Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th March 2021 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Gudiya and Nanhe lal teach a lesson to everyone

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe and Pappu get angry. Gudiya says what is the helplessness that made them do such a thing. Bantu says we shall tell Nana and Nani ji, they will tackle with them. Radhe is in shock and feels like his legs are lifeless. He says how to tell Gudiya, she was so happy. Pappu says if you don’t let Gudiya know about this then? Gudiya sees Sarla happy and can’t tell her. She thinks what they shall do. Pappu tells that they shall teach a lesson to Vishal and shall take help of Papa ji. He says we shall let this marriage happen and when Vishal is running away, we shall make him ghar jamai forcibly. Radhe refuses and says we can’t do this. Nanhe lal comes there and says we will do this.

Sarla gets emotional and hugs Gudiya. She says how she will live without her as she is feeling that her breathing will stop. Radhe says Gudiya will not go anywhere. Nanhe lal says Vishal will be the ghar jamai and will stay here. Sarla gets happy. Vishal hears them and informs his mother and sister. He tells that they shall leave immediately as they plan to make me ghar jamai. While they try to run, Chunni lal comes there and locks their room. Gudiya is in dilemma how to tell them? Bantu feels bad. Radhe tells Nanhe lal that he is not convinced. Nanhe lal tries to convince him. Gudiya comes to Radhe. Radhe teaches her about truthfulness in a relationship. Gudiya says her marriage will be based on a lie. Radhe imagines Gudiya’s bidaai and gets emotional.

The marriage rituals begin. Police constables bring Vishal to the mandap. Nanhe lal asks him not to worry about his phone, as it is with him. Sweety brings the veiled bride and makes her sit beside Vishal. Radhe gets up and goes to pray to God. He asks God to stop the marriage somehow. Pappu asks what are you saying? Radhe says he can’t let this marriage happen, as the guy loves someone else and is marrying Gudiya to get over his dosh. Sarla hears them and gets shocked. She asks Radhe if he knows about it. Radhe looks down. Sarla stops the marriage and asks Gudiya to get up. She finds Bantu sitting as the bride and asks where is Gudiya? Gudiya says I am here. She tells that she thought of Babu ji’s words and took help of chacha ji. He said they will teach a lesson to everyone. Nanhe lal says everyone was worried and dying to get her married. He asks why they were very desperate. Radhe asks him to believe in his love and marry the girl he loves. Nanhe lal says Vishal will get enough time to think in jail. Constables arrest and take them. Gudiya tells everyone that her heart didn’t know where it finds the true happiness, with marriage or without marriage. She says she is born to stay in the house and not to marry.

All the Gupta family bid adieu to the viewers for the time being and gives a hint about return soon.

The show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This was a really good tv show, everyone did such a great job, was shocked when i heard it ended! Hope it comes back bigger and better!

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