Gulmohar Grand 9th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Gulmohar Grand 9th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Annie thinking why is Neil being after her. She thinks to ask him, and sees Rohan Malhotra. She hides and says why did this Rohan come here. Shreya sees Pallavi’s pic and Annie comes to her. Annie asks for Anirudh. Shreya asks whats the work. Annie thinks how to tell her that she wants to avoid Rohan. She says she wants leave. Shreya says but Anirudh went out. Annie asks her to call him and ask. Shreya thinks how to call him, he is busy in solving his problems, I hope he is fine.

Anirudh and Pallavi meet for the divorce hearing. Anirudh does not sign it, and gives the pen to Pallavi. She signs and passes the papers to him. Anirudh signs on the papers and lawyer takes the file. Anirudh cries. Annie collides with Neil and says sorry. He says its okay, I was coming to meet you. She says even I wanted to meet you, strange. He asks him why is he following her. He says he came to give the pendant. They argue.

He asks what is she hiding, is there any imp personal connection with Jaitley. She says what nonsense. He says I don’t know why you are with his personal things, you went to meet him in hospital. She asks why is he following her. He says I can’t help it. Teeshay calls Neil for some urgency. Neil leaves. Rohan sees Annie and asks the staff about her.

Ronnie calls Saloni and shows the video. He asks her why did she go in Jaitley’s room. He says if anyon sees this, your game will be over. She threatens him about his conversation with the reporter Devika. She shows the video to him, and he gets tensed. Ronnie says I must say smart girl. Saloni says I knew you will show your colors, and I got prepared, we can get together and work for profit. He asks her the plan.

Teeshay asks a man to arrange a model for Rohan. The man says is there any other work. Teeshay gets angry. The man says I know you, but this happens. He says his commission 20% and leaves. Tina comes to Teeshay and asks about it. She asks him why is he blushing and they have a talk. He confesses love to her and she kisses him.

Saloni talks to Jaitley and apologizes to him. He asks her to forget the resignation. He says he got angry, for her mistake. She lies to him and says her mum’s name is Mayuri Fernandes. He gets shocked. She acts innocent and asks why is he asking this. He says nothing. She smiles fooling him.

Anirudh comes Gulmohar and cries in his room. He says he has ruined everything, and wishes Pallavi stays happy. He says he has to tell something to Jaitley and then he can get free. He is drunk and asks Shreya to take him to Jaitley. Shreya stops him. He says whats seen is just an illusion, today might be my last day at Gulmohar Grand, I will probably not see you, the day you took care of me, silently supported him, her heart is pure and beautiful. She cries. He asks her not to change and holds her hand. He thanks her for her support. Rohan stops Annie, saying Annie Fernandes.

He says he is her old friend Rohan. She says I identified you. He says she is mysterious. She says she is busy in work, they were not friends. He says he loved her and still loves her. She says we did not change, I m not interested. He holds her hand and leaves saying sorry. He asks what does she want, why did she change name to work here. Neil looks on. He asks is everything fine. Annie says yes, Sir forgot the way. Rohan asks Annie to take care. Rohan leaves. Neil and Annie argue and she leaves.

Annie is worried that her truth can be out, she has to meet Jaitley and tell the truth. Anirudh drinks wine and talks to Jaitley. Annie walks to them. Jaitley asks him to say it as his commitments towards the hotel made them sit here, so he paid it by the divorce. Anirudh says he got one punishment, and is ready for another. Annie hears them. Anirudh says he is his culprit and also Mayuri’s. He says he has burden on his heart, and wants to tell him.

Jaitley asks him to say. Annie hides seeing a staffman. The man brings mails for Jaitley. The man leaves. Jaitley checks his mails. Jaitley says he trusts Anirudh the most, and he did not let anyone read his mails. Annie hears them. Anirudh gets tensed. He says I know we don’t tell this, but we feel it, you are like my father and you trusted me as your son, maybe you won’t trust me now, but he can’t lie more. He gets a letter for Jaitley and stops as Jaitley can’t bear this shock. He keeps letter back in his pocket.

Jaitley asks why did he get quiet, what did Mayuri say. Anirudh gives the medicines to him, and says he will come later. He thinks to find other way. Annie thinks what was that letter, and what does he want to say about mum. Anirudh recalls Jaitley’s words and his divorce. He removes his jacket and Annie holds him seeing him stumble. He says I m fine, I just need to use washroom. He washes his face and thinks to have courage and make letter reach Jaitley. Annie asks are you okay. He says yes, I was bit tired. The letter falls down.

Annie gets the letter and Anirudh takes it back. Rohan sends a letter for Annie, inviting her for dinner to revive old memories, and asks her not to refuse, else he can do anything. She throws it in bin and Neil gets it. He reads it and gets shocked. Jaitley thinks what was Anirudh going to say about Mayuri. Saloni thinks its good she got him home, now the game begins. She gives him juice and asks does he stay alone in this big house. He says sometimes I come here as I have memories here.

He asks her about her Dadi and Dadi. She says she could not know them well. He asks about Nana. She says I just know he is big hotelier, mum loves him, I don’t know his name, I did not see his pic, she said she is giving punishment to herself, she loves Nana a lot. She cries. He thinks of Mayuri. Shreya says she is going to give Anirudh’s jacket in housekeeping. Annie lies that she saw Anirudh unwell, did he have anything since morning, you take food for him, I will give this jacket.

She does not get the letter and thinks where did it go. She thinks Rohan is also waiting for her, maybe she knows where is the letter. Neil comes to Rohan and asks about Annie. He says he is responsible for hotel and staff security, and asks why is he after Anahita. Rohan says Anahita Fernandes, we studied in college together, she is my friend. Neil asks what, are you sure, if there any proof? Rohan shows the college pics.

Annie comes to mailing service and asks the man can she check the mailbox, as she has to make come corrections. She gets the letter and recalls seeing Anirudh going on mail room. She says she got it and leaves. Jaitley thinks of Saloni’s words. Saloni looks at him and smiles, on her good performance. She calls on her other phone and shows Mayuri’s pic on the screen. Jaitley sees it and gets shocked. He says Saloni is Mayuri’s daughter and smiles.

Annie reads Mayuri’s letter that she missed her dad a lot and wanted to say he became a grand dad, if he does not reply her, she will think he did not forgive her. Anirudh, Rohan and Neil come there and send the man out. Anirudh says Anahita Fernandes, daughter of Mayuri and grand daughter of Jaitley. She slaps him. Neil gets shocked. Annie shows the letters and confronts Anirudh.

Jaitley introduces Saloni as Mayuri’s daughter, and Anirudh and Annie get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Gulmohar grand should be shown on Saturday also as it is interesting and story is very nice…

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  3. She slapped anirud. I was like :0 and so was neil 😀

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