Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Passes Her MBBS Exam

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani after returning from a temple trip relaxes with Sonali and Mansi in her room and says she feels very tired today. Sonali says even her back gave up. Karishma jokes on her. Pakhi brings turmeric milk for them. Bhavani praises her for taking care of the family. Sonali asks Karishma to bring her and Omkar’s milk glass to her room and walks away angrily looking at Pakhi. Bhavani thanks Pakhi and says she needed it most. Mansi says Bhavani looked very happy today when Sai and Virat performed Kuldevi’s pooja as per customs. Bhavani says she feels relaxed after giving her responsibility to Sai and and even meeting Mahantji at the temple because of whose blessings Virat was born. Mansi leaves.

Bhavani asks Pakhi to reheat the milk for her. Pakhi stands lost in thoughts. Bhavani asks if she is thinking about the seashell, she need not worry as Virat and Sai will give a heir to their family. Pakhi says she is thinking about something else. Bhavani asks about the protective thread she tied to Sai? Sai in her room looks at the protective thread and recalls Bhavani’s words. Virat gets romantic and asks if she is not happy with Mahantji’s assurance that they will get a baby. Sai says not because of that. Vira mimics her that she feels guilty for lying and says there are many other important works than thinking about lie. Sai says he doesn’t want to tell truth at all. Virat reminds how happy Bhavani was and was giving a special respect to her. Sai says Bhavani gave her respect because of Virat’s lie and her status changed overnight.

Their argument continues. He asks if she will reveal a dying patient that he will die soon. Sai says she will mentally prepare the patient and will reveal truth at the right time. Vira says he will also mentally prepare Bhavani first and then reveal truth. Their argument continues. He gets romantic again. She says she is feeling guilty, but it doesn’t matter to him. He asks her to enjoy the attention she is getting. He pulls her towards him and is about to kiss her when she pushes him and runs away laughing.

Bhavani asks Pakhi what is the issue if she is not tensed with Mahantji’s words. Pakhi says she is surprised with Bhavani’s sudden change in behavior towards Sai. Bhavani says she followed Pakhi’s advice and instead of tying up Sai, she wants to free her but hold the string with her; she is misusing Sai’s weakness with Pakhi’s advice. Pakhi says she feels Sai hasn’t changed and is just acting as good. Bhavani says Virat’s love changed Sai. Pakhi thinks love changes a person but doesn’t die like her love never died for Virat. She continues provoking Bhavani. Bhavani says they should welcome the changes int he person instead of doubting them.

After a few days, Ashwini tells Bhavani that Sai is preparing food daily since they returned from Kuldevi’s temple. Sonali asks why is she praising her bahu unnecessarily. Bhavani calls Sai and says she has organized a program at home. Rajiv jokes if its a kitty party. Bhavani yells at him to shut up and says she has invited a few elite women for a haldi kumkum ceremony who will bless Sai. She says function is at 5 p.m. and she should get ready by then and prepare some dish by 4:30 p.m. Sai thinks her result will be out today and she may have to join as intern from tomorrow itself. She asks Bhavani if she can do her personal work along with household work. Bhavani says she is already doing the work diligently. Sai says she means a doctor. Bhavani gets angry and yells at her to dare not think of becoming a doctor and concentrate on her household work.

Virat with Pulkit enters holding a bouquet for Sai and asks if it’s Dr Sai’s house. They both congratulate Sai for passing her exam with flying colors. Sai jumps in happiness and thanks god. Samrat and Mohit lift her and dance while Pakhi, Bhavani, and Sonali stand jealous. Sonali provokes Bhavani. Bhavani orders to stop their celebration.

Precap: Bhavani orders Sai to enjoy her life at home like queen instead of running behind patients. She takes Sai’s marks card and says it would be more useful to a raddiwala.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. say is starting again to push virat away i begin to doubt now if she realy loves virat because if she did she would act diffrently so eventualy palkhi will win virat back again because she also will carry and have his child and then say will be sorry but it is her own fault because virat wants to love her now but she keeps stopping him so eventualy they are most likely to seperate again but now forever say should star thinking but she doesn she so much wants to be a doctor that trough that dream she will loose her husband

    1. I dun think so! Pakhi will nvr ends up wit Virat! Coz Virat dun loves her anymore n she is his brother’s wife! How can they be together??

  2. I wonder what will happen to samrat after palkhi divorces him and gets preagnant for virat what a miserable story it is beginning to turn into to please the fans virat and sayi are getting maried but what hapiness there is for them since sayi cannot have children and palkhi cursed her how long will these terrible episodes continue? Now Palkhi will get preagnant for virat instead of her husband I am glad I am not a cineast, it is very difficult to please all the fans I wish the makers of the show a lot of luck and succes with the further episodes of this show happy weekend

  3. So they finished 5 years MBBS course in one year of marriage… very nice …: BRAVO…

    1. And topped her mbbs exam without studying!! Mene apne mbbs k final exam me… Infact everyone in my batch..

      Morning 7 am se night 11 PM tak reading rooms me rhte they…. Bas lunch and chai breaks k sath….. Phir b syllabus complete nai ho pata tha…. 🤣🤣

    2. Harsheeee

      that’s what i am also thinking in this 1 year too she have run her sai marriage bureau and reuniting couples idk wtf writers are upto

  4. Wah wah kya bat hai,ghkkpm k makers ka krishma,sai hospital bhi aati jati rhi,virat ki sewa bhi krti rhi 2 bar hospital me,garhchroli bhi ja aayi,ghar k taunts sun k khana bhi bnati rhi,Kaku n party ka mental torture bhi sahti rhi,virat k sath ghoomti bhi rhi,kidnap bhi ho gyi aur bhi shayad koi kam miss ho gya ho,and she completed mbbs in 1year n topper of college,children spend 5 years n devote 22 out of 24 hours to study then internship,to doctor bnte hai n start thinking abut specialization in particular fields….iss serial k makers ko doctor ki jroorat hai kyonki unka 1st floor bilkul khali hai..

  5. Harsheeee

    according to the show she is 20 or 21 in this age most of the people pass neet and start mbbs and she has just finished it in 1 year , that year she just studied for 4 months rest all she wasted in doing social services , leaving her house again and again , leaving college twice or thrice, doing functions every month especially from that shruti track she is just being involved in this idiotic house only still she topped again , wish i can do the same in my college , without studying just top in mbbs exam and finish my mbbs in this year as its my 1st

  6. Unprofessional Act

    @marielouise.Please don’t tell me Pakhi will be pregnant for Virat, cos it’ll be better for me to stop watching the show now rather than have increased BP in the future episodes. If that’s the case, it really does not make any sense. So what’s the purpose of all these now? What’s the reason behind Virat’s behavior towards the Pakhi? Is it all an act or what? I just don’t get it. What about that earlier revelation about Sai being the first of the bahus to have a child? That is, the episode of one of the celebrations at home and the flower fell on Sai first to predict she’ll become a mother first. It’s will be better if the track goes as thus; that Sai gives birth to Virat’s child but does not have enough time to take care of the child due to work. That’ll be better, but please not Virat and Pakhi please writers, please. Spare us the viewers. That’s crazy. I find myself already getting irritable reading that storyline. I just hope it’s not true.

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