Sanskar was roaming in the park waiting for her to come. Today was very special day for him as he had realized that he loved her and only her from the day he started understanding emotions. It wasn’t the age to fall in love. But he did not knew what he could do about those budding feelings in his fluttering heart.

She has been his best friend from a time he hardly knows. They met in the same park years ago when he came to meet his grandmother during summer holidays when he was just 7 years old along with Kavya Sahil and Yohan who was still a new born child.

She was on the swing and suddenly when she hopped out of it she fell straightly on the ground hurting her knees. Immersed in tears her face was smeared with the and also. Gulping the water down his throat his gaze moved to her. He took no more time to reach her.

He made her stand and wiped her face and dress. She was still crying bitterly. “Relax relax” he tried consoling her but was not able to do so as she was not getting pacified at all. “Jiji….” she called out and a girl who was almost 15 years came rushing to her. “Diya” she picked the girl up and patted her back.

The small girl did not respond but started crying badly. “You are gonna make Chachu cry for sure” said the elder girl and she stopped crying. Sanskar looked at her surprised. “Did she trouble you a lot?” the elder girl asked Sanskar. “No no. I was just worried. Is she okay?” asked he and the elder girl nodded her head.

She made Diya stand on the ground again. “I will bring the first aid box it is with my Dadi” Sanskar ran before the girl could stop. He came after sometime with a first aid box. “No it burns” Diya cried. “No it will not burn” Sanskar said forwarding the ointment.

“Sachi?” asked she. “Muchi” he said with a cute smile. He applied the ointment on her wound on her elbow and Diya relaxed after sometime. “Say thank you” the elder girl signed and Diya thanked Sanskar. After that they started playing together.

As the time passed he did not realize when he started feeling different for her. It was the 10the year consecutively that he visit his grandmother’s house after that day and spends time with her. Will she understand his feelings. He thought of confessing his love when he and she reach mature age limit when they both can understand their feelings in a better way.

“MB” he heard her voice and turned with a huge smile on his face. “OMG. You wrote you will come next week. So bad you are. Always you do this with me” she hit him on his shoulder and complained. “Hey Bandariya relax” he held her wrist to stop her.

“Waise if I tell the truth will I be able to see that bright smile on your face?” he asked and she hugged him to express how happy she was to see him almost after a year.

The long distant friendship are the best. They met every year only for some amount of time and the memories they cherished for whole year till they met next time. “Where is Kavya and Yohan?” asked she as they walked inside the park further.

“Kavi and Yohan have their last exam next week so they will be coming here after that” said he. “And Sahil is not gonna come here like past year?” she chuckled. Nodding his head he smiled remembering Sahil confessing how he has fallen in love with his best friend in Mumbai the way he himself have fallen for Diya. “Oye Mandh Budhi” her voice brought him out of the trans.

“I was just..” he blushed caressing his neck. “And what you did other than writing to me complaining about every little thing around you?” he asked diverting the topic.

“Haaw do you mean I always keep complaining?” she pouted cutely and he could just smile looking down. “What’s wrong with you? You are behaving so weird” she said looking at him suspiciously. “Don’t tell me you are in love” she teased and she did not realize that line surely stopped his heart beat in that moment.

“I mean seriously you fell in love with some one?” she widened her eyes shocked. “N…no why do you even think that with your tiny brain bandariya?” he looked away not able to meet her eyes anymore. “OMG OMG OMG” she screeched happy.

She snaked her arms across his neck and that tingling feelings sent shiver all over his body. He jerked and she was about to fall when he held her by her waist. She looked into his eyes and time seemed stopped moving. His tightening grip over her waist made her realize her surrounding and she stood straight.

Immediately she hugged him to avoid making the situation worse. “I’m so happy finally my Mandh Budhi got his Mandh Budhini” said she and chuckled.

“Hello when did I agree that I’m in love. I haven’t even proposed her” he bit his tongue and closed his mouth realizing lately that he blurted out too much. “Delete. I did not say that word” he said pulling his hair. “Wish I was a computer but sadly I’m not so now tell me or I’m gonna announce this like I did last year about Kishan Jeejs and Anjali Jeeji” she smirked and he looked at her horrified. “Are you mad?” he asked horrified. “No I’m Diya” she said proudly.

“Now tell me” she demanded.

“Ek ladki ki kya sunavu daastan

Wo pagli hai sabse juda
He stood behind her and looked at her when she was playing on the swing.

