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Chapter 22

The time and the people moved but he looked dead.


“Ragini… Ragini” he walked inside his cabin and banged the file on the table. “Sir you called me?” she peeped inside the cabin wiping her nose. “No I was just testing if your ears are working” he said annoyed. “Akchu” she sneezed and entered the cabin.

“Ohho my ears are just blocked not blasted. I can still hear. By the way thank you sir for the concern” she said rubbing her nose which had turned pink.

“Akchu” she sneezed again. “You caught cold?” asked he approaching her. “No.. Akchu…. I like sneezing. Akchu… You know my favorite time pass… akchu” she sneezed again.

“Not able to even complete a sentence but Bhashan dene ka shauk nahi kam hua Modi ji?” asked he and she again sneezed and rubbed her nose.

No second thought that she was looking damn cute with the pink nose. Sanskar couldn’t stop himself from admiring her.

“I love it that there is a break to your bad bad” said he and walked to his table. “You are …. akchu… so mean…akchu” she spoke in between her sneezes.

“That I am. Now don’t waste my time. I called you for a reason. Before I forget it again” said he picking the file. “Akchu… So that’s your problem… if you have short term memory loss… akchu…. Being a business tycoon… akchu… you can’t even have a memory of 5 minutes…. akchu….. shame on you…. akchu…” he fumed listening her.

“This I will not say….akchu…. but the people outside….akchu” said she rubbing her nose. ‘Like this she is gonna speak one extra word with two actual words and as per I know her she might add two more akchus but will not leave the sentence incomplete’ he thought in his mind.

“Now listen” he said diverting the topic. She just rubbed her nose after a sneeze. “This is not the file. I asked you different file. Get me the one I asked” he said handing her the file back.

“So heartless you are…. akchu… you know… akchu….. I have caught cold…. akchu…. but still… akchu…. you want me to search a file in the store room…. akchu… you know this cold is also due to you…. akchu… You asked me this file… akchu… and I have to go to that dusty…. scary… dark …. akchu room. You know… akchu…. I have dust alergy… akchu…. but still…. akchu…. I went there….akchu…. you know why because….akchu… because you told me to do that Mr. Dumbledore…. akchu… and what do I get in return…. akchu… blame that I got a wrong file…. akchu… why didn’t you check yesterday only….akchu… now only due to you I have to go again there… akchu…. That dusty dirty scary room… akchu” Sanskar took a deep breath and his forehead formed the wrinkles depicting his situation when she finally paused.

“Sorry meri maa… mathe” he folded his hand in front of her. “I will ask someone else to go there. You sit here” he pointed at the sofa. She sat on it and rubbed her nose after a sneeze. “But why… akchu” she sneezed again.

“Do as I say Ms. Badbad.” said Sanskar and dialed a number from his intercom. “Get a glass of hot milk and turmeric in that” he spoke and placed the receiver back.

“Already I’m late… Mr. Dumbledore. Because of you I have to stay for an extra hour and now…. akchu you are making me more late” she said annoyed. “Just five more minutes” he said looking at her and in two minutes the milk was brought by the office boy from the canteen.

“Now drink this” he said taking the glass to her. “Wait” he stopped the glass just before her mouth and dragged it back. He checked the temperature and blow his breath to cool it. “Now perfect” he held it near her mouth. Ragini was lost looking at him.

He looked at her and nodded his head and made her to drink it. She was taken aback but then looked at Sanskar who was busy feeding her the milk.

As he dragged the empty glass back she was still lost looking at him. He placed the glass in the tray back and turned to her. There was white layer near her lips. He signed her to wipe it but she did not respond. Nodding his head he bent to her and wiped it slowly brushing her lips and she felt heaven in that moment.

A sharp spark ran through her spine and sent thousands of butterflies in her stomach flying. She hadn’t felt this weird yet awesome feel ever in her life. May be she had felt but in her memory which had no trace of her past had no clue at all about this.

He looked into her sparkling eyes and felt her breath near to him and moved a bit close to her. She closed her eyes ready to experience the divine moment of her life and he also closed his eyes as her breath touched his lips.

“Akchu….” she sneezed and the moment broke and they both drifted apart and looked around embarrassed.

“Um… I will tell the driver he will drop you at your home” he stood up and caressed his neck. “You won’t come?” he looked at her in those innocent eyes.

“Dare you come near my sister” he remembered Vikram’s blood shot eyes and annoyed face.

“Um… I have to finish the presentation for tomorrow” he said looking away. ‘Please’ she thought in her mind. “Then I will also stay… akchu” she sneezed. 

“Ha then blame me for your health then saying I’m such a merciless boss who makes his secretary work when she is not well. Do I have less blames to deal with?” he nodded his head.

