Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhavani Stops Pakhi From Ousting Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani alleges Sai that their family lost their son because of Sai. She says she warned them long ago not to let their house’s Lakshmi go out of the house to work, but they didn’t listen to her, etc. Pakhi asks Virat what would he say now and continues alleing Sai of murdering Samrat and threatening her to get out of the house. Virat asks Pakhi its a coincidence that Malhar was Jagtap’s mother and Sai got into Jagtap’s eyes again. Ninad asks family to stop blaming Sai as she is the one who brought Samrat back home.

Bhavani backs Pakhi and continues blaming Sai. Pakhi declares that she won’t listen to anyone and ask them to stay out of her matter. She keeps saying that Sai have snatched everything from her. Pakhi holds Sai’s hand and starts dragging her towards the door. She was about to throw her out of the door, when Bhavani holds Sai’s hand from the other side and stops her. Pakhi gets confused and ask Bhavani to leave Sai, but the latter denies.

Bhavani says that she also blames Sai for Samrat’s death, but she can’t ignore the fact that she is pregnant and carrying the heir of their family. She proclaims that she won’t let Sai go away from the house, with their heir. Pakhi gets shocked and confronts Bhavani for her biasness. Bhavani tries to calm Pakhi, but the latter shouts at her for always sidelining her. She points out that they never considered Samrat as their own, while Mansi denies the allegations and tries to explain Pakhi.

Further, Devyani was about to scold Pakhi when Pulkit stops her. Pakhi cries and declares that no one understands her. She says that Sai will live happily with her baby and husband, while she lost her everything. She tells that Samrat and her was planning their future together, but Sai snatched everything from her.

She breaksdown, while Sai recalls Samrat’s last wish. At that time a courier guy comes and gives a gift pack booked by Samrat. They opens it and gets devastated learning about the family trip planned by Samrat.

Precap: Pakhi alleges Sai that she ruined her and Mansi’s lives and curses that though Sai has a husband’s love and a bay, she won’t be happy in her life.

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  1. Today episode full of tears.aishwarya doing a great job.her frustrated her cries her sadness really touched my heart.
    The scene when she hold sai tummy and describe her feeling..really make me feel sad..

  2. I got tears while watching today’s episode

  3. The story is getting sadder and sadder especially now that sayi Will have a miscariage and palkhi Will get preagnant for virat so sad i dont understand how sayi can Stay in that house and now things Will get worse for her why could palkhi not get preagnant for some one else why by virat so sad and disgusted

  4. Arpan Shakya

    Temple mein jo incident hua tha uska kuch toh matlab hoga

  5. You understand this show is still going on because you all make the conscious decision to switch the TV on and watch this trash. Neil and Aishwarya need to be replaced. Unfortunately their real and reel is not working out. There really should be a clause in contracts for co stars to not be allowed to date. What happens when there is no script keeping them together. I stopped watching when Sai fell down and cracked her head. It’s just dumb that they have to almost kill one of the leads each time to bring them together. Virat is the worst husband and Samrat was an unbearable simp. The producers had the opportunity to improve from the original Bengali show (how the hell was that ever a hit? Do Bengali’s like emotional and mental torture) but nope they keep trying to stick to the sickening original script which has Pakhi attached to the male lead like chewing gum in hair. Pakhi puts on a great act to get Virat back, she doesn’t care for Samrat. If she cared for Samrat her jealousy would not outweigh her sorrow.

  6. Palkh has a terrible disposition but i think because in real life de palkhi is virats wife they also want this in the story this is weird i would like to see jagtap out of the picture but maybe in real LIfe he is sayi husband and perhaps for that reason Just like palkhi and virat they want to also become husband and wife in the picture. Because je never loose in the story we all would like to see him either killed OR in prison again yes n the story bit at the end of the story inthinknpalkhi Will be maried tonviray and jagtap tonsay why the actors want that in real LIfe i dont know lovely week to all of you

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