Har pal nayi uski adaa

Phool barse log tarse jaaye wo ladki jaha”

he started singing imagining Diya. When she was dancing in front of him he looked at her lovingly wanting confess that the girl he was talking about was her only

Hai kafaa tho wo kafaa phir wo hi mann jaathi hai lathi hai hoto pe muskaan wo
Ho Chup hai tho chup hai wo phir khud hi wo gungunati hai gaathi hai meethi meethi taane wo

He placed his elbow on her shoulder and sang looking at her. She dropped her shoulder down and he stumbled and composed himself and looked at her.

Kaise kahu kaisi hai wo. Bass apne hi jaisi hai wo

Phool barse log tarse jaaye wo ladki jaha”
“Ek ladki ki kya sunavu daastan

“Bahut yaad aathi hai uski?” Diya asked placing her hand under chin and looking at him.

Aaj kal har wo pal beetha tha jo uske saath me kya kahu khwabo me aatha hai kyu

He remembered how he departed from her last time and it made him sad.
Ho yaad jo aaye tho usse bichadne ki wo ghadi dil dukh sa jaatha hai kyu

Abb mai kahi wo hai kahi Par hai yeh dua aye hamnashee
He stood at the top of the wall of the fountain and pointed at Diya who was facing her back to him

Phool barse log tarse jaaye wo ladki jaha”
“Ek ladki ki kya sunavu daastan
He shook the branch of the tree which dropped the flowers on her. He smiled at her innocence that she did not realize still that he was singing about her only.

“Oh wow she must be very special isn’t it?” asked Diya. “She is” he stared in her eyes straight. Though girls start feeling all this in their teenage his Diya was too innocent to understand all that.

“Okay so next time when you write me the letter promise me you will send her photo” Diya forwarded her hand. “I will try I cannot promise” he said nervous. He wanted to confess his feeling to her but in a special way. And that promise would have spoiled all his plans.

“You are bad MB” said she pouting. “Okay so I will make it different way. I will write to you only when I will be able to send her picture” said he placing his hand on her hand. “So till then you are not gonna talk to me?” she asked as a tear tried tripping her eye.

“I did not mean that” he said not understanding. “But your promise meant that only” she said with glassy eyes. “Hey Bandariya” he walked towards her but she stepped back stopping him with her palm. “Yeah now why will you need friends when you have your girlfriend” she smiled at him sadly.

“It ain’t like that” he stepped forward. “No don’t write to me ever” she screamed and ran from there. “Diya listen” he screamed. “That girl is you only Bandariya” he collapsed on the ground heart broken as his confession went unheard.

He walked back to his grandmother’s house sadly. His grandmother asked him the reason for his sadness which she guessed but he just cried hugging her but could not share his pain.

Next day he walked to the park in a hope to talk to her but Diya did not arrive. He waited till evening but there was no sign that she will be coming. He then decided to visit her home and walked towards Somany House. “Anji Bhabi?” he called from outside.

“Arrey Sanskar. You came for vacations?” said Anjali walking out. “Kaun hai Anju?” asked Pari coming out. “Sanskar” said she and Pari looked at him and smiled at him. “Where is Diya? She did not come to park today” he asked hesitant. “Arrey haa. She told me to give you a letter. She and Chachu shifted to Indore. She got admission in a good school there which belongs to Shekar Chachu’s friend.” his world felt scattering into uncountable pieces.

He smiled at her and walked away sad. “Sanskar your letter” said Anjali calling him but he did not turn. Anjali and Parinita looked at him blankly.


Sanskar looked at the small locket which was the only remembrance he had of Diya. A tear tripped his eye and he wiped it. “This emotion is not meant for me Bandariya” he said looking at it sadly. “I so miss you Bandariya” he said smiling through his tears.

“You called me?” he heard a voice and looked at the door. Ragini was looking at him holding the door. “I did not change your name. You are still dumb girl” he said placing the locket back in his drawer and closing it and the childhood photograph of his and Diya’s also went into the darkness behind the drawer door.

Ragini’s eyes moved from the drawer to him and she glared him. “And you are dumbledore” she scrunched her nose. He couldn’t help but smile at her cute antics. “By the way tum bhatakti atma ki tarah bhatak kyu rahi ho?” he crossed his arms.

