Getting you love with my love or obsession part 7



Aliya entered sarna mansion with smirked on her face. Kunj got Angry seeing her.

Aliya : Kunj this is not fair… You are doing your engagement without me.

Kunj rolled his eyes.

Ishan : why are you people coming late.

Sushant : now please do fast.

Every one chuckled…

Anand : okay you little desperate kiddos.

Bebe : nikki bring their rings.

Nikki nodded and bring their rings. Usha passed twinkle kunj’ s ring. Twinkle looked at kunj and remember sameer. Kunj smiled and give his hand. Nikki nudged twinkle.

Uv : twinkle where are you lost… see kunj is waiting for you… but if you don’t want we can exchange the groom…. all started laughing…

Ku : very funny

Twinkle looked down embarrassed… and slided ring in kunj finger. Kunj admired his ring in his hand.

Anand : now kunj’s turn…

Kunj looked at twinkle…

Uv : Kunj you have whole life to admire her. Make her wear the ring.

Kunj looked and aliya who was fuming in anger and giving furious look to twinkle… smirked.

Anand : yes come on kunj we are waiting.

Ku : Bhai this is my engagement. And definitely it will be in my style.

Manohar : what are you upto Kunj.

Ku : wait papa… bend down on his one knee… Ms twinkle taneja will I have the honour to make you wear this ring…. Twinkle gets shocked by his gesture… all hooted…

Sushant : mumma give your hand.
Ishan : come on chachi fast.

Aliya closed her fist tightly and gritted her teeth. Uv helplessly looked at them… Twinkle give her hand awkwardly and kunj too slided ring in her finger…. all clapped and hooting loudly

Uv : wohoo Kunj Sarna… my god I can’t believe you are the same same kunj… rude arrogant strict… where did you hide your this shade.

Anand : ahaan uv understand every man changes after marriage. And our kunj he is already… Kunj gestures him and Anand stopped.

Uv : yeah you are right.

Anand took Mic…

Anand : hello ladies and gentlemen… as you all know today’s the engagement of our lovely couple Kunj and twinkle. My little brother. Let’s have some fun guys. Come on twinkle kunj you have to couple dance.

Tw : but Anand Bhai….

Manohar : no ifs and buts twinkle Anand is right.

Kunj farward his hand twinkle hesitantly give her hand.
All lights went off and white spotlight fall on twinkle and kunj.
Kunj puts his hand around twinkle waist and twinkle hand on his shoulder.

Romantic music was being played in background…

Itni mohabbat karo na

Main doob na jaun kahi

Vaapas kinare pe aana

Main bhool na jaun kahi

Kunj looking in twinkle eyes intensely…

Dekha jabse chehra tera

Main toh hafton se soya nahi

Bol do na zara

Dil mein jo hai chipa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Twinkle imagine sameer in kunj and mildly smiled…

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele

Khwabon mein aaya karo

Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main

Mera tum sahaara bano

both twinkle and kunj sync and swaying perfectly according to beats…

Ik tumhein chahne ke alaawa

Aur kuch humse hoga nahi

Bol do na zara

Dil mein jo hai chipa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Kunj twirls her… and backhuged twinkle..

Humari kami tumko mehsoos hogi

Bheega dengi jab baarishe

Main bhar karke laya hoon

Ankhon mein apni

Adhoori si kuch khwahishe

Rooh se chaahne wale aashiq

Baatein jismo ki karte nahi

Twinkle closed her eyes and reminiscing sweet moments spent with sameer… she was lost in his touch…

Bol do na zara

Dil mein jo hai chipa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Kunj smiled and closed his eyes relished the moment and wished time would stopped here only…

Bol do na zara

Dil mein jo hai chipa

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Kunj again swirled her and make her fall in his arms…

Aliya stormed out of there looking at kunj and twinkle…

Here both twinkle and kunj lost in each other kunj’s hand around twinkle waist and twinkle hands around kunj neck both have romantic eye lock… broke by loud applauds… both looked here and there… Twinkle looked at kunj and shocked to see it’s Kunj she was enjoying his touch thought to be sameer.

Nikki : ohooo devar ji and jethani ji.. so romantic.

Uv made boring face…