Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Durga comes back

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alisha screams. Everyone comes there. AJ says who did this? Guddan please open your eyes. Vardan calls the ambulance. Vikrant runs out. He says what did I do? AJ will kill me. He says key, where is the key. There’s a woman there. He says you? What are you doing here?
Guddan opens her eyes. She laughs. Guddan gets up. Guddan says I knew you would miss me. AJ says why this dirty joke? Guddan says to trap Vikrant. It was important to do this drama. This is a tomato. And this knife is fake. AJ says you didn’t have to do all this. Guddan says Vikrant will run away from this house to save himself from a sentence. Vikrant comes in and says wow Guddan what acting. He says I accepted I did this and I was running. Then an angel stopped me. The angel knows how clever you are. The angel told me this could be a drama. You’re dead so I won’t run anywhere. That angel will help me take my revenge who knows you for long. Come in.

Durga enters the house. Everyone is shocked. Vikrant says take your spot. Guddan says how can you help Vikrant? Durga says I was on your side too. What happened? My family sent me to jail for being on your side. AJ says you were wrong. Durga says everyone does wrong. I don’t see anyone going to jail. Dadi says vikrant is an outsider. You will go against your family? Do you have any shame. Durga says does your DIL have any shame? Perv says wow. Laxmi says Guddan did all that for out better. Durga says this family is a drama. Only two people rule here. Guddan and AJ. But that won’t happen anymore. AJ says you went to jail because you tried kidnapping Alisha. You were wrong. She says look at this Perv, Saru, Revati and your own daughter. Was my sin bigger than theirs? And all these people are living with all the fun here? Guddan says I won’t tolerate you disrespecting AJ. Durga says I always respected him. You’re disgusting yourself. I am pregnant. Yet I was sent to jail.

Dadi says shame on you. You’re our DIL. Durga says did you care about her and her unborn child? Dadi says Kishor. Talk to her. Is it right to be with outsiders? Kishor says she is with the right people now. Laxmi says what are you saying. Kishor says no one cared about us earlier. So we won’t. Vikrant says what a useless family. Guddan says you stay out of our family matters. I know you provoked her. AJ says it’s useless to talk to them. If Durga was sane she won’t have been with Vikrant. Vikrant says yeah you are the sane one only. No see what we two enemies do together. Saru says what an entry. Perv says this would be fun.

Scene 2
Saru comes to Durag’s room with arti. She says welcome back. Durga says don’t do this drama. I know you very well. Saru says I always knew only you can fight Guddan. They’re all dazed. Durga says they had to suffer. They sent me and my child to jail. This is time to get my power back. Saru does her arti. Laxmi comes and throws it away. Laxmi says I didn’t expect this from you. Why? Durga says when you are in jail with a pregnant child you will know why am I doing this. Guddan will payback. Saru says I am with you. Laxmi says I am with Guddan. Saru says you come on our side as well. Laxmi says you people are with a demon. I will see who wins.

Scene 3
AJ says what do I do with people of this house? How can I fight my own family? She plays music. Guddan says massage my head. AJ says are you crazy? Guddan says I work with my instinct. So I want you to massage my head and tell me that story. AJ says what story? Guddan says you also need a head massage. AJ tells her the story. AJ says he wrote in the end ‘this too shall pass’. Guddan says see, why don’t you implement that? Everything passes. We will fight it together. AJ says if we are together we can do anything.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Every time evil gets a little more power .. What to do .. Qaund Durga has become positive again she is negative .. See it’s so disappointing .. Anyway ..

  2. Leisa s morris

    I dont believe durga has turned afterall didnt gudan visit her in jail and promised to get her out? How come she reach their at dis exact time ?

  3. What Durga said is not entirely wrong…Revati should be in jail for shooting Guddan
    Parv should be in jail for trying to kill the Jindal family and Saru too for helping Antara in her crimes….

    What Durga should realise is that she asked a known criminal to help her prove that Guddan is a bad mother…Not only was Alisha kidnapped, but she and Krishi was going to be sold off and sent to God knows where…..
    With Durga becoming a mother herself, she should have known better….

    Ladies, at least it is not Antara that came back……for now

    I really would like to see Guddan and Akshat have a child of their own….

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