Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ breaks mangalsutra

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says he asked me not to worry and he is sitting upstairs. Her dupatta gets stuck in the table. Guddan says AJ.. She turns back. AJ comes in balcony. AJ says you on sofa. Guddan says don’t come here what is she sees. a shock can be deadly for her. She says good night. I will wait for you in my dreams. AJ puts the sheet on her. She says go sleep. AJ sees her and smiles.

Next morning, Antra does arti in the morning. Everyone comes. Antra says AJ we always do arti together. Come stand with me. They do arti together. Guddan looks at them. Antra says nothing has changed in all these years. I am really happy. One thing is different. She looks at mangalsutra and says this mangalsutra is in Guddan’s neck but as your wife it should be in mine too. She says this mangalsutra got lost. I want my identity back. Make me wear this mangalsutra. She gives a mangalsutra to AJ. Antra says once I wasn’t wearing it after shower, you got so mad. You must not like me today either withou it right? Guddan says in heart I hope you will respect this mangalsutra. Antra says make me yours again AJ. Everyone is here. Saru says to Durge now Gudan will know her worth.

AJ takes the mangalsutra. He is about to make antra wear it. AJ breaks the mangalsutra and all the pearls fall down. Antra is shocked. Guddan smiles. Dadi says its’ okay. He will bring one later. She says I waited for years. Antra is in tears. Antra says ask Guddan, wont it hurt her if her mangalsutra breaks? Any married woman would. AJ says I am sorry. Antra says I will wait more. She picks the pearls and leaves. Dadi says Guddan I will talk to AJ.

Dadi says to AJ I know you broke it intentionally. AJ says I don’t like all this. I can’t be unfair to Guddan. This can be deadly to ANtra. How do I tell her she is my past and Guddan is present. Dadi says Antra should understand. You have to tell her everything. You are doing this for her better. You have to say the truth. Think about it. AJ says Antra wont accept it easily that her AJ is someone else’.

Antra looks at broken mangalsutra. Durga says I know you are very upset. Antra says no one died. It will be fixed. AJ got so upset. Durga says yes we have to fix it. Antra says how. Durga says Guddan would. Guddan come in. She says Guddan can help you. She is preparing for Revati’s wedding. Show it to a good jeweler. antra says please get it fixed. It would mean the world to mean. She leaves. Guddan says yes durga I would o it. I help people. Even if it fixes, AJ wont make antra wear it. Antra comes back. Durga says to Antra you have met AJ after so long. You should go somewhere with him. Durga says you’re so smart. I wish I were like you and told you that your husband and your relationship is getting boring. Don’t interfere in our relationship.

AJ hangs his shirt in Guddan’s new room. Guddan says what is this. He says so you don’t think this closet is all yours. Remember we made a deal. Are you okay? You are acting so normal. Guddan says I am not insecure. I know you will tell her once she is fine. You wont leave me alone. AJ says I will never leave you. Antra comes there.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Early updates nice thnx Atiba and also thnx @Christie for the info on Aj age and kids did not know honestly and was working later around bua storyline so barely paid attention…..durga is working on my last nerve her husband needs to occupy all this extra time she has to interfere in others personal lives

  2. Leisa s morris

    I really and truly dislike durga. At first I thought she just dislike guddan as she couldnt handle a mil younger than her and who makes alot of mistakes but then we got to see dat she was only interested in ruling d house and dats y she didnt want guddan there. She needs to take a chill pill cause she dont know how gd she has it with guddan whereas antra ,real or fake, will have her wishing for guddan

  3. I’m already disappointed.
    Antra does not behave like a married woman.
    you can clearly see that she is not the right antra.
    see how she also dresses.

    1. Several things bother me with the entry of Antara and the importance of the position of Durga and Saru in the episodes .. How women like Durga and Saru enjoy torture a girl like Guddan .. She is older but their minds are so evil and so bad ….. Antara who stayed so long in a coma is so quick to climb the stairs but what surprises me is that she acts so fast and so well .. When a no one was so long in a coma. Her memories are pretty vague .. But her memories are precise and inctact … To the point of spending the night with Aj. In short we feel that it is false but hey .. We will have to wait and bear all his insult made to Guddan by the 3 plague .. Anyway .. When I read that Durga can handle Antara if it exaggerated a bit too much .. This lets understand that this Antara is not the Antara that dadi and maasi describe as a severe stepmother … Because Durga would not have bothered to speak so if she ever did too much .. Because this woman is not the real Antara .. Who is behind this plot .. PARV .. The brother of the real Antara .. With the complicity of Durga. Only time will tell us .. But difficult to bear the suffering of separation of the two

  4. This show is fabulous

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