Girls On Top 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir comes downstairs to see Tapasia massaging her foot. He says he know she won’t be dance today. Tapasia asks him to put on some medicine. Sahir asks her to share her pain, she had been dancing in spite of being in pain. Tapasia calls pain a part of life, why complain. She learnt long time ago to accept pain happily, it’s easy to bear that way. Sahir asks what if she is mistaken, Tapasia replies its mistakes that brought her here. Sahir warns he doesn’t love her, what if she regrets this mistake of hers. Tapasia tells Sahir she isn’t dumb, he clearly stated he loves someone else and can’t fall in love with her in two days. She calls him near, and says he is pure at heart. Sahir was sure she will regret being with him one day. Tapasia accepts the challenge.
Azher questions Gia if she wants to mock him in front of the whole world, that she wrote this article. Gia explains this is her job, she wrote it as a journalist. Azher was enraged he has always requested her not to interfere with his job. Gia tries to explain it’s a part of her duty, someone else would have written. Azher says this article would have negative effect over his film, people would talk about their breakup and a n extra media attention will be given to them both. Who would come to watch the movie in which his girlfriend is against him? Gia insists he can’t judge his love and affection over a single article, this is her job and she couldn’t have denied Diana. Her job and he are two different things in her life, she already told him Shola is a typical Bollywood movie. Azher asks what she is doing with him if she hates Bollywood so much; he is thinking his mother has been right. Gia asks if he is upset with her because of his mother. Azher turns to say ammi called her a journalist first, his girlfriend later; she has proven it right. Gia follows him and slips in the way, Azher turns to look at her then walks away.
There, Sahir and Tapasia danced together. Here, Azher sat upset beside a wall.
In the meeting of startup, the all had gathered in the underground dance set. Sahir suggests about shooting the video here. Isha inquires what about his dance friends whom they met here. Sahir and Isha both recall the night. Guru think about the fun, Rave qualifies they were immature. Sahir says Azher would do the rap part, Gia wasn’t sure he would come. Azher arrive asking why she think so, he is really professional taking his business. He complains he hasn’t expected they would push him out of their team, he leaves upset. Sahir and Guru go behind him.
Gia was crying in front of Nadia. Gia says Maryam has got an opportunity to break her and Azher’s relation. Nadia bucks her up to be strong. Gia thinks about telling Azher the truth, Nadia reminds she has no proof against her. Gia was determined to find a proof anyway. At night, Gia was restlessly waiting, Riffat Bi comes to meet her. Gia asks what it that intrigued her about Azher’s death was. Riffat took her aside, she tells Gia everyone know Maryam was in Delhi when Azher’s father died, she returned next day. The truth is, that day it rained heavily and it was impossible to travel; they all wonder how Maryam came back.
Sahir was skipping, Isha comes upstairs. Sahir’s rope hit her on the face, Sahir apologizes and goes towards her in concern. He closely blow in her eye, they then get into an eyelock. Tapasia comes from behind, Isha explains there was nothing between them. Tapasia says its fine, they must share some moments after being in such long relations. They get Guru’s message about going to make up Azher. Rave assures Gia she didn’t do anything wrong, Sahir was sure Azher would agree if they apologize. They were watching the Sholay trailer together with a bunch of people, reporters were also there. The group decide to flee, but reporters run to Gia inquiring her suggestions about her article. Rave takes Gia aside, she pumps Gia to own her articles, its her thoughts that turn her amazing. Gia thinks if she share the truth, problems between her and Azher would increase but lying to herself isnt acceptable to her.

PRECAP: Sahir announces that he and Taps are officially together. Sahir and Tapasia share happy moments together. Isha dances with Sahir.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. The episode was ???????? azhiaaaaaaaaa ?????? azhar is really upset but gia on her path is not wrong but ya it is  really hurting if someone you love critises your work ???? both right in their way but ya azhar could be little understanding he is understanding but our mother maryam is a naagin know who puts poison ?????? hate herrrr . Taps is really understanding but I hope at last she will be ok . Its high time for gia to find the truth behind Maryam ??????? at the last part God knows what gia will tell the reporter’s ???????

  2. priyanka u are right.azhar mom is nagin.saisha ferse ak horaha i am upset for azia breakup.what do u think abt it

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