Ghulaam 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Will Jageer Kill Rangeela?

Ghulaam 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarkar asks Rangeela and Veer to extend their hands and keeps lamps on their palms. He says youngsters touch elder’s feet to get positive energy from them, so Rangeel and Veer’s mothers will touch their head and transfer positive energy into their sons and whoever drops lamp will lose and will not do jal abhishek. They do same. Jageer takes poison from Maldawali silently and murmurs in Gulguli’s ears that he will give poison mixed chillam/smoke pipe to Rangeela and kill him during jal abhishek, asks if she wants Veer’s win or Rangeela dead. Gulguli acts as getting knee pain and drops Veer’s lamp. Sarkar says Rangeela will do jal abhishek. Veer angrily shouts that amma got her defeated. Rangeela boasts his amma’s blessings made him win. Sadhus enter chanting bol bam.

Rangeela walks towards Shiv temple holding jal abhishek pot with people walking behind him chating bol bam. Jageer gives him chillam. Rangeela puffs and says he is his elder brother, so he will do jal abhishek. He requests Sarkar to give jageer elder son’s right. Mameet also says same. Jageer gets emotional and feels guilty that he tried to kill his younger brother. Rangeela puffs chillam again and collapses. Sarkar and Manmeet rush to him and ask what happened. Jageer cryingly says he gave poisoned chillam to Rangeela and curses himself. He does jal Abhishek and runs to Rangeela. Sarkar calls doctor. Manmeet says he has antidote in his room and brings it. Veer takes it and says let doctor come and not give unknown herb to Rangeela. Sarkar scolds him let it be and feeds medicine to Rangeela. Rangeela wakes up. Jageer emotionally hugs him and says he was trying to kill his brother who gave him respect.

Pannawali applies mehandi to Shivani and Sanyukta smiles. Shivani gets sad. Sanyukta asks what happened. Shivani says she is remembering her maama maami. Sanyukta asks her to call them for her wedding then. Shivani says looking at the situation, it is better they stay in Sambar. Rashmi calls Shivani and informs that Rangeela is harmed and to come to haveli soon. Shivani rushes towards haveli.

At haveli, Shanti pampers Rangeela. Jageer apologizes Rangeela and amma and asks to forgive him. Amma says everything happens for good. Jageer happily says that choti amma forgave him and asks Maldawali to forget past and get mehandi for Rangeela. Rashmi says she already prepared mehandi. Jageer says Rangeela’s elder bhabhi will apply him mehandi then. Shivani comes and asks Rangeela if he is fine. Gulguli scolds her why did she come out of house after mehandi, it is abshagun. Shivani says she could not control hearing about attack on Rangeela. Rashmi informs she and Manmeeet have decide to marry after Rangeela and Shivani’s marriage to protect them looking at today’s incident, Mameet has gone for wedding arrangements.

Veer tells Maldawali that Jageer and Manmeet have gone against him now and are arranging rangeela’s wedding, he will not let that happen. Maldawali says she has a plan. Their evil planning continues.

Precap: Just before Shivani and Rangeela’s pheras, Mamaji comes and stops them. He tells Shivani that Sanyuka is her biological mother. Maldawali says that means Shivani is also from Berahampur and like Phantom and Khushi were hanged even Rangeela and Shivani will be hanged.

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