Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pushpa takes the restaurant

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The reporter says Puhspa is doing AJ and Guddan’s anniversary. Choti cries. The reporter says were you their fan? Pushpa says I know how to respect good people. I should do pooja for them. Today’s kids don’t understand the value of family. Choti doesn’t do any pooja for them. So I had to do it. Choti cries. She says my life will end. I have to stop this pooja. Durga says she’s doing this to stop you from your registration. DJ says she’s right. She is doing this to waste your time. You have to get your license renewed. Choti writes a letter and says to Agastya I gave you liberty to sign things on my behalf. I am trusting you. He says you have my word. Choti says we have to stop this pooja. DJ says I will go with you.

Pushpa is doing the pooja. Choti and DJ reach there. She picks the pictures. Choti says do you have any shame. Pandit ji says you can’t stop pooja of anniversary like this. Choti says my parents aren’t dead. This is my right not yours. I will decide if their pooja has to be done or not. Shona says do you have any shame? Pushpa says for the fourth time you have ruined my mahorat. Choti says you did all this to stop my registration. DJ says stop this drama. We know your intentions already. But there are good people in the world and they will get our work done. Choti video calls Agastya. He says it’s done. Just leaving with the documents. Choti says your mahorats are ruined because of your intentions. Never forget three things, you can’t take my restaurant. You can’t go against my family. Third, leave it. Choti leaves with their picture.

Scene 2
Media asks Choti a lot of questions. DJ takes her out. Pushpa says I will ruin her life. Choti runs out. SHe says thank God. I could do it all. Agastya will get the license renewed as well. Choti comes to the restaurant. No one is there. Choti says this calls for a celebration. She sees a white curtain and says is this my photo? Pushpa comes there. Choti says is there anything left? Puhspa says yes, the calculation. Choti says I don’t have time. I have work to do. You do your work. Puhspa says I made Birla what it is. Not everyone can be Pushpa. Other women are made to handle the house. You can’t ever do anything. CHoti says to speak in normal language. What are you here for? Pushpa says this restaurant is my reality now. I am the new owner of this restaurant. Choti says what are you saying? Her men put her nameplate there.

Choti says what is this? Agastya where are you? Throw the license papers on their face. Agastya comes. Choti says where were you? Throw the license papers in their face. Agastya looks at her. Agastya walks towards Pushpa and touches her feet. Choti is shocked. Pushpa gives him blessings.

Precap-Agastya says to Pushpa, your restaurant. Pushpa says without your wisdom and efforts I couldn’t do this. She says to Guddan, this is Agastya your manager and my student.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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