“What do you mean?” she asked confused. “Er. Get going before you spread me the infection” he said annoyed and sat on his chair looking at his file. She stared him for a considerable amount of time then walked out of the cabin confused.

***Flashback ends**

Ragini’s pulse rate continuously dropped and her body was trying to maintain the calm but against her wish she was failing.

‘He is a murderer’ Vikram’s voice ringed in her memory and a tear escaped her eye which slid down to her ear. “Doctor there is call from the Indore branch” the nurse at the door of the ward relaxed the doctor who was not understanding how to handle the situation.

He rushed out of the ward handing an injection to the assistant doctor who pierced the needle in Ragini’s veins and the liquid reached her flowing blood and in a sharp moment her body felt a bit relaxed.

“Hello Dr. Laksh thank god. I was waiting for your call” the doctor spoke over the landline. “Yes doctor tell me how can I help you?” asked he turning his chair. “I know sir it is very small case for you as you are the chairman of all the branches in India but then nobody can handle this case better than you.” the doctor said hesitantly.

“Never mind doctor. Tell me” he said continuing the conversation. “Actually here is a patient who has suffered an head injury in the past and at the same time due to her weak heart she suffers periodical blood supply shortage to her brain which brings about different conditions like I remember last time she had lost her voice for six months. And this time the complexity is more she is suffering an internal bleeding and I don’t know how far can this go” he said and his forehead formed the lines of worry.

“Um send me the reports. I will suggest you something as soon as possible” said he trying to calm the doctor. “That’s very kind of you Dr. Laksh” the doctor disconnected the call. “Phew” he got up from his chair and rushed to the reception.

“Stacy. This is Ms. Asthana’s reports. Please scan and send it to me soon I have to send it Dr. Laksh” said he and the receptionist nodded her head receiving the reports and walking to the scanner.

“Doctor” Vikram stood near the doctor when he was just near the ward. “I have sent the scanned files to one of the best doctor and he will send me a reply soon. So don’t worry still there is a hope” said he and walked inside the ward.

He has been treating Ragini from the time she was first admitted in that hospital and that was the hospital where she met Vikram and formed a new family.

“Bhai come with me” Yohan dragged Sanskar and Vikram looked at his back when they walked on the hallway. Somewhere the friendship they shared for years was still had traces in his heart’s corner.

Sanskar was still staring the ground when Yohan walked beside him and it pained him to look at Sanskar in that state. Yohan’s phone buzzed and he picked up controlling his emotion and spoke “Hello.” he scrunched his nose. “Um. Hmm ya Kavi he is good. Only thing is we came to meet a doctor for Ani” he said and pressed his lips to control his emotions.

He did not wanted to break this news at this point of time to kavya. ‘I wish I could tell you what your best friend is going through. Unless I’m sure of her condition I can’t let you know. And neither I can say how vulnerable Sanky bhai has become seeing her in this condition’ he closed his eyes raised his head up feeling utterly helpless.

They were standing near a god’s idol. It looked unaffected and was smiling with the usual aura. Ragini’s childish face flashed in front of him and a tear escaped Yohan’s eye. ‘How I wish the time to erase all these events and make you all fine dumb girl. I just wish’ he spoke in his mind.

“Hello” the doctor picked up the call on his mobile. “Yes Dr. Laksh” he did not expect him to respond so fast. “I feel it is better if you avoid surgery doctor. Because a surgery at this point will risk the patient’s life. I’m prescribing some medications for the prevention of internal bleeding. She will recover soon with that but only thing is it might form a clot and in future it has to be treated otherwise again the situation will repeat and condition may worsen” said Laksh from the other side.

“Thank you so much doctor I will put her on the medication soon. And I will inform the family also about the condition” said the doctor smiling. “By the way I forgot the name of the patient” Laksh spoke rubbing his forehead. “Her name is Ms. Asthana. Rag…” before he could hear further Laksh phone made a beep indicating another line on his mobile. “Um okay. Doctor I have another important call so let me know of the progress” he said and answered the other line.

“Yes Inspector. Mumbai? But he has not even stepped out of Indore from ages” he panicked listening the Inspector. “Okay thank you so much I will take care of it from now” said he and disconnected the call. “Laksh any news of Shekar Paa?” Sriti entered the cabin.

He looked up at her and his face was covered with confusion and worry. “What?” asked she. “Mumbai” and his words made her eyes widen and she looked at him shocked.

“No” she gasped shocked. And there Shekar was at the Mumbai bus terminus stepping down the steps and placing his feet on the ground.

Two pulse rates went suddenly high as he stood looking around and the sun at the horizon dipped the sky in orange color.

Sanskar’s untold love. Ragini’s past, Diya and Ragvi’s disappearance all were on the same plane and some more mysteries were at the verge of discovery.

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