Gulmohar Grand 30th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Gulmohar Grand 30th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh asking Neil to let Annie go, if she is lying, she will run. Neil says we are not sure about anything. Anirudh says I don’t know the truth, but I can’t deny what I have seen, Saloni is the problem now, your judgment can’t decide Gulmohar’s future, I m afraid of your feelings for Annie, your loyalty should be with Gulmohar, Saloni has proved her truth, we have to see her first, leave Annie now, we have to save Gulmohar, noting else. He ends the call.

Neil sees Annie panicking to get flight tickets and talks to her. He asks her to have food. Annie refuses. She says she has to see her dad first. She gets her dad’s call and asks how is he. He says he is fine, and he got unwell during a conference in Singapore, he got the surgery done as it was necessary. She says sorry, I m away. He says I m fine, I will be in touch, take care.

Ronnie sees his footage when he was talking to Megh ji, and says it means Anirudh came to know about this, he is finding me. He gets tensed and breaks the hard disk. He tells Anirudh that many times hard disk gets corrupt, what footage was he finding. Anirudh says its imp, get this repaired. He leaves. Ronnie says he has to call Megh ji. Megh ji calls Saloni and asks her to take Jaitley’s sign and he should make her his grand daughter, Anirudh will come to her with police, if she wants to get saved, then she should take signs soon. She says she has to do something.

Tina runs happily seeing the famous writer Rajat Chowdhry. She takes a pic with him. Abby and Teeshay come there and see Tina talking to him. Abby asks who is he. Teeshay says this is her work to talk to customers well. Abby says but she looks much happy with him. Rajat says he is glad to talk to her, they can meet on coffee in evening. Tina gets glad.

Annie wants to go to her dad. Neil asks her not to run, as her lie is coming out. She asks what, you lost trust on me, I did not expect this from you. He says wrong, I don’t expect this from you, what relation we have that you feel I won’t point finger on you. She says no one knows me better than you. He says I don’t know you, I know Annie who can help anyone, and you are moving back than helping your Nana. She says fine, I will bring Saloni’s truth out, and not stop here. He says great, freshen up, we have less time.

Saloni asks Jaitley to sign the papers, and she has read it well. He asks did Anirudh read these papers. She says yes. He asks when is Mayuri’s flight. Anirudh says 9.30, don’t worry, what are you signing. Jaitley says you read it. Anirudh says no. Saloni says Shreya said you read it. Anirush takes the file and checks it. Saloni gets tensed. Teeshay sees Tina and Rajat in the café. Abby asks Teeshay to go and find out. He says Tina will fall in Rajat’s love soon.

Saloni says if Anirudh sees Meghji’s name, it will be problem. Jaitley asks Anirudh to add Meghji’s name in guest list, he is sure to keep enemies closer. Saloni messages Anirudh and blackmails him about telling his truth to Jaitley. Anirudh says he has to leave, and read file later. Jaitley asks Saloni to send the papers to Anirudh’s cabin, he does not sign any papers till Anirudh sees it. Rajat says he is 35 and still single, and flirts with her. Teeshay interrupts their talk.

Tina says she has someone in her life, but nothing is confirmed. Teeshay brings wine and tries to hear them. Tina asks Teeshay to let them talk and leave them alone. Rajat smiles seeing Teeshay and Tina, and says I think Teeshay is the one. He asks Teeshay to join them, and they smile. Anirudh checks the drawer and thinks who has taken the letter. His informer calls Anirudh and says Saloni is the one who has spoke to Meghji, and Annie has really called London for her dad. Anirudh gets shocked and asks him to get the info about the message he got now.

Neil and Annie are on the way. Anirudh tries calling Neil. Neil repairs his bike and does not see the call. Anirudh thinks Saloni is the one who is doing this. He calls Pallavi and asks her for a last favor. Rajat asks Tina and Teeshay to propose each other and they are made for each other. He says he can write their love story in his book, and wishes them all the best. Abby signs Teeshay and smiles. Tina asks what was that. Teeshay says nothing, and asks her does she like him. She says yes, but I won’t wait all my life for you. He asks her for dinner. She says we have party tonight, but yes for date. They smile holding hands.

