Girls On Top 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

They all cheer about beginning their start up now. Sahir announces that Isha’s wish has been fulfilled, she wanted him to date Taps so today he wants to make it official. He and Tapasia are officially together. Tapasia cheers and claps, Gia, Rave and Isha upset, Guru speechless. Sahir looks around and wants them to congratulate him, Isha’s wish has been fulfilled. Isha congratulates him but with much difficulty. Tapasia hugs her, then shares with Sahir she wasn’t sure he would ever be comfortable with her. She kiss over his forehead in excitement. Isha comes to hug Tapasia, upset at heart. Guru whispers to Sahir they can never understand these girls.
In the underground dancing venue, Tapasia comes to hug Sahir from behind and asks him for breakfast. Sahir was irritated, as can’t she see he is practicing Gia watches this from a side, Isha and Rave also come in. Sahir goes to hug Taps from behind, apologizing and goes to get breakfast. Isha notices them together. Gia gets the story.
There, Guru complains Rave why she is always angry at him. Rave questions Guru why he and Shekhar had a fight, she argues they both must stop deciding what’s right for them. Isha set the camera asking Sahir and Tapasia to take position for shoot, then instructs Sahir to hold Tapasia from behind. Tapasia giggles as it is tickling. Isha instructs to focus. Tapasia accepts her mind and heart aren’t in her control, they only wander towards Sahir in any situation. She insists on Isha and Sahir to show her the step, Isha denies but Sahir asks if she would feel awkward, hasn’t she moved on? Isha agrees.
Sahir gets close to Isha while Tapasia shoot with the camera. Tapasia calls wow, it seems they both are meant to be together, they share a crazy chemistry. Isha excuses herself and runs outside. Sahir asks Tapasia isn’t she moved watching them together. Tapasia says if they are meant to be together they will be, it won’t matter if she is jealous or not. Gia was trying Azher’s number outside, Isha comes crying but assures Gia she is fine. Gia tells Isha that Sahir is faking, just to make her jealous. Whenever she is around he goes near Tapasia, else he doesn’t pay heed to her. He loves her. Isha confirms if they still have a chance, Gia says off course. Gia assures everything would get fine. Isha asks Gia for help, Gia wipes her tears and hugs her.
Inside, Sahir and Tapasia were practicing dance.
Rave enters the house at night, she informs them about dumping Shekhar. Gia confirms if she isn’t going to USA. Rave says off course she would go, but not on someone’s shoulders. Gia cheers their lives are going to get back to normal. Rave asks Gia if she and Azher are together again. Gia was hopeful they would be, they are talking about Sahir.
Sahir calls Azher on beach, Azher replies from behind him that he is still friends with him.
Isha accepts in front of Rave that she loved Sahir all along. She is ready to tell Sahir that she can’t live without him. Sahir discuss with Azher that he must give a last chance to Tapasia, as his and Isha’s chapter is over. Isha was ready to give a last chance to Sahir and even move in with him. The girls cheer. There, Sahir tells Azher uptil now it was about revenge, but he realized Tapasia’s heart is really pure, she loves him and it would be selfish if he doesn’t give her a chance. This is the end of his and Isha’s journey. Azher wish Sahir, to live long with Tapasia. Here, girls hug each other.

PRECAP: Sahir and Tapasia get closer, Gia and Azher have a patch up

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Guys…if isha and sahir are going apart…that is the end of girls on top…this couple are meant for each other. .

    This tapasya character is disturbing the 3 girls story…personally I’m nt happy with sahir n tapasya pair…

    Hope we can see sahir n isha together. .

    1. You r right isha and Sahir are made for each other

  2. Such a boring episode !!!!! There was seriously nothing everything was confusing gia’s answer to the reporters was so confusing she said it was her mistake by putting her thoughts on news paper and on the other hand she is saying that she only wrote it with her will. I did not understand a thing. Later she is relaxed and talking to her friends about start up seriously is not hurt at all afer wat happend ??????? sahir is crossing his limits he can’t cheat taps by tell it official ?????? and what type of girlfriend is taps how can she tell her boyfriend that he and his ex should stay together ?????? this not a normal feeling of any being ??????? gia is finding solution of other ppls relationship but not of her and azhar’s ???????? ok one thing what happend good that rave is not going back . But they are not showing gia’s character good

  3. guys….I donno if u heard the news or not…..anyways today is the GRAND FINALE EPI of got…………

  4. wat a *** climax…….No comments from my side… 🙁

    1. I think the climax is in the next week

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