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A tear tripped from the corner of her eye. “Bhai” she mumbled softly and slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blur. And slowly the light made the things around her clear.

“Bhai” she again mumbled. Her fingers moved slowly and she tried moving her face which looked clutched. “She is gaining conscious” said the doctor looking at her with a wide smile.

He checked few things then rushed out of the ward.

“Mr. Asthana” Vikram looked up hearing the doctor’s voice. “She is gaining consciousness” he said and that made a wide smile spread on Vikram’s face. He walked to the door and stood without entering.

“Vikky” Sumi placed her hand on his shoulder. “She won’t forget me na maa?” his voice choked as the pain hit his throat. “She won’t” Sumi patted his shoulder and he prepared himself to enter the ward.

It reminded him of the time he first met Ragini in the hospital; only thing he wished was that the situation should not to be same.

“Abhi mujhme kahi baaki thodi si hai zindagi
He stepped in hesitant and walked slowly to reach her bed

Jagi dhadkan nayi jaana zinda hu mai tho abhi

He saw Ragini who was trying to sit and he helped her to lean to the bed and sit. “Bhai” that word from her voice just made him the happiest person in the world. How much he craved to hear that word from her voice he alone knew
That moment was magical.

Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe me hai mar jaavu ya jeelu zara

He collapsed beside her as the barrier to his tears broke. He cried like a small kid and those painful cry was such which could make anyone cry. Sumi stood at the door looking at her son’s vulnerable condition and couldn’t control her cry.

She knew what he had lost and what he feared to lose.

“Bhai” Ragini whispered worried and placed her weak hand over his shoulder and he immediately hugged her tight. Suffocating her in his hold he dragged her as near as possible like a mother who just found her lost kid and did not wanted to let it go.

Khushiya tham lu ya rolu zara mar jaavu ya jeelu zara

“Tu mujhe kabhi nai bhulegi na Ragu, promise me” he spoke with a false hope. A hope that had no life of its own.

“Bhai” she spoke and he dragged her out of the hug. “You think I will forget you? Test my memory hit a hammer and test it” said she with a sad pout and tears forming in her eyes.

“Tu na kabhi nai sudhregi” said he forming words with difficulty. “Jo sudhar jaye wo Ragini nahi” she said and coughed a bit as she was still weak. “Ragu” Vikram got up worried and sat beside her and held her cheeks.

“I’m fine Bhai” she said looking at him with a weak smile.

“Maa” she signed Sumi who walked to her and hugged her and Ragini patted her back to console her.

“Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…..” they heard someone and turned to the door. Someone stood with the balloons covering his face and a cake box in his hand.

“Happy birthday dumb girl” Yohan dragged the cake box down and gave a toothy grin. “Yohan?” she looked at him surprised. “Not only your chimpanzee but I’m here too. Yohan give me space” said Kavya entering the ward and standing beside him.

“Kavi” Ragini smiled widely. She looked at Kavya’s hairline which was filled with vermillion and her neck where the mangalsutra dangled. Then she remembered it was the day of Kavya’s marriage that she fainted and after that what happened she did not had any clue.

Her smile faded and she looked at Yohan who was smiling happily assuming how much he is pained inside and still smiling.

“And me three” Sanskar entered then with a wide smile. Vikram’s fist tightened and Ragini placed her hand on his hand and nodded her head in a no. He relaxed thinking about her condition.

“Bhai he is my best friend’s husband. So please” she gave him a pleading look. “But…” he was interrupted when Kavya hugged her and smiled through her tears finding Ragini safe.

“You know my breath had stopped for a moment when Yohan told me about you. Thank god you are fine” said she dragging herself away and looking at Ragini emotionally.

“I’m sorry” Ragini looked at her hairline and the dangling mangalsutra. Kavya looked at her confused. “Sorry?” she asked confused.

“Ohho gossip baad me karna. Won’t you give your chimpanzee a hug. I need it so badly” Yohan stood with cute pout.

Ragini stretched her hand and signed him for a hug and Yohan bent to her and hugged her and that tear finally left his eye which struggled to come out. “I missed you so much Jhalli” he said rocking her.

Sanskar gave her a tight smile when she looked at him after Yohan dragged himself out of the hug.

“And what’s all this?” asked she looking around. “You love hospital so much dumb girl. Diwali tune hospital me manayi aur abb dekh tera birthday bhi” said Yohan.

She chuckled weakly. “Haa kya karu. Ek din yehi se chali bhi javungi shayad” said she. “Ragu” Vikram looked at her furious. “Oopsi sorry” she looked around and the people glaring her.

“I need to check if you have replaced your brain with bhusa” Sanskar spoke and Yohan and Kavya burst out laughing. “But how will you do that without having a brain, Mr. Dumbledore you weren’t born with one na?” she asked placing her finger on her chin and Sanskar tried hard to control his smile and folded his lips.

“Now don’t waste your time in nagging each other. If left it on you both you will do that till infinity” said Kavya and arranged the table and placed the cake over it.

“Make a wish and blow the candle Ragu” said Kavya with a smile on her face. She closed her eyes and in a fraction of second her vision took her to another world.

A scooter on the wrong side of the road hitting a car, the car turning its direction and landing on the opposite lane and the car being crushed between a tree and a truck played in her mind. She did not see anything other than the car as her mind started blacking out again.

