Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaggi tries to cancel Gudiya and Rocky’s engagement

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya coming to Radhe and says Amma said that you want to talk to me something important. Radhe says I have seen you, you are not in imagination. He tells Gudiya that he is in depression. Gudiya asks why? Radhe says I am tensed about your imagination. Gudiya says Muddu ji don’t come downstairs. Radhe says today is your engagement with Rocky. Gudiya says Muddu must be busy. Radhe asks her not to care for imaginary Muddu. Gudiya says she will wait for the real Muddu. Radhe says ok wait, then don’t talk to me. Radhe asks her to be in her imagination with her Muddu and tells that our relations are over now. Gudiya says sorry and tells that she will tell about her engagement to imaginary Muddu so that real one comes running to him. She goes. Gudiya asks Muddu, when he will come in reality. Muddu says I know you. Gudiya says if you don’t come in reality then I have to get engaged to Rocky. Muddu says ok, get engaged. Gudiya asks then why did you come here? Muddu says I am enjoying here with you. Gudiya says she feels great seeing him and tells that she had gone to see many places. He asks if she really went. She says just in imagination. He laughs. Gudiya praises his smile. Muddu also praises her smile. Gudiya laughs and tells him that she is in I love you wala love.. with him. Muddu asks what is it? Gudiya says when a girl loves a guy then says I love you Muddu ji. Muddu says even I love you. Gudiya looks at the imaginary Muddu and smiles. Gudiya says I will wait for the real you and will not marry anyone. She says I love you Muddu ji.

Radhe prays to God and tells that he was praying on her behalf. He says Sarla was complaining to God and he has thought so good about Gudiya. Sarla asks if Gudiya agreed. Radhe says yes and thanks the God. Gudiya thinks what to do now, thinks to ask Muddu. She goes to her room and finds Muddu missing. She thinks where he has gone? Just then she sees him sitting on the bed. Gudiya says I was thinking as if someone snatched rabdi, chawal, imarti etc. Muddu says he was here. Gudiya asks him to come in reality. She asks what he would have done for his parents. Muddu says I would have listened to my parents. He says your babu ji did so much for you. Gudiya asks him to go as she is getting engaged. Sweety calls Gudiya to come for engagement. Jaggi tells Rocky that he has packed their bags, but feeling something strange.

Nanhe lal comes home. Radhe and Pappu greet him. Radhe says suddenly this plan is made, so I called you in hurry. Nanhe lal says there are some questions in my mind. He asks don’t you feel that this engagement is hurried up. Jaggi and Rocky hear them. Radhe says Jaggi said today in the morning that engagement shall happen today. Nanhe lal asks why? Radhe asks him not to doubt his friend and tells that his friend is his shaan and haven’t forgotten our friendship after going to America also. He says I can doubt myself once, but don’t doubt him. Pappu says even I think the same. Nanhe lal asks what is the hurry? Radhe says when a guy rejects gudiya, after everyone sleeps, I used to give missed call to Jaggi. He used to call me and listen to my pain. He says he understands my pain and regards Gudiya as I do. He says he don’t want her to hear the taunts. Nanhe lal says I am feeling light now. Pappu says sorry. Radhe asks them to get back to work. Jaggi and Rocky have heard him.

Later Pandit ji comes and asks Nanhe lal to hurry up. Nanhe lal asks him to wait. Jaggi, Rocky and Pappu greet Pandit ji. Pandit ji asks them to call the bride. Sweety brings Gudiya and compliments her beauty. Pappu says my sister is beautiful. Rocky also compliments her. Sarla takes off bad sight from them. Jia gives Dada ji’s chain to Rocky. Sweety says Pappu ji wants to give his chain to him. Sarla signs her to keep it back. Radhe gifts something to Jaggi. He asks Pandit ji to start the engagement. Gudiya imagines Muddu and signs him to go inside. She hits Rocky by mistake. Radhe checks Rocky’s eye. Pandit ji asks shall we start? Jaggi says no Pandit ji, we can’t do this engagement shocking everyone.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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