Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhe’s relatives come to stay in Gupta house

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pappu asking Radhe to let him go to bathroom first. Sarla asks them not to argue and says guy’s family are about to come. Sweety brings Pappu’s mobile and says Nilesh’s call is coming. Pappu picks the call and asks what? He tells that Nilesh said that he is not coming as his shirt is not ironed. Sweety asks if he had only one shirt. Rajjo says don’t you understand that he is not interested and taunts Sarla and the family. Sarla says what to do, this girl is not marrying and you are not stopping your taunts. Gudiya asks Sarla to make halwa. Rajjo asks why are you hoping this from Sarla. Sarla gets upset with Gudiya and indirectly taunts Rajjo. Rajjo says she understood her taunt. Radhe’s relative Kishan and Anita come there with their daughter Ujala. Sarla greets them and touches their feet. Anita says you are just few years younger to us. Sweety touches their feet too. Sarla asks Radhe if he knew that they will be coming. Kishan says we came here to surprise you. Anita says a guy is coming to see Ujala here. Gudiya asks Ujala to come and sit, Amma will bring breakfast. Later they all have breakfast, Kishan praises his wife and daughter Ujala saying she is a topper in studies. He asks what about Gudiya? Gudiya says she is topper in heart university. Later Gudiya sees Ujala trying to read English and asks what is she doing? Ujala says she is doing nothing. Gudiya asks her to come and have golgappas with her. Ujala says she must study now, as she has to live in this world.

Sarla gets upset and tells that Kishan praises his wife’s cooking skills. Pappu says you knows him well. Kishan and Anita bring fruits and sweets and tell that they have brought it for the groom’s family. Rajjo asks why Radhe is not saying anything. Sarla says yes, they behaved this way. She is upset that their daughter is not marrying and others daughters are marrying in their house. Gudiya tells that she has a good family without getting married. Radhe asks Sarla to make food. Pappu says please.

Ujala talks to someone and says I like you, you are my life. Gudiya asks if he has any lover. Ujala says she is learning English using APP. Gudiya says why are you leaving icecream and golgappas? Ujala says Papa wants me to marry before Dadi goes. Gudiya asks where is your Dadi going? Ujala says Dadi is unwell and can die at anytime, so her parents want her to marry soon.

Later everyone sits to have food. Kishan praises the dal made by Sarla. Gudiya asks him to have the sabzi, which he dislikes. Kishan refuses to eat. Radhe asks why are you forcing him. Gudiya tells that Ujala doesn’t want to marry and you are forcing her to marry. Kishan asks Ujala if she don’t want to marry. Ujala says she wants to marry and goes from there. Gudiya asks why are you lying. Anita scolds Gudiya and Sarla’s values. Kishan says he don’t want to eat and goes from there. Rajjo says he was eating since long. Sarla gets upset with Gudiya and runs to beat her. She is about to fall.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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