“You know I was sitting with Pari Ji and she suddenly felt uneasy so I suddenly realized that jeera water is good for her. So I went to kitchen to get that. Then I realized it isn’t my home. I don’t even know in my home kitchen only where mom keeps it then how will I know where it is in your home” she chuckled. “Silly me. Then I snapped my forehead and rushed out to find Anjali Ji as she might be knowing. As that day she only brought break fast for me instead of sending with the servant. Mumma says the lady who prepares food with love na she only will serve the people also. So I understood that Anjali Bhabi was the one who made the food also that day. So I was searching her” she said and stood with a wide grin.

“Waaw what a straight answer” said Sanskar who was looking at her. “Thank you thank you. And I heard you calling a name. So It felt like you called me so I asked did you call me. I know you don’t need to call me or talk to me now. Tomorrow is your marriage and you will be thinking about Kavya only now. But then if you fire me that you called me and I did not answer. You are dumbledore and I don’t want to test my fate” she said nodding her head.

“Sometimes I feel kash kash god had manufactured with a brake” he looked up annoyed. “And I will train Kavya to talk like me then she will also talk like me without brake and your life will become hell. Though I don’t want to do that but you deserve it” she shrugged her shoulder.

“Sanskar. Come down” he heard Kishan’s voice. “Come now. Before I end up screwing my own marriage function listening to your blabbering I better attend them” said he and walked. Ragini stood watching him. Somewhere him getting married to Kavya was hurting her. Though she could not understand her feelings she was sure she was not happy.

She brushed her thoughts and walked behind him with the stirring emotions in her heart and confusion in her heart.

Love confession at the right time saves many complications in life. Though Kavya was not aware of this fact until she realized she was in love with Yohan very lately.

“Kavi” Ragini placed her hand on Kavya’s shoulder who was staring ground blankly. “What happened?” asked Ragini and she just nodded her head with a sad smile.

“It is wrong Kavya. You belong only to Sanky bhai” Yohan jerked her hand and walked away leaving her heart broken and that moment replayed and she broke more as each second passed.

“Yeh Galiya Yeh Chaubara yeha aana na dobara

Abb hum tho bhaye pardesi ki tera yeha koi nahi

Le jaa rang birange yaade hasne rone ki wo yaade

Abb hum tho bhaye pardesi… Ki tera koi nahi

Kavya sang dancing across Yohan who looked at her controlling his emotions. He looked at Sanskar who was smiling meeting the guests who came to attend the function and composed himself.

Ragini could sense Kavya’s sadness. Though she did not speak a word Ragini did not knew how she could understand her feelings so well. Her eyes welled up looking at Kavya.

Kal bhi suraj Niklega Par ham na dikhayi denge

Abb hum tho bhaye pardesi ki tera yeha koi nahi

Ki tera yeha koi nahi,

Her emotions locked in her throat were only visible to Yohan and Ragini.

She stopped after the twirl and all clapped after her performance like everyone were enjoying her pain and smiling over it. She could not define how she felt.

“Still you say she doesn’t love you? Blind idiot best friend” Ragini spoke looking at Kavya who was controlling her tears. Yohan looked at Ragini. He wanted to scream to the world that he loved Kavya but then his eyes moved to Sanskar and he stopped his flooding emotions.

Sanky bhai has already undergone a heart break and I cannot risk another. He seems to be moved on from Diya and is trying to accept this marriage and at this stage I don’t want to break him again’ he thought in his mind and walked away not interested to reply her.
He stood at the terrace and felt Kavya’s presence and before he could turn she hugged him tightly from back. “Please Yohan” she pleaded him. He closed his eyes painfully. He held her hand and turned. Cupping her face he touched his forehead with hers.

“Don’t force me to choose between two dearest people of my life Kavya. I’m too weak to do that. I’m sorry” he said as his tears dropped and her tears dropped too in sync.

“You know right Annapurna maa forced him into this marriage?” she looked at him. “I just know one thing. That’s my Sanky Bhai is moving on his life and trying to accept this marriage and I don’t want to break him” Yohan back walked looking at her helplessly.

Kavya collapsed on the ground. “Kavi” Ragini rushed to her and Kavya hugged her immediately and burst into a bitter cry. “I lost him Ragu. I lost him for forever. How didn’t I recognize my first love. How could I become blind in my attraction towards Sanskar” she closed her eyes painfully.

“At this stage these feelings Kavi. I don’t know how to console you. I wish you had realized a bit earlier he would had the courage to talk to Sanskar. Because like he is your first love. You are his first love too” said Ragini cupping her face. “I don’t know” Kavya spoke with weak whisper.

Ragini just rocked her and consoled her. The night seemed long and unending and the darkness was about to cover their life after the sun will rise with the new day.
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