Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Seeks Neighbors’ Support Against Chavan Family

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani assures Pakhi that everyone in this house respect her and will not say anything which will hurt her, so she should tell what she wants to. Ashwini confronts that nobody respects her in this house, so they always insult her; Pakhi can spill her venom openly. Sonali yells why she always wants to fight with Pakhi. Ninad yells not to start Mahabharath early morning, its his house and she shouldn’t make it a wrestling ground. Ashwini says 4 walls don’t’ become a house, house is where family members respect each other; Sai who wanted to make these walls a house was kicked out of house by them; they cannot remove Sai’s memories from her heart and she loves Sai more like her own daughter, etc.

Sai tells neighbors that only Ashwini values her in Chavan family; it was her duty to inform them truth and fulfill her responsibility, she will go from here now and will never step back in Chavan Nivas. Virat asks Pakhi what she wants to say. Pakhi says Sai is creating a drama outside. Ashwini asks what is she saying. Pakhi asks her and everyone to go out and check themselves. Bhavnai yells that Sai always does opposite. Pakhi says Sai is spilling venom in front of neighbors. Virat asks her to be specific as he doesn’t want to go out and see a new drama. Pakhi says Sai’s drama is happening just outside their house and they all can go and watch it, she is part of this family and cannot tolerate its insult. Virat asks again what is Sai doing. Pakhi says Sai is shouting how she got Devi married yesterday and how Virat and his family kicked her out of house. Bhavani orders Virat to go and teach her a lesson.

Neighbors support Sai and say they will not let any injustice against their society girl and will confront Virat for his mistake, though he may be a police officer. They ask if Virat said something else. Sai says Virat told she is immature and whole Chavan family thinks same. Neighbors say how can Chavan family think so. Virat with family walks to them. Sai says he is her husband IPS Virat Chavan who cleared tough exams and took rigorous training, but with one anonymous letter gave verdict without investigation that Pulkit married someone else also along with Devi and betrayed Devi, Pulkit tried to explain him repeatedly that he loves only Devi and married only her, but he didn’t trust Pulkit or even his wife and trusted a piece of paper. Ashwini tries to stop her. Sai asks not to worry and asks Chavan family if they have any answer for this.

Bhavani yells at neighbors to stop their drama. Neighbors laugh that even she is standing here. Sai says Bhavani came yesterday to stop Devi and Pulkit’s wedding, but without any proof, she couldn’t stop the wedding. Sonali asks Bhavani to shut Sai’s mouth or else she will ruin their remaining dignity. Ninad rudely shouts at Sai to shut her mouth and get inside home. Sai says when Virat kicked her out of house, he or anyone didn’t say anything and when she is telling truth to everyone, he wants her to get inside house; he should decide whether she should come inside house or go out. She tells neighbors that still Virat wants to separate Devi and Pulkit without any proof, neighbors should ask what proof he has. Neighbor says they will ask them, she should get inside house now. Sai says she will not step back into Chavan nivas again. Neighbor says she shouldn’t forgo her right and should file police complaint against Chavan family. Sai says she doesn’t want to file any complaint.

Virat tells neighbors if their drama and jokes are over, they should go back h ome. Nieghbor says they didn’t know Chavan family is so uncultured even after being so literate. Bhavani says they are staying together since years, even then they are supporting Sai. Ninad yells they should have thought many times before alleging them. Omkar yells next. Virat asks him to calm down and asks neighbors when he doesn’t interfere in their family issues, they shouldn’t interfere in his family issues. Another neighbor says he did wrong with Sai. Virat shouts Sai is mentally unstable and needs medical treatment. She says she became mad when she told truth, she can expect same from a true police officer. Pakhi asks Virat not to waste his time arguing with Sai and not to spoil his mood. She holds his hand and drags him. Sai says Pakhi is a married woman whose husband is missing and she is not bothered about her husband, but always finds a chance to hold my husband’s hand; how can a mature and literate girl eye on someone else’s husband.

