Gulmohar Grand 26th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Gulmohar Grand 26th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil recalling Annie’s words and hitting the punching bag. The morning alarm rings. Annie reads the article of Neil’s incident and talks to driver. She gets down from the car far from Gulmohar. She asks driver to go. Anirudh looks on, and goes to her. She says she was not getting an auto. He says no problem, I will drop you. She says thanks and sits. He asks about the car. She says driver was asking address. She says its good idea for fitness, to walk to hotel wearing heels. She says rickshaw was not working and lies to him. He asks her to sit well.

She sets the seat. He says people take time to learn this seat adjustment. She says she used to go in car with her college friend, thanks for the lift. A couple comes to Gulmohar, and Tina asks them to wait in lobby, till they make the room ready. The man asks can’t they give the room instantly. Teeshay says you will get the room in one hour. You can have food in our café as complimentary package.

Annie and Neil are in lift and not talking. They talk via hearts and wish they apologize to each other. The silence breaks and they argue. She goes. He thinks he can’t deal with Annie anymore. Anirudh sees the couple, and recalls Pallavi. Anirudh goes to his cabin and looks at the divorce notice. Shreya comes and says I m sorry, the way your relation ended. He says no, I won’t let it end, and calls her. He asks her to meet tomorrow at same place. Shreya thinks about Anirudh meeting Pallavi and gets sad.

Neil meets Annie and says he would have not been angry if she did not ask about his past. Annie says its same thing. I don’t want to talk. He says even I don’t want to talk and goes. She calls him idiot, and taunts him. Teeshay checks wine and Tina comes there, asking for discount for hotel employees. Teeshay says you are not a fool to give Mrs. Karthik’s info for money. She asks what did he say. He says what you did, was by your wish, I m not interested to you, I did not expect this from you. He scolds her and says your drunkard BF needed money, so you did this. She slaps him and cries. She goes away.

Jaitley sees Saloni and thinks did she call him Nana in hospital. He tries to know her details and she gets tensed, thinking did he doubt on her. Ronnie comes and Jaitley asks him to wait outside. Jaitley asks Saloni about her parents. Ronnie hears them and thinks Saloni is fooling Jaitley. Teeshay sees Tina crying and asks why did she do this. She says Abby is her brother, not her BF. Teeshay is shocked and she says she did not leak any info for giving him money, he always needs money, that night he won money in cards game, he gifted me a phone, I was so happy and wanted to celebrate with you, but you….. I got to know how much I fell in your eyes, I thought we are best friends, I was so wrong. She bumps into Saloni and leaves.

Ronnie talks to Saloni and asks will she help him in getting a contract for the new company, Jaitley will come in your talk soon. She asks what nonsense. He says everyone likes money, I must say you are playing safe. The couple dances in the room and are very happy. She sees the chocolates and cakes in the fridge. He says we paid a lot, so we will get all of this for free. She says why to waste more money. He says its day to spend money today. Jaitley thinks can Saloni be Mayuri’s daughter, she is similar to Mayuri, I have to find about her, but how, maybe Fernandes left Mayuri and she did not call me.

Annie comes and greets him. He says he is ready to get his heart change and looks at Mayuri’s pic. He asks Anirudh to stay back, and he will go with Saloni. Anirudh asks why, you won’t work there. Jaitley says I won’t work. Saloni comes. Jaitley asks Saloni to take him to hospital and stay there with him. Saloni agrees.

Annie and Anirudh think about Jaitley trusting Saloni and they have a talk about Jaitley surprising them. Annie says she is also surprise, as her Na….(nana) I mean he is not like this, Jaitley does not trust anyone so soon. She goes. He thinks why does Jaitley trust Saloni. Neil comes to Anirudh and says he wants to say about Annie. Anirudh says he wants to know everything about her, her details, asap. He asks Neil not to break his trust and goes. Neil says I have to get back in Annie’s life.

The couple is in the café, seeing the menu card and ask the rates. Her husband orders many dishes. The waiter says the bill will be very high and she gets worried. The man says he will pay. Annie comes to them and says she can ask the rates, its discount for them, the bill will be half, and they get happy. Anirudh meets Pallavi and eats vada pau at the stall like before. She asks why is he increasing complications. He asks can they walk together again, there will be some special memories. He recalls some moments and she also mentions few when he did not give her time. He says I will change everything, give me some time. She says time is not there now, time has passed.

She asks him to sign on divorce papers and leaves crying. The couple laugh seeing the bath tub. He gets rate card of the services and gets worried. She checks it and says we have to pay for all this too. The water tub gets filled and water comes out of the room in the corridor. Neil follows Annie in the hospital and says she came to meet Jaitley here. Saloni stops Annie and asks did she come to meet Jaitley. Annie says I have to give flowers to him, I came as I care for him. Saloni says I came as he told me himself. Annie goes. Neil reads newspaper and covers his face hiding from them.

Neil thinks why is Annie and Saloni caring for Jaitley, and they both don’t each other. Annie gets a call and says she is coming back to hotel. She leaves. Ronnie sees the water in the corridor and calls Neil. He asks where is he, and asks him to come on 6th floor. The couple goes to Tina, and say about water filling in the room. Ronnie asks why did they do this mistake. He scolds the couple, and taunt on their poor status. He argues with them, and the couple get shocked. Neil asks Ronnie to calm down. Teeshay also requests him. Ronnie says they are not guests, but pests. The man punches Ronnie. The staff worries that Ronnie will not leave them, and wishes Anirudh to do something. They get shocked seeing police. The inspector asks for Tina and talks to her, asking to come to police station, as Abby/Abhishek is her brother and he is arrested in match fixing case, he is drunk and took your name. Tina and Teeshay not to interfere in her personal matter and goes. Anirudh talks to the couple and the man tells about Ronnie’s mistake. He says its his mistake to bring her here in their anniversary. Anirudh scolds him and asks can’t he understand your wife, she wants your support and love, not your money

The man says I did this for her. Anirudh says you did this for your satisfaction, can’t you see you will not have this, she will leave you, as Pallavi left me, then stay all life alone. Shreya stops Anirudh. Anirudh says I m sorry, and leaves. Annie pacifies them. The man apologizes to his wife and hugs her. Saloni tells Jaitley that she likes attention and will earn for 10 years by this. She thinks did he hear it and gets worried seeing him open his eyes. He says I miss Mayuri a lot, tell her your Nana wants your mum back. Anirudh tells Shreya that he will talk to Ronnie, and thinks to give the letter to Jaitley, and confess his crime to get burden off his heart.

Neil hides and sees Annie. Neil comes to her home and she gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Omg that saloni is a fraud. Hope she gets caught quick. Love u annie n neil ??

  2. Hope Neil and Annie accept their feeling towards each other

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