Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gudiya selects groom for herself

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanhe lal telling Radhe that a guy is coming to see Gudiya. Radhe, pappu and others get happy. Sarla brings tea and asks Nanhe lal to wait until she brings biscuits. Rajjo taunts Sarla. Sarla asks her to have a big heart and calls Gudiya there. She tells her that a guy is coming to see her from Mathura and asks her not to do anything wrong. Radhe says bhai saheb has done his work. Sweety says I will do make up. Sarla says I will make food arrangement. Radhe says I will handle her if she says anything wrong. Rajjo says I will keep my stomach in control.

Later the guy and his family come to see Gudiya. Radhe praises his daughter infront of them and says she will mingle in your house like sugar melts in tea. Sweety brings Gudiya downstairs and asks her not to move her eye lashes as mascara will ruin her make up. Gudiya says she can see everything black and falls on the guy and his family. They fall on the snacks plates and it get applied on their face. The people run away. Sarla says they run away from here. Gudiya says that mascara had black river which was in my eye. Sarla blames Sweety. Sweety says Gudiya herself rubbed her eyes. Radhe says what is Sweety’s mistake in this. Sweety taunts Sarla. Nanhe lal asks her to be in her limits. Sarla cries and asks God why is he not getting her daughter married. Gudiya gets sad seeing her family sad. She comes to Bantu and tells that they have to do something, if something happens to them then she can’t forgive herself. She tells that whenever the guy runs away from here, then I get happy and likes to stay with my family. She says for my family, my marriage is very important to them and for that I have to do something. Bantu says Parents get their children married. Gudiya says I will use determination and pahadi baba’s blessings. He asks her to clean her mascara first. They go out. Gudiya says she will have gol gappa and then will go to Pahadi baba. She asks Kailash kaka not to stop and let them have golgappa. She hears a people going from there and talking about marriage. The lady tells that pahadi baba will not get such marriage done. Gudiya says my amma says that pahadi baba gets everyone married. Gudiya tells that she is searching groom for herself. The people looks at her. Gudiya says Pahadi baba got us meet and invites them to her house. She dances and takes them to her house. Mera Mann plays…..

Gudiya comes home and asks Sarla and Radhe to see who has come. Radhe looks at them and says they are like your side, to Sarla. Gudiya says they are the ones for whom you was waiting for and tells that they have come for her alliance. She introduces Vishal and his family to her family. Sarla asks Radhe, who are they? Pappu says she had said that they came to meet her. Sweety comes behind and says Gudiya said that she knows them. Rajjo says you made her like someone and acting. She blames Sarla. Gudiya asks them to welcome the groom’s family. Radhe says gudiya is very happy. Radhe, Sarla and Pappu think that Vishal is good while making food. Sarla says we shall not let this alliance go away from us.

Vishal’s mother and the lady with him is glad that they are not enquiring about them. They serve them cardamom tea. Gudiya comes there and falls on Vishal. Rajjo says our daughter is chanchal. Vishal’s mother says we like her. Sweety asks since when Gudiya like Vishal. Gudiya says she met in the market and brought them here. Vishal’s mother tells that they will get her Vishal and Gudiya marry in 5 days. Sarla gets emotional.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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