Neighbors say they found out Chavan family’s truth today. Sonali asks Bhavani to give them a befitting reply. Bhavani yells at neighbor Pawardhan that his daughter eloped and returned home after 1 month. Patwardhan says his daughter didn’t insult her family like Bhavani’s bahu; if Bhavani has any problem, she should go in. Pakhi says when a girl discusses her family problems with whole world, she is mad. Neighbors say Sai is mature and one who is bothered about others happiness is really good. Virat asks Sai if she is happy insulting them. Sai says she just wants to warn them that if they try to bring back Devi home forcefully, neighbors will inform her and will stand against them. She thanks neighbors for supporting her and says she will go now. Neighbors say she should return to Chavan Nivas and they will support her. Sai says she just wanted Devi’s happiness and safety and alerted them, her work is done and she will go now. Virat thinks safety from Devi’s own brother. Sai tells him that her Aaba also wore police uniform and always used it for other’s betterment and not like him, the letter he got against Pulkit is fake and was sent to defame Pulkit, how can anyone just send a letter and not come herself, its because there is no woman named Sangeeta Deshpande and someone from his family wrote that letter. Bhavani and puppets frown like bulldogs. Sai returns Virat’s bought bangles and thanks him for helping her till now. Virat drops them down breaking them into pieces. Sai looks at him emotionally and says she will go now. Ashiwni requests Sai not to go. Sai says mother and daughter’s relationship will not break if they want to and walks away away with Usha.

Sai takes Usha to her college. Usha asks if she brought her here to remove her name from college. Sai says she will not and asks her to inform her if Virat comes here. She then walks to principal’s office and informs that Pulkit married yesterday and needs their help as someone tampered Pulkit’s official documents and she doubts its someone from office. Principal asks how can it be. Sai explains whole drama and requests her to question Vinayak. Virat reaches college. Vinayak reaches principal’s office. Sai says his truth is out and he should accept it. Principal asks if he tarnished Pulkit’s official documents. He denies. Sai threatens that her husband found out the culprit who helped him and will arrest him. Vinayak agrees that someone gave him money to change Pulkit’s wife’s name and pleads not to restricate him from job as he has small kids to take care of. Sai says he broke someone else’s family and is worried for his own family. Principal asks him to bring Pulkit’s original document. Usha sees Virat coming and informs Sai.

Precap: Virat threatens Vinayak to inform who bribed him to change Pulkit’s wife’s name in his document. Vinayak shows Omkar’s pic.

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  1. Good going Sai!!! So good to see a strong, independent woman and not a crying, begging and weak one.
    Waiting on showdown with Pushki so everyone knows her evil intention, neighbors should blacken her awful face

    1. Now Virat must know the truth of Patralekha.. and her attention should also be known so that the distance between Virat and Sai can be ended ..

  2. Kisi mei bhi reed ki haddi nhi hai iss ghar mei aur jisme hai woh pagal hai dhokebaaz hai👏👏👏👏

  3. Best show ever.. i like this show than anupama too… Excited to know further story between virat & sai.. & want that virat should punish his family including stupid selfish pakhi..
    & It will be more interesting if samrat will be back on this show..

  4. If only Pakhi got a tight slap that would make this episode even better… Now I look forward to Virat sobbing and crying when he can’t find Sai cause she’s gone far away from him and his ego. Pakhi has such a cheek, I don’t think she felt shame when Sayi told everyone she’s got an eye on Virat. What will that rat Virat do with his wonderful uncle Omkar

  5. Don’t wait for any punishment for these culprits as our tv serials all these villains get away with it. I would like to see law taking action for kidnapping and tampering with official documents but no Hope’s in that regards

    1. I agree with you. Please stop watching the serial and trp goes down so it stops telecasting. I just can’t tolerate the adultry shown.

    2. Exactly so, then it makes sense to watch

    3. @puja Roy if u don’t like the show then don’t watch it ur giving veiws but please stop telling others to

  6. We will not stop watching the best serial on starplus.
    Where a woman is fighting for truth.
    Oh, I loved it when she walked out on them.
    One part of me keep wishing that Sai is given a young man to love. Not this old Virat who does not know himself.
    Pls Sai don’t go back to that house. Even if she must go she should punish Virat very well
    For now, she should be in the hostel, Usha to go Pulkit’s house

  7. I love Sai character is bold enough to handle ugly face of her in laws and it’s better of samrat come Back to house and tell Pakhi first night truth in front of all better he controls Pakhis behaviour

    1. YES, I agree. Samrat should inform everyone of the truth and real reason he requested to go on duty day after wedding. Pahki is self-centered and evil. Can’t stand the sight of her.

  8. Usha is a waste of space and a liability. They should kill her from show. Virat needs to stop all communication with Pakhi. I can’t stand her face. She oozes evil and lacks compassion.

  9. Love Sai,I can’t wait to see how Virat will be crying wishing Sai was with her and that Pakhi oo I just hate her

  10. Usha is the only family Sai has now. If they kill her according to you, who will be with Sai all midnight she was chased outside.
    Remember Sai is an orphan. No father, no mother, no any family whatsoever.
    This Virat, is he
    up to what someone will call family? No way.

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