Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 18th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ujala impresses Vijay

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 18th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anita blaming Gudiya and others as Vijay rejected the alliance. Kishan blames Ujala’s incompetency to impress Vijay. Gudiya says English is not our language. Ujala says your words hurt me Papa and says I am good at studies. Kishan asks her to impress Vijay. Gudiya says you have challenged her. Kishan says she don’t deserve anything. Radhe tries to make Kishan realize his mistake. Pappu says if you want her to speak in English, then you would taught her in English medium. Kishan says he didn’t have money that time. They all say that Hindi is not a bad language. Ujala cries in the room and tells Gudiya about her father’s words. Gudiya asks her not to feel bad and fulfill the challenge. Ujala asks how? Gudiya tells her plan. Ujala says where we will meet. Gudiya says in our haveli. Kishan says he got this alliance with much difficulty. Radhe assures Kishan that very soon he will get a good alliance for Ujala. Kishan asks him not to teach him, first handle Gudiya’s alliance. He then says that he needs to rush to bathroom and goes.

Ujala calls Vijay, but disconnects the call hearing him. Gudiya calls him and tells that her sister wants to meet him. he says I already told my decision and ends the call. Gudiya calls again and says I thought you have much manners, but you are of no use. She asks did you think that you came to sabzi mandi/vegetable market and says my sister has the full right to meet you. He says I will come.

Sweety asks Pappu if she had not known English then he wouldn’t have married her. Pappu says we both are same, we don’t know English. Sweety says she eats English, sings and tells some dialogues. Pappu gets impressed and dances with her.

Gudiya calls Vijay in guddu’s haveli. Ujala says sorry for calling him here. She asks Vijay if knows to make achaar, if he knows French etc. Vijay says I don’t know, I didn’t find the need to learn this. Ujala says likewise, I didn’t have the need to learn English, as my medium was hindi in school. Vijay says he wants English speaking life partner. Ujala says one can learn language in life, but we shall value our life. Vijay gets impressed with her and tells that he will talk to her father about their marriage. Ujala says she don’t want to marry at this time and says she wanted to see if she can convince him for marriage. Vijay asks her to agree to marry him. Ujala says sorry for taking your precious time, but I can’t marry you. She goes. Gudiya tries to convince Ujala.

Gudiya and Ujala come home. Kishan asks if she is not feeling ashamed to get rejected. Gudiya says Ujala didn’t get rejected, but she rejected Vijay. She tells everything and tells that Ujala told that she don’t want to marry, and want to study now. Kishan scolds her. Gudiya asks her to tell that they had gone to haveli. Ujala says the same. Radhe tells that Gudiya lied as Ujala is insulted. Kishan says it is a limit. Bantu asks why did you lie?Gudiya says she didn’t lie and tells that she will help Ujala to pursue her studies.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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