Ghulaam 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rangeela angrily pours water on him repeatedly reminiscing Shivani dancing with him sensuously. Balam comes and asks him what is he doing. Rangeela fumes that because of Shivani, maalik doubted him. She came back boasting about pati vrata dharam and all sort of her drama, but what about him, he lost his maalik’s trust. If maalik disowns him, what he will do. He will burn whole Berahampur.

Rangeela watches Shivani’s moment via CCTV camera on TV screen. Maldawali enters and asks what is happening. He says affair, he can watch Shivani and Raneela’s romance. Maldawali asks how. He switches on CCTV and shows Shivani in her room telling she has to calm down Rangeela. Maldawali says wait and watch and leaves.

Shivani holds Rangeela’s jacket and talks to it. Maldawali enters room with juice and tells it is hot outside, so she brought juice for her. Shivani drinks juice. Maldawali silently adds something in AC and it breaks down. She tells Shivani not to worry, she will ask Sarkar to get a new AC fixed via Rangeela tomorrow.

Next day, shopkeeper brings new AC and shows it to sarkar Bhisma. Bhisma says if it breaks down, he will punish shopkeeper. Shopkeeper says it is 1.5 ton AC. Bhisma gets it weighed and servant says it is 80 kg. Bhisma punishes shopkeeper. Rangeela enters and Bhisma says shopkeeper is lying. Rangeela says shopkeeper is right, AC’s measurement unit is ton.

Rangeela gets AC fixed. Veer and Maldawali watch Shivani and Rangeela’s conversation on TV. Rangeela says he fixed AC and she should stop troubling him. She holds his hand. He scolds that she came back herself and he did not bring her this time, it is her problem and she should not involve him. Veer says Rangeela is a betrayer. Maldawali says he is not, Shivani is. Shivani says she cannot stay away form him even for a second and his gift is with her. Maldawali and Veer watch in a shock eagerly. Shivani gets Rangeela’s jacket. Veer fumes that he gifted jacket Rangeela thinking him as a brother, but he gifted it to Shivani. Rangeela asks Shivani to return his jacket. Shivani says no. Rangeela snatches it and it falls down. He lights match stick to burn it. Maldawali and Veer look eagerly.

Precap: Jageer tells Gulguli that when bull gets out of control, it is tied. He means she should get Rangeela married. Gulguli informs Sarkar that they should get Rangeela married to control him, if he orders she will ask Veer to kidnap a girl for Rangeela.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The story is getting worse to worser to anything more…a plain headache..Makers should wrap up the story soon and end the trps will anyways go down..
    Waste of talent of all actors
    Thanks for update

    1. Agree with you…

    2. I agree with you…

    3. Agree with you..
      Manmeet & Rashmi story is not moving.
      Hope soon they will show who is the reason behind Rangeela’s mother’s craziness..

  2. Hi RD sabash……super comment…super actors. …waste of time and effort… improvement in the storyline…….I have no time to watch.but I read the update……
    Rd and karina comments I read daybefore yesterday…..the best analyzing..

    1. Thank u mam..u liked my comments..
      But seriously no mood to comment about the show..Waiting since January for some Badlao..but same old sick mentality going merry go round

  3. Karina

    Hello BR mam…thank you for your compliment, im glad you liked our analysis.

    I have to agree with Rd, they are wasting the actors talent, the story is getting worse day by day…if it werent for Param i would have stopped watching it long time ago…

  4. Richu di…where r u yaar??? ….we (me nd karu di) r missing u like anything…plz yaar atleast inform us dat u r fine…..u dissappered wdout telling us anything…we r getting tension yaar…plz comment for once…i m really missing u???????

  5. @Rd…i fully agree wd u…cvs r simply wasting actors talent…nd r8 from beginning same track ki rolling on nd on…no new tracks has been introduced…if cvs want they can make many new tracks…they can show is hw Manmeet turned drag addict…hw he one everything abt delhi…..who is behind RANGEELAS mom’s mental state…sarkar’s last.. nd many more..but why at all they r just Shivani’s tears…. in every episode…..everyday I watch it we hope dat I will get to watch some changes in story but a big NOOOO..same ghisapita dialogues nd tortures….

    I m sorry ….if I hv hurted anyone’s feelings…but I just kept my views….so..i m sorry once again…

    1. Ok…so many typos in my comment..
      It’s not sarkar last its past **
      Its not one..its knw ***
      Nd many typos r their frndz..i m really sorry..dis autocorrect .?????…i hope u will understand..

    2. Karina

      I totally agree with u Saku…the story line is the same…violence…torture…tears…and then again
      Sweety i talked to Richu some days ago…she left me a pm…she is ok dear…she is taking care of uncle now and she will not have time to come here…i hope she will be back soon…

      1. K karu di…

  6. Story is moving well, it’s not for the masses. I hope they don’t make it for the masses. Then I will lose interest. I like it. Excellent. Story is logical and moving well. You guyz don’t have patience. Thumbs to ghulaam team and cheers.

  7. i hav never heard of a cctv recording voice wit footage

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