She opened her eyes sweating and took a lump of air. “We told you to make a wish dumbo not to sleep” said Yohan and she still stared blankly. “Ragini” Sanskar spoke worried.

She heard him calling her name and suddenly her heart started gaining the speed back. She held her brother’s hand for support. “Bacha” he spoke worried. “I’m fine” she said and smiled at him.

“Now blow the candle before it melts on the cake” said Yohan and she blew them and all clapped as she sliced the cake and fed Sumi first.

She then fed it to Vikram who kissed her forehead and her lips curved up to form a smile feeling home in his care. She did not wished her memory to come back. Nor she wished the complex feelings of her heart to die down. The only thing she wished was to be with her family though a virtual one but yet it comforted her more than the real family.

She fed Kavya and then Yohan. Her gaze moved to Sanskar who was on the end of the line when she counted the persons she considered in her life.

It did not pain him that he was at the end of the line but it gave him the immense happiness that he was there. Even though it meant nothing to Ragini, it meant the purpose of his life for Sanskar.

“Bhai” Yohan signed him then only his eyes moved to Vikram who was giving him death glares. He smiled at Vikram weakly and gulped the saliva in.

“I will feed him” said Yohan to avoid Vikram’s wrath. “Why? It’s Ragu’s birthday and she will only feed Sanky” said Kavya and Yohan facepalmed. “Sanky come” said Kavya and he bent to Ragini waiting for her to place the cake piece in her mouth.

She moved her gaze from Kavya to Sanskar and took a piece and slowly moved to his mouth. As he touched her hand with his lips her gaze locked with his intense gaze and she felt a bit awkward and a small piece of cake fell out of her hand and they both moved their hand to prevent it from falling on the ground.

And in that process their hands touched and the time seemed stopped enjoying their love and it did not wanted to move further.

How much he wished to hug her and express his love to her. How much he wished to crush her in his embrace. How much he wished to break down in front of her to show his sorrow which he had held from two impossible to pass days.

Main tenu samjhava ki na tere baaju lagdha jee.
Tu ki jaane pyar mera Mai kara intezar tera
Tu dil tu yun jaan meri
Mai tenu samjhava ki….

His memory traveled to the time when she lied on the road covered her face with the blood. Though that day he was emotion less towards her but today all his emotions only meant for her.

Her smile when she was looking at the fountain in his office while she came to attend the interview. The first conversation of theirs where she almost torn everyone’s ear drums with her screaming.

Then the accident when he held her so near to his heart and the fear in her eyes.

Her laugh when he burst those imaginary crackers. She helping him in the hospital and cutely scolding him. Her cute smile when she ate the chocolate he offered her in his mansion. Then her continuous blabbering and non stop talks.

His mind played all the moments of his life which were spent with her. And in that moment ONLY he was there and ONLY she was there.

Yohan noticed Vikram’s rage boiling looking at them. And he coughed and their eyes and hands drifted from each others and Yohan sighed with relief.

“And now the time for the injection” said the doctor entering the ward. “No…. who takes injection on birthdays” she whined with her wide eyes.

“I was joking. I just came for some tests” said he and wore his stethoscope and checked her. And that bright smile on her face did not leave her.


He sat with his head bowed and Laksh walked in front of him crossing his arms utterly upset.

“Do you even realize if I hadn’t seen the cctv footage while entering the hospital just behind you I would have lost you for forever Shekar Paa. Why did you do this?” he asked Shekar who was guilty of his act.

“You are not yet recovered and you are on a exploring spree. And why on earth did you come to this city?” he threw his hands in air frustrated.

He sensed that Shekar is not gonna respond to him and nodded his head giving up. He knelt in front of Shekar and lifted his head.

Shekar’s face was brimmed with tears. “Paa?” Lakshya worried looking at his state.

“Diyu…. Lado” Shekar sobbed like a small kid and it squeezed Lakshya’s heart.

“She is no more Paa. And she is not gonna come back. If you give up on life like this where am I supposed to go?” asked Lakshya as his throat pained.

“I’m sorry” said Shekar which was mere a whisper. “Now come on get up. We will leave to Indore. I have an important case study for which I came here and thought of searching you as the Indore Police found out that you climbed a bus to Mumbai” said Laksh and helped Shekar to stand.

“Be here. Al right I will just come. And promise me you will not leave me this time?” Lakshya forwarded his hand.

Shekar placed his palm and nodded his head. Laksh smiled and stood up. “Doctor Lakshya” the doctor greeted him. “Hello Doctor. You are Doctor Kapoor who had called me to discuss a case?” asked he shaking his hand and the doctor nodded his head.

“Yeah. But I did not expect you here for that” said he and Laksh nodded his head. “I had some emergency. So thought of discussing the case personally with you anyways I was here” said Lakshya. “Oh that’s great. I was about to call you to inform that the medications had started working perfect and the patient has gained consciousness already” said he with a wide smile.

“Oh that’s great. Still I would like to check your patient for any complications” said he. “Of course” Doctor Kapoor nodded his head and then his eyes fell on Shekar.

“Your guest? Sir please let him settle in the official guest room” said Doctor Kapoor. “Please don’t bother. We will be leaving in a while” said Lakshya.

“By the way may I know who he is because I know almost everyone in your family” Doctor Kapoor asked hesitant.

Laksh looked back at Shekar who gave him a smile. “My father in law cum my father” said he and turned to Doctor Kapoor with a smile as her memory passed his mind and brought that beautiful feeling called love to his heart.


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