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Girls On Top 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir demands Isha to move in and agrees this is a condition, is she ready to move in with him. He has a reason, he can only believe on her love as he needs a permanent solution to their love life. Isha was speechless. Sahir qualifies she is still confused taking them, and she wants him to believe in her love. Isha says I do love you. Sahir says there is no such problem then, if she isn’t moving in with him they are done forever. He needs her answer by tonight.
There, Gia comes out of her room. Guru says it was Rave’s demand to have bean and rice. He cheers that their likes are so common and calls Rave that lunch is ready. Gia tells Guru that Rave has gone out with Shekhar. Guru innocently says she didn’t tell him about it yesterday, he is an idiot who worked so hard. He was lost and heads to cleaning. Gia takes a leave.
Isha was walking on road side in a dilemma, to choose either her sisterhood or moving in with Sahir. She makes and emergency call to girls, Gia hurries. Rave was in a restaurant with Shekhar when she gets the call. She hurries to leave. Shekhar stops her as she insisted on this elaborate lunch, she must finish it. Rave takes a leave anyway after a while.
Gia was shocked to hear Isha, Isha asks about Rave. Gia says as usual she is with Shekhar. There, Azher wonders when Shekhar manages his business when he is always on date. Guru was hopeless and wants to go back to Bhatinda. Azher says this isn’t a solution.
Rave comes home, Gia tells Rave that Sahir wants Isha to prove her love demanding her to move in with him. Isha says she is confused and torn between their friendship and Sahir. Rave was shocked and couldn’t even speak well hearing that Isha is serious.
Sahir supports Guru that there is a difference between running away and walking away. Azher asks if they both are drunk, Sahir says he himself wants to walk away this situation, love is complicated.
Gia was confused, she tries to convince herself that Isha is mature and can take her decision. Isha comes out of washroom, Gia assures Isha that its has to be her decision, she will make Rave understand.
Sahir explains to Azher that living alone gets you a new perspective. Azher argues we must calm out minds and think instead of getting away of the situations. Guru agrees and gives a hand to them for a game on.
Sahir comes home to find Gia waiting outside. He taunts he knew Isha’s friends would come here to fight. Gia says she didn’t come to fight, their sisterhood will be effected if Isha moves away. Sahir argues that at some point a person has to take decision individually. Gia says mind accepts, but the heart refuses. Sahir agrees that matter of heart are tough, then asks if Isha has taken a decision.
In the office, UC scolds Isha for not reaching a meeting in time. Isha wants him to be in time. UC informs Isha that her dance reality show has been pre-poned, she must get to work. Isha was worried how she will manage alone as Sahir has also left. Isha sits confused about Sahir and girls.
Sahir awaits impatiently at home, as the clock ticks. Guru and Azher come there suggesting him to relax. Azher reminds him the plan that no matter what decision, plan is no escape.
Girls come to Isha, Isha says she is super busy and they must not be here. Rave asks Isha about her decision, she was hyper. Isha argues that Rave’s decision to go out with Shekhar also matter to them, she hasn’t decided yet else she will tell them. Rave makes a drama in office and accuses Sahir for all this. Gia reminds Isha only two hours are left and she must take a decision. Isha was upset.
At 11pm, the doorbell rings. Sahir opens the door to Rave who calls him name. Azher and Guru comes there, Rave accuses the three of them and they have spoilt Guru as well. Azher calls Rave inside, people gather around. Azher hides behind Guru. Rave accuses Sahir of not understanding the value of friendship. If he can’t understand friendship, he won’t ever understand love. She calls Sahir a loser and leave. Sahir clutches his fist, while his neighbors taunt it to be a girls’ problem again. Sahir leaves home enraged.
Isha was left alone in office, the clock was 1 minute to strike 12. She thinks about girls, makes a call but the number was switched off. She hurries to Sahir’s house and asks Azher and Guru about him, both were speechless. Isha inquires again about Sahir’s whereabouts. Azher tells Isha that Rave came here and said a lot to Sahir, after that Sahir went away. He has gone missing. Isha was worried.

PRECAP: Isha shouts at Rave that her and Sahir’s relation is already so fragile, wondering where Sahir left because of her. Rave leaves telling her to do what she wants to. Gia shys away when Azher asks if she is afraid to come close to him. She cleans the blood mark on his face during shoot, while they get close.

Update Credit to: Sona

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