The girl he never noticed (Chapter-7)

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Hi everyone
Here we go with the next part
Naira’s Pov
It was so blissful moving with the wind …I felt free as if nothing else existed in the world …No worries …No tensions just me and this moment
I looked to my side to face Kartik …He had a peaceful expression on his face and silently drove having his full focus on it
He has got breathtaking features and ever so charming smile which is rarely seen but whenever he does that I am sure half of the girls or maybe more loose their hearts to him
He has got a personality which can make any girl like any girl fall for him and it comes as an irony on his part that he his still single
Well yeah he’s ‘The Kartik Goenka’ girls are never his cup of tea
I was brought back to reality when suddenly the car came to a halt
“What the hell!” Kartik shouted making me shiver and then I looked in front to find a group of boys there
“Oye hero gussa kisko dikha rha hai tu” one of them said …From his tone I could figure out that they were drunk

Kartik just sat there expressionless and suddenly let out a small laugh

“Kya chahiye tum logon ko” He said narrowing his eyes at him as he got down from the jeep
“Kartik no! They are drunk” I whispered
“Naira just stay there” He said as moved forward
“Haan toh ab bolo kya chahiye tum logon ko” He repeated again
“Dekh Bhai dekhne se toh bahut maal wala lagta hai” the boy said as he eyed me from top to bottom and I narrowed my eyes at him in confusion
Kartik looked in his direction and then at me …And now I could sense anger fuming inside him
“Saaf saaf bol kya chahiye” Kartik said again and this time with anger
“Yeh Jo side mein heroine bhethi hai na isse humare hawale kar aur chalta ban” that boy said while the others laughed all staring at me as if I was their prey
I gasped and shivered right there on my seat
It felt as if history was repeating itself …Once again my past was there in front of me frightening the shit out of me …I could feel sweat forming on my forehead as my breaths became uneven
And then some loud noise barged inside my ears as I saw Kartik beating the shit out of one of those boys
“Kartik!” I shouted at the top of my voice as I stepped down and went towards him
“Naira No!!!” He screamed
And just then two of them grabbed me by my arms and the third one came towards me ..My breaths were terribly uneven right now …I felt as I am gonna die now right here
I was hallucinating and was terrified
Flashbacks of my past came in front of me

Flashback start
It was night time and I was out there in the backyard of one of the discs of Rishikesh …I was 17 at that time and was out for some party …After the party when I was heading back some of the boys came there and started misbehaving with me …One of them tied my hands as I screamed for help but no one was around …I cried ..shouted but all in vain
And then one of them teared the sleeves of my dress and took my pictures I tried hard but was helpless
Before they could do anything worst some people came there and I was saved but only from them not from the world
I was insulted in public and was tagged ‘ugly’ and what not
Flashback ends

Those evil laughs ..their frightening faces made me uncomfortable
And then the boy was inches away from me and I by that time was crying the hell out screaming Kartik’s name but he was helpless their as they had tied him to a tree aside
“Chodo usse ….Don’t dare to touch her!” He screamed and tried to cut the rope

“Kya mast cheez hai reh tu ” that boy said and I was still crying
He took a knife from his pocket and trailed it’s edge on my face and then down on the side of my neck
I cried in disgust as I tried to get out of their hold
He digged the tip of the knife at the edge of my neck
I winced in pain as blood oozed out of my skin

