Ghar Ek Mandir 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update : Varun falls unconscious

Ghar Ek Mandir 10th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun says to Genda because of Mummy and Papa had to beg Amaji to forgive, Varun starts shivering, Genda asks what happened, Varun says I am not used to fasting, I am not raised in temple like you, you have too much of this, so sit alone and do whatever you want, I am going to guest room to sleep.
Nisha says to Manish lets all fast, Manish says I didn’t mean that, sit and have food. Nisha says sit lets have food,.Manish says I will freshen and come back, Nisha closes door and says come Shivam lets eat, let others do whatever they want, its going to be very interesting, Shivam asks what, Nisha says you are small you won’t understand, Shivam says Varun Chachu likes Jalebi shall I give him, Nisha thinks this is going to be fun, and says heres whole plate asks Varun and Genda go.

Kundan standing in front of the pot, Anuradha gets him food and says I am sorry I failed, Kundan says it was very bad today,I didn’t believe it happened, Anuradha says what about Varun, Kundan asks why, and have you decided that you will always keep reminding me and doctor said he is fine, he was ill. Anuradha says okay, have food now, Kundan says my child is busy how will I eat, Kundan joins hand in front of plate, looks at the pot and leaves.

Varun in guest room anxious, Shivam walks to him with food and says look I got your fav food, did you eat food, Varun says I am not hungry, Shivam says even Genda Chachi denied, are you two fighting, Shivam says have you two fought, Varun scolds him, Shivam keeps plate and feels bad and leaves. Varun says how will I eat tablet without food. Varun controls having food and then says I am not doing all this, he remembers Kundan’s promise and stops, Varun calls doctor to ask if he can hace medicine bare stomach, Doctor says dont do this mistake, you will faint and your condition will go worst,but why you want to do it. Varun says I can’t hear you and disconnect call. Varun says if something happens to me, all will know I lied, Varun sees Genda behind him.

Anuradha thinking about Varun, unable to sleep. Genda says to Varun, Shivam came to me asking for food poor little boy didn’t know what bad I did, Varun thinks good she didn’t listen to anything and says I told you I want to sleep, so why are you here, Genda sees him sweaty. Anuradha wakes up and says my Varun hasnt eaten anything nor had water, let me check on him.

Genda says Varun you are sweating, I can see you are not able to handle it, it can ruin your health, Varun says just go let me sleep, Genda says you sleep down I will sleep down here, Genda sets herself cloth on floor to sleep, Varun thinks what if my health ruins in night.

Anuradha sees Varun room messed and says where are these two. Varun says stop all this, if someone else sees what will others think. Genda says thats what I am saying you sleep peacefully in our room, Varun starts shivering, Genda says you look very ill, shall I call doctor, I am worried for you, Varun says no need of doctor for god sake leave me alone. Anuradha walks in asks whats wrong, why are you two not in your room, Varun says lot of mosquito, Anuradha says let me get coil, Genda says mummy, Varun is not doing good, Varun says I am not used to be hungry, Anuradha says at times we have to deal with others mistakes, Varun says ots 12 hrs I haven’t eaten, Anuradha says don’t be angry all will be fine.

Anuradha says to Genda, its your fault, you took Varun’s name and so he has to bare this. Genda says I just told the truth, Anuradha says at times turth is very heavy and can’t be bared, Genda says that is not true, truth is our soul talking and if he ignore it we fall in our own eyes I never have lied nor accepted it, Anuradha says just make sure Varun doesn’t fall ill and if something happens to him, you will be responsible for it.

Genda prays says I have faith in my Maharaji he will keep Varun fine. Varun unable to sleep due to shivering. Varun thinks of having Medicine, he looks at Genda and says if I don’t have medicine I amy have seizures again, Varun gulps tablet

Next day, Nisha about to add water in the pot, Genda walks out of room, Nisha slips from the stool and falls down, Genda rushes to her, Nisha pushes the bottle. Genda helps her get up and asks is she fine and what was she doing, Nisha says I was checking water in pot, when will you have food, I haven’t eaten anything yet. Nisha says don’t worry even I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, Genda says I kept thinking how did the bowls exchange, Nisha says how would I know, I went to wash Amaji’s leg, Nisha says you are thinking too much, you go rest, you are fasting, Genda says I will fulfill my fast doing all my work, can you please check on Varun, he is very angry and gets very angry when I talk, he even fekt unconscious yesterday because of hunger, I will look into kitchen. Nisha says okay and thinks now let me check on him, and have more fun.

Nisha visits Varun’s room and sees him unconscious on floor.

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