Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan does the first challenge

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says I accept your challenge. I will play this game of death. AJ says what are you saying? Guddan says have faith in me. I am mother, won’t let anything happen to my daughter. Guddan says after 3 days it’s Janmashtami. A mother’s love will win on the day Lord Krishna was born. She is blessed by Lord Krishna. She will be a lot more blessed than you. You start your game, but I will end it. I will play this game for her and Lord Krishna will protect her. Ganga says don’t take this game lightly. I like your bravery. Ganga says this game is made by my evil mind. There will be levels in this game and each level would be more difficult. No chances though. You lose once and you lose.

Guddan says it’s 9. It’s Choti’s time to sleep. Can I sing her lullaby? Ganga says you can’t meet her till you win this game. Guddan says but I can see her on a video call? Ganga says okay but after the first level. Guddan says what will I have to do? Ganga says her papa has to do. Guddan looks at AJ. Ganga says my BIL. Ganga says you have to make a round roti. Aj says should I be surprised or laugh at your stupidity? You’re asking a chef to make round roti?

AJ makes a perfect round roti. Durga says can we please see Choti now? Guddan says as much as I know you won’t give such an easy challenge. Ganga says you know your fan so well. The real challenge starts now. Guddan has to make an equally round roti in just 7 minutes. Durga says this isn’t fair. You know Guddan can’t make it. Laxmi says this is cheating. Ganga says I have designed the entire game keeping Guddan’s weaknesses in mind. She will cry to sleep if you fail. You’re a mother you can make it. Durga says to Guddan you can do this. Guddan is nervous. Guddan says I can do anything for my daughter. Ganga says it should be exactly like your husband’s. Aj says you can do this Guddan. Ganga says your time starts now.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to the kitchen and says I will do it for Choti. Ganga starts timer. Laxmi says what will happen if Guddan can’t make a round roti? Aj says this is a mother’s fight. She will win it for sure.

Guddan tries but her rotis aren’t routn. She keeps trying. Guddan recalls Ganga saying if you don’t do this, Choti will cry to sleep. Guddan is i tears. She recalls AJ saying you can do it. Guddan tries again. AJ says come on Guddan you can do it. AJ says I have to help her. Ganga says that’s not the part of game. Her thugs come in. Ganga says I won’t like it when they beat you. So you better listen without me having to do that.

AJ says what is this? Ganga says my life, my game, my rules. Guddan is playing my game. She asks her thugs to keep eyes on him. She says if you move your feet, I will stop Choti’s breaths. Guddan is in tears. Guddan says I have to do thgod, what is but how? I have done so much but can’t do this. Only three minutes are left. Guddan says what should I do? Guddan eats banana in tension. AJ says where is she going? I wish I taught her.

AJ recalls Guddan was making rotis. AJ said your favorite subject must be geography. You’re making rotis like Nepal’s map. Could be some other country. Guddan threw flour on him and said what was your favorite subject? Home science? How does it feel to be a ghost. AJ pulled her closed and said my wife has to be a witch as well now. He threw flour on her. Guddan said leave me. AJ said I wouldn’t have left you if I had to leave. Guddan said so many dialogues. He said learned from your movies. AJ came close to kiss her. Guddan said the pan is hot. AJ said not more than you. Guddan said teach me how to make round rotis. Aj said you don’t have to. You will always be served by round rotis made by me.

AJ says it’s all my mistake. I should have taught her when she asked. Ganga says look at the clock. It’s so big because the watch should be as big as the player. Guddan says only one minute is left. Ganga says she can’t do it now. Everyone is worried.

Precap-Guddan keeps trying to make the roti but fails. Ganga counts down, 3.. 2.. 1.. Guddan comes out of the kitchen with a roti.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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