Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Neel Supports Kajal

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal cooks and thinks she will make all the arrangements before Khurana family returns from temple. She takes juice for Neel and recalling Soniya’s order to dare not enter Neel’s room stops at the door. She notices Neel sleeping with his mouth open and laughs. Neel wakes up and asks if she brought juice for him. She says yes as she heard from Soniya that he likes to have juice after he waking up. He takes juice and thanks her. She continues laughing. He pulls her towards him. She hugs him. Their eyes lock. She gets conscious and part ways. He asks why she was laughing. She says he was sleeping like a baby. He says didn’t understand. She walks towards door when he coughs. She rushes back in and feeds him water.

He says its because of him and blocking her way and says he wanted her opinion regarding Pari’s alliance and had juice in a hurry which choked him. She says family’s decision to meet the boy’s family first is right and even Neel considering her responsible for all the problems happened recently. He says he didn’t say that. She tries to leave again. He insists her to have te remaining juice as she needs it and says its his den and nobody can get out of it without his permission. She finishes juice and walks out.

Bhoomi gets jealous seeing Neel and Kajal’s growing chemistry, calls Kajal in the rudest way she can and orders her to prepare juice for her. Neel confronts her and asks her to behave with Bhoomi as she is not her servant. Kajal says she had told Bhoomi that she will do household chores. Pari calls Kajal. Bhoomi rudely asks Kajal to bring her juice first and then attend Pari. Neel warns her to stop misbehaving with Kajal. Kajal stops him and goes to kitchen to prepare juice. Bhoomi asks if he considers Kajal really as his wife that he is supporting her. Neel says Kajal is just his friend. Bhoomi says the way he is behaving with Kajal doesn’t look he is just her friend. Neel thinks if she really likes Kajal.

Pari walks to Bhoomi’s room and seeing makeup kit applies makeup on her face spoiling the whole makeup kit and Bhoomi’s bed. Bhoomi enters kitchen and accuses Bhoomi that she is trying to lure Neel to stay back in the house and enjoy the luxuries, says she will give her the money she wants to leave Neel. Bhoomi pleads her not to accuse her and promises to leave the house soon

Precap: Bhoomi panics seeing Pari spoiling her makeup kit. Rajat says he will get her new one. Bhoomi say he cannot afford it.

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