episode starts….

As Ridhima’s lips touched vansh lips, she heard someone’s cough so she moved back. Vansh eyes were still closed and he uttered”Sweetheart who coughs while kissing”.Now Ridhima was more embarrassed and looking at the person.

Person: But I can cough.

On hearing the vansh opened his eyes and looked at the person with embarrassment and said ” siya, you here”

Siya: yes Bhaiya! I told you to talk to Bhabhi not to test her. I didn’t know that Bhabhi, you will take me so seriously. (smiled)

Riansh were embarrassed and blushing.” Siya you here any problem, “asked Ridhima.

Siya: No Bhabhi….I came here to check that is everything ok between you two….But now I am thinking that I came here at the wrong time.

Ridhima: Siya doesn’t embarrass me!

Siya: I am going. you Both continue with your Romance,

In Ragini’s room….

Ishani: I am very happy. Finally that b*t*h is leaving our mention. (smirks)

Aryan: Finally, she left vansh.

Ishani: what do you mean? Bhai broke with her not she.

Aryan: whatever….By the congratulations Ragini

Ishani: yaa…congratulations Ragini.

Ragini: Thank you….

Ishani: Let’s celebrate this moment.

In the guest room…

Vansh: what are you thinking?

Ridhima with a sad expression”nothing vansh”. “Ridhima…..Don’t worry I will handle everything. Don’t think too much.”

Ridhima: ” but Ragini”

Vansh: why you always run behind her. You don’t have any other topic. Ridhima seriously I am fade up of this Ragini.”

Ridhima: Sorry (holding her ears).

Vansh: keep your sorry with you. I am going office and if you want to come then come or you want to stay with Your Ragini.

Ridhima looked at him with sorrow but he moved out ignoring her.” He is not less than a child” she murmured.

In jail

Anupriya: when will you take me out from this hell. Kabeer Beta I did everything for you.

Kabeer: I know mom. Soon I will take you out but before this, I have to one this.

Anupriya: Kabeer, am I not important.

Kabeer: you are an important mom but my love, my Jaan, my Ridhima is more important than anything in this world.

Anupriya: Kabeer I am your mom.

Kabeer: I know mom…I will take you out soon. Bye…
He moved out.

Anupriya: Kabeer!!!! (Screamed)
I will not leave you Ridhima. you have to pay for taking my son. just wait and watch.

In VR mention

Ragini: siya what happened. Why are you smiling?

Siya: kyu haas bhi nhi skti kya….I have to take permission from you for smiling and for taking a breath.

Ragini: I was just asking. You are taking me wrong.

Siya: Ragini I am not Bhai so don’t act in front of me. I know what you are.

Dadi overheard Siya’s words and said ” I siya you forget your manner. This is the way you talk with your Bhabhi.”

Siya: Sorry to say Dadi but she is not yet married to Bhaiya then how she became my Bhabhi. And most important I said nothing wrong.

Dadi: siya!!! (Shouted ) say sorry to her.

Ragini: Dadi there is no need. It’s Ok siya.

Siya turned to go but stopped by Dadi ” you didn’t hear what I said. Say Sorry to her”.

Siya(casually): Dadi I heard what you and I also what she said. Ragini is the one who didn’t want my apology. You heard nah Dadi she said,” there is no need to sorry”. So I am obeying her order.

In VR enterprise….

Angre: Ridhima this is your cabin….

Ridhima: Thank you Angre!!! I can take me to vansh’s cabin.

Angre: I know he is angry with you. You know nah what you are to him and what he feels for you so please you also try to understand him.

Ridhima: I understand him that’s why I want to have words with him…..please take me to him.

In vansh Cabin…

Vansh was checking the records but he was not able to concentrate on them. In anger, he threw the file. when Ridhima and angre entered the Cabin papers were flinging…..

Vansh: Angre tell that her I am not in a mood to argue with her.

Ridhima: Angre I didn’t come to do argue with someone.

Vansh: Angre I want to stay alone so leave…

Ridhima: Angre you go and have a look at tomorrow’s meeting. I have to some work.

Angre moved out from there and it was a better option for him to flee otherwise he will be pissed off.

Ridhima with cute face: I think someone is Angre with me.

Vansh didn’t look at her and continued his work.” Ab koi to Mujhe baat kr nhi rha….Diwaro tum to sun rhi ho nah mujhe…..what you also didn’t want talk to me….(acting like crying)…koi nhi rha mere ish duniya me sbne bhula diga mujhe…nhi……Nhi rhna mujhe ish Duniya me….jaa rhi hu….

Vansh smiled at her antics and said “Diwaro, someone is trying to look cute but the person doesn’t know these childish things doesn’t work in front of Vansh Raisinghania.

Ridhima: Diwaro can you tell me what’s works on The Great Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh: if someone will complete the thing she was not able to complete in the morning due to Siya’s entry.

Ridhima goes to him and keeps her respective  hands on her waist.” This is too much Vansh.” said she.

Vansh: I think someone doesn’t want my forgiveness. I know the person is desperate to do that (kiss)…. and god knows what more you wants to do with me…..(winks at her)

Before he could add more Ridhima hits him playfully and said” vanshhh”…Vansh smiles at her and holds her hand. He pulled her to him and she falls on his lap.

Vansh: I didn’t said anything wrong. In the morning also, I had asked only once and look at you who placed peck on my lips. It shows that much  desperate you are….

Ridhima’s face and ears turn red. Her face started burning in shyness.” Vvaannshh” only his came from her mouth and even she was not able to look at him. Vansh made her look at him but her shyness is overpowering her.

Vansh: I never thought that I have such a deadly effect on you. God look at your face.

She buried her face in his chest. Vansh kissed her crown.
Vansh: sweetheart I want to say something.

Ridhima looked at him and asked with her ” what” with her eyes only.

Vansh looked into her eyes and said

I am all alone in this overcrowded world…….
I need you……
I want to hold you for my whole life ……
I want to rest in your arms….
I want to feel your breath….
I want to feel your touch…
I want to cry in front of you…..
I want to rest on your shoulder……
I want you as a shareholder of my life….
I want you….
I want you by my side in each situation and every instant of my life…..

Ridhima’s eyes get filled with tears and she tightly hugged him. After a while, she broke the hug and kissed his forehead. Both smiled at each other.

Ridhima: Vansh I want to confess something.

“Go ahead,” said he directly looking into her eyes. Ridhima stands up from his lap.” What happened Ridhima” he asked her.

Ridhima: If starting our life so I want to tell you about my past. vansh…wo vansh….vannshh mai nah jab…wo vansh…pahale jab…..mai..mai vansh…pahale..jab…wo..vansh…hamari shaadi se…pahale..wo..
She closed her eyes and said further” Vansh!!!

Vansh came close to her and placed a finger on her lips.
Vansh: ssasshhhhhh!!!Tumhare beete hue kl me Jo hua ushame nahi koi mera interest or nahi mera haq…..wo beta hua kl that beet gaya….Doesn’t Matter any more…Aaj hum dono ek sath hai wo mere liye matter krta…tum bhi aaj me rhna seekh lo khuch rhogi…..

Radhima: kabhi kabhi hamare beete hue kl ki galatiya….hamara aane wala kl barbaad kr skti……

Vansh:Hmm bolo!!!





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