Kartik’s Pov
My blood was boiling with anger and my eyes were red
How dare they touch Naira?
Each and every word that guy spoke for Naira were adding to my anger …I wanted to kill the shit out of them
And then I saw the most disgusting thing in front of me
That boy he took out a knife and digged it inside the edge of her neck
It felt like my heart was being stabbed continuously
She screamed and winced in pain and I here was struck with this tree
My anger now knew no bounds as I somehow freed myself to kill those people who harmed Naira
I immediately ran towards them and started beating them
But the one with the knife took hold of Naira by keeping knife on her neck
“Abhi bhi time hai isse yaheen chodh aur chala jaa …Waise bhi bahut maze le liye tune iske ab hum lenge ” he said as he laughed looking at Naira
And then someone grabbed that bastard from behind …It was Aryan and Vivaan too came there and handled the situation
They both handled others and I was trying to free Naira ..As soon as let go off her he deliberately scratched her back with his knife leaving me infuriated ….I was on the verge of killing him when I saw Naira falling on the road unconscious while Gayatri trying to handle her
I quickly get off that moron as Vivaan and Aryan handled him and ran towards Naira grabbing her in my arms
Her eyes were closed with tear strains all over telling me how hard they have cried
“Naira …Naira utho …Dekho woh sab gye ….Utho Naira please talk to me damn it ..I want to listen to you …dekho mein tumhare pass hoon ” I said with a cracking tone as tears started to form in my eyes and this time I didn’t care about anything about who I am ..How I am ….I just cried my heart out with Naira in my arms …I couldn’t see her in that condition …I wanted her to talk call me ‘mendak’ 10 times 100 times but just say it once but she was stubborn enough as she laid there pale lifeless and unconscious
“Kartik sambhalo khud ko ….Kuch nhi hoga Naira ko chalo farm house yahaan se pass hi hai and meine doctor ko bhi bula liya hai”
I carried Naira in my arms bridal style and made her sit in my lap and held her tightly close to my heart …I just don’t wanted to let go off her
Aryan drove the car as Gayatri was on the passengers seat and sat at the back while Vivaan drove the other jeep
I sat their numb with Naira …My eyes were red …tears strained all over
I felt as if nothing ever existed
No sound entered my ears ..The only thing that mattered to me at that time was Naira and only Naira!
So finally Naira’s past is revealed
I almost cried writing this chapter
How many of u cried while reading?
Do tell me ur views …U have no idea how much encouragement I get to write more better day by day …It’s very hurting when I don’t get sufficient comments and support and I sometimes also think to discontinue this story
Well coming back to the ff a new montage depicting the current situation
Love u all!
Keep smiling

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  1. Hales

    Hey! I felt sad n teary reading it! So harsh past of naira …bechari m feeling so sorry for her …loved kartik’s concern part
    Plz dont discontinue i love ur ff! N many others do …write for them n for kaira! U r doing gr8?

    1. Ekta23

      Thank u so much for this support it really really means alot ?

  2. Fenil

    Nice Chapter Ekta
    Next plss…

    1. Ekta23

      Tysm…. will surely update asap ☺

  3. very emotional.. superb

    1. Ekta23

      Thanks u so much ….It really means alot ☺

  4. That was emotional and aweosome i was crying ? i wish she will be alright and plz update soon

    1. Ekta23

      Indeed she has to be ….Already submitted the next part wait for it to get posted ☺

  5. Aadi

    Hey Ekta !
    Emotional episode today
    Plz do continue the ff because it has a different and amazing out of the box type of story line !

    1. Ekta23

      Tysm aadi …It’s because of people lyk u that I have made it till now …Will update asap ☺

  6. it was an outstanding….superb….don’t stop writing this ff…its really nice ….plz continue this…update asap…eagerly waiting for next

    1. Ekta23

      Thank u so much for the appreciation… It really means a lot ☺

  7. Awesome this was super emotional but yet superb loved it
    thank u dear

    1. Ekta23

      Thank u so much ☺

  8. Vinni05

    Emotional part I too cried while reading & just love d way u describing scence
    Can’t wait for next part

    1. Ekta23

      Thank u so much Vinnie….U guys have made my day … Already submitted the next part …Waiting for it to get posted ☺

  9. It’s really awesome.. today only I read all the chapters and I m really so very excited for further parts. Keep it up!!!!!!!

    1. Ekta23

      Thank u so much ….Glad u liked it ☺

  10. soo mch emotional update….. nairas past is jst horibble….
    lukng up 4 u r nxt update

    1. Ekta23

      Already submitted..Hope u like it ☺

  11. Vrushy

    Heart touching Chapter.
    Loved it to the core.
    If possible do add precaps Chapter so that we can have a small.hint of what will happen in the next Chapter.
    Anyways post soon, can’t wait for next !!

    1. Ekta23

      Tysm vrushy …It really means alot …i will try to post asap …. thank u for the appreciation ☺

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