Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla returns home


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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe telling that Sarla made poha first and it was like rubber. Nanhe lal works in kitchen with Radhe and praises Sarla’s woman power. He says I couldn’t get over the fact that Sarla ji left house, but the girls managed it well. He tells the film song. Radhe asks on which song the girls will dance. Nanhe says the song which Sarla likes. Gudiya and Sweety dance on the song mujhe samjho na tum bholi bhaali….Gudiya falls down and gets up. Nanhe lal and Radhe appreciate their dance. Pappu also praises Sweety. Radhe says Mumbai missed your dancing skills. Gudiya says all the world missed a good actress. Pappu says Sweety Sarla Devi is the winner for this round. He says lets move to next round in which we will ask a question and you have to answer. Someone

knocks on the door. Constable Chunni comes there and tells Nanhe lal that he wants to talk to him. He goes inside with Nanhe and Radhe. Pappu asks girls to wait there. Chunnu hugs Nanhe lal and tells that they found a dead body and it seems to be your samdhan ji. He shows the pic. Nanhe lal is shocked and is about to fall seeing the pic. They cry.

Jia tells Gudiya and Sweety, why they didn’t tell them. Gudiya asks Jia to have patience and says she is Sarla ji. Jia taunts Sweety and says she is lazy to act as Sarla. Nanhe lal, Radhe and Pappu think about Sarla and cry. Sweety asks Pappu to say what happened? Pappu says Amma? Sweety asks him to say what happened? Radhe says Sarla got mixed in 5 tatva. Gudiya asks what? Pappu says Amma went to Bhagwan. Gudiya says Bua’s name is Rajkumari Bua and asks since when her name became Bhagwan. Pappu asks what does she mean? Radhe says I talked to Bua and asked if Sarla came there, but she said no. Gudiya says I called her and she lied, but I told that I know Amma is there, and she made me talk to her. Nanhe lal asks why didn’t you tell us. Gudiya tells that she thought to let her rest there for some days. She says Amma told that she is going to Bua when I made her sleep. She says when she was not there at home, I catch that thing in mind. Radhe says whatever happened? Gudiya asks what? He asks her to call Bua and make him talk to Sarla. Gudiya says I will call, but if someone say anything then Amma will understand that I told you and will get angry. She asks them to go out and makes a call.

Sweety asks Chunni to show the pic. Chunni shows the pic. Sweety says this pic was viral on mobile a year ago and I showed this to Amma also, saying the lady is wearing saree as Amma. Nanhe lal scolds him and asks him to leave. Gudiya comes out and tells them that Sarla is fine and wants to stay there for more days. She asks Radhe, Nanhe and Pappu to dance and says Amma will return if you dance well. They agree to dance.

Nanhe lal asks Pappu to guide them to dance. Pappu dances on the song Aaja Aaja main hun pyaar tera…..He makes Radhe and Nanhe lal dance. Just then Sarla returns home and sees them dancing. Gudiya and Sweety hug her. Jia asks where did you go, we have become an orphan. Sarla says I was a fool to thought that you all are sad, and says forgive me for spoiling happiness of you all. She goes to room. Gudiya tells that everyone was sad and that’s why she became Sarla Devi to cheer them all. Sweety says even she became Sarla Devi. Radhe says life was sad without you. Sarla looks at him.

Precap: Sarla says she returned for Dussehra. Jia gets upset as Radhe refused to take her to show Ravan dahan. Gudiya becomes God Ram to enact the Dussehra (play) at home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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