Neil asks Annie to sit and he will repair the bike in some time. He sees Anirudh’s missed calls and calls him. Anirudh says situation got cleared, Saloni is lying. Annie is saying true, don’t leave her alone, she is in risk, she is Jaitley’s grand daughter. Neil says no, Annie spoke to her dad and he is fine, now she wants to tell the truth to Jaitley. Anirudh says no, she is in danger, stop her, I know you can do this. Neil tells Annie that its major problem and will take time. He hits her and she faints.

The party at Gulmohar starts. Meghji comes and Jaitley asks him to meet Mayuri’s daughter Saloni. He taunts Meghji.

Meghji calls Ronnie and asks about papers signed. Ronnie thinks their plan will be exposed, how will they get Mayuri. Ronnie calls Saloni and asks het to take sign soon. Saloni tells Jaitley that she is annoyed with him. He smiles and says she is just like Mayuri.

Neil brings Annie home and tells Shreya that he made Annie faint to bring her home. He asks her not to let Annie leave from home, her life is in risk. Annie leaves from there and Shreya informs Neil. Saloni tells Jaitley that she is annoyed that he trusts Anirudh more than her. He says Anirudh is more experienced, I will sign after the party. She says no, you sign it now itself. He says fine, get the papers, I will sign. She smiles. She gets the papers and gives Jaitley to sign.

Jaitley is signing and his friend asks him to celebrate. Jaitley says let Mayuri come, this is for her. Annie comes there and says Mayuri is dead. They all get shocked seeing her. Annie says Mayuri will never come back. Jaitley asks what nonsense. Annie says Saloni has lied to you till now, why is Saloni’s face getting pale, did she see any ghost. Saloni says no, you are lying.

Annie says you maybe thinking how I m alive, you have sent people to kill me. Jaitley says he has spoke to Mayuri, she will see it too. Annie says I have proof, my dad could not talk to you. Jaitley says what rubbish. Anirudh says Annie is right, Saloni created fake Mayuri to talk to us.

Anirudh says just 10mins, and you will know everything who is lying and who is saying truth. Saloni says will he tell the truth now after hiding Mayuri’s letter, why did he hide this till now. Jaitley asks where is Mayuri’s letter. Saloni gives him the letter and asks him to know the truth himself. Jaitley reads the letter and cries. Fernandes comes there. Annie says Papa….. Pallavi gets Fernandes there. Annie asks how is he here. Fernandes says I m fine, I will tell you everything.

Fernandes says this letter is of Mayuri, but Saloni is not my daughter. Annie is my and Mayuri’s daughter. FB shows Anirudh calling Pallavi and asking her a favor to save Gulmohar Grand. She agrees and Anirudh talks to Pallavi’s BF, who agrees to help him. Saloni gets tensed. Anirudh signs Neil. Fernandes says I m the one because of whom Jaitley made Mayuri away, your grand daughter works in your hotel, Anahita/Annie Fernandes. Jaitley is shocked and asks Annie why did she not tell him. Annie says I wanted to know what happened between you and mum, why did you not answer mum’s letter, I did not know that letter did not reach you. Jaitley looks at Anirudh. Jaitley calls off the party and says he did not expect such big cheat from Anirudh, he can’t trust anyone now, they all are liars, Anirudh broke his trust, he fires him now. He asks Anirudh to get out from his life and Gulmohar Grand. Anirudh leaves upset.

Annie tells Jaitley that Mayuri is dead and holds him while he stumbles. He says I m fine, where were you till now if you are my grand daughter, why did Fernandes not make me meet Mayuri, he should have informed that Mayuri is dying, this hotel snatched my everything, Saloni and Anirudh are cheaters who came in my life. He says he does not want this hotel, he will sell this hotel and give the money in any trust. He asks all of them to go. Jaitley comes to his room and recalls Mayuri’s words. He sees Mayuri’s pics and cries.

Annie comes to Jaitley and brings food for him. She says I know you are annoyed that I have hidden this, I was afraid for your reaction.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thank god finaly Jaitely got to knw d truth

  2. It’s one of great dramas

  3. Its really interesting

  4. This is the best drama without any draging. 😀

  5. Good but want more Annie and Neil scenes

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