Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Challenges Pakhi


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi tells Sai that let Virat get conscious and decide if he wants to meet her or Sai. Sai says she is right, they should leave the decision to Virat, but she wants to see Virat once from outside. Pulkit says she can see Virat. Mohit asks Sai to go as he will see who will stop her. Pakhi gets jealous hearing that. Sai walks to Virat’s ICU room and cries watching him from glass door. She apologizes him for not picking his calls, says she didn’t know that he was going on a such a dangerous mission, even Aaba used to call her before going on dangerous mission, why didn’t she pick his call; he knows her self-respect his important to her, he and his family hurt her self-respect a lot, she never thought he would do this to her; it takes time to forget all this and he should have given her some time. Pulkit hears her conversation and walks away wiping his tears. Sai continues that maybe Pakhi is right he wouldn’t want to meet her again, but she will come to meet him and hear from him if he wants to meet her or not. She returns to Pakhi and says she is going now and will return to find out if Virat wants to meet her or not. Pakhi asks what if he denies. Sai says she will never meet Virat then. She walks away saying Pakhi desires to stay with Virat and she has whole night to stay with him.

Pakhi stands fuming. Ninad asks her not bother about jungli Sai and takes her to Virat’s room. She cries seeing Virat’s condition. He consoles her, says Virat is fine now and she has to take care of Virat whole night. She looks at him. He says he is saying this as she looks mature like Bhavani who values family, but Ashwini doesn’t like to follow Bhavani’s orders; Ashwini tried her best to create rift between him and Bhavani but failed; he and Omkar respect Bhavani as she worked hard to keep Chavan family united and even now is working hard for them; even Virat doesn’t understand that and thinks he doesn’t respect his mother; truth is nobody is important to him than Bhavani and neither Virat or Ashwini will understand why their relationship is so strong. She says when 2 people’s relationship is strong, a 3rd person cannot do anything. He says he wants to explain her the same; whatever Sai does, she shouldn’t lose her peace of mind.

Sai returns to Pulkit’s house and wanders around. Devi walks behind her and asks if she is worried for Veeru, why is she now when she didn’t want to go with him. Sai says Virat is shot and is unconscious now; she will never return to Chavan Nivas, but wants to meet Virat and find out if he is fine. Devi asks why didn’t she speak to Viru when he called her. Pulkit says lets drop this issue and have food. Sai says she is not hungry. He says she should eat for her body if not soul. Devi says she should eat to get energy to fight with Pakhi as Pakhi will try to snatch her husband and she should fight; if she was in her place, she would have thrown her toys at Pakhi and frightened her. Sai says she is not afraid of anyone and will go to meet Virat, and if he denies to meet her, she will never meet him. Pulkit says Virat definitely wants to meet her. Sai asks what about Pakhi who is very strong at Chavan Nivas and will definitely try to stop her; anyways her and Virat’s marriage is just a deal. Puikit asks if she is informing them or herself. Sai says she and Virat married to fulfill promise made to Aaba. Devi says she is talking about Virat even now.

Pakhi tells unconscious Virat that she was eager to speak to him once before he went on a mission, tries to touch him, but stops remembering Ashwini’s warning that she shouldn’t touch other’s belonging and Virat belongs to Sai. She says Ashwini is right; she doesn’t know why she is here to take care of him; she remembers he easily told her that there is nothing between them and she is just his elder brother’s wife, but she never saw him that way; he may feel bad if she stays here, but she will not go as she cares for him; he may change his mind seeing her caring for him and realize that she is not that bad as he thinks.

Pulkit tells Sai that she is Virat’s wife and should take her decision carefully whether she wants to go back to Virat and stay in his house. She says she will neither return to Chavan Nivas or Virat’s life, she just wants to meet Virat and make sure that he is fine.

Precap: Pakhi rushes into Virat’s hospital room and seeing him holding Sai’s hand tells that Sai forcefully came here and had told that she will go if Virat asks her to go, insists Sai to go. Sai asks Virat to tell if she should stay here or not.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    To be frank, i didn’t like today’s episode.. they just dragged it too much and this continue whole week..😣😣😣😣😣😣

    1. True,it’s getting boring and irritating to see paakhi’s behaviour and ninad’s behaviour too.disguisting people

  2. Pakhi js a shameless donkey.

    1. I agree with your comment regarding Pakhi being a shameless donkey. I’m only reading updates now. I can’t watch anymore because of prominence given to b*t*hes like Pakhi and Bavani.

  3. Just get lost pakhi u have no idea how I hate you…..
    You have no right on viart…. But not say u should leave from viart life… And by the way she is her wife so she has the right to stay with virat…
    U leave…..
    I hate u
    I hate uuuuuuuuuu😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  4. This epi is height of all prev episodes. How shameless that ninad is, chiiii…. how can he give such cheap advise to pakhi
    .. indirectly he ws saying her to stick to virat always.. arghhh….omg how cheap… This show clearly supports extra marital affair and is on almost top rank always in trp list. Is this people like to watch .. omg.. shocking. This show should be banned. Very disappointing.

  5. I Agree These type of shows should be banned The whole extra marital affair thing is disgusting

  6. I want to see the episode when Sai meet to Virat in hospital and the conversation between them but the makers are dragging so much that I stopped watching the episode. Pakhi is telly so irritating and pakhi voice is more irritating then her

  7. Why are all star plus serials on same track. They are glorifying extra marital affairs. Gum hai, Anupama, Imli, Sath Nibhana and even some part of yrkkh. What’s wrong with the writers. This is lockdown period most houses children are also watching these serials with parents. It’s hard to monitor what kids are watching. Why show only extra marital affairs. It’s pathetic on part of the makers of this serial

    1. I don’t know about other shows but GHKKPM is based on KUSUM DOLA, n the story is as per it’s track. I kusum Dola also this happened.

  8. Ohh myy gorshhhh, I swear Pakhi is the most irritating, shameless, worthless, ugly and dumb jealous fool!! Last night show was a bit too much dragged on and having to watch Pakhi with the most horrendous facial expression😯😯 I hate her as well.
    Sai will be in for so much insults from her when she returns home, but I know she will deal with her, also waiting to see Ashwini slap Pakhi for being pushy.
    Yes Ninad is totally shameless for encouraging perfect Bahu to steal another girls husband, like him and Bhavani. I think Mohit is only now realizing certain things in the family👏👏

  9. Candiva007

    This Pakhi is too much, she needs a reality check. Her husband is missing and she’s getting jealous of her sister in law and wanting her husband.

    With that look that Virat gave Pakhi, i hope he didn’t lose his memory and side with Pakhi or else I will be done with this show. Actually I hope he tells Pakhi to leave he and his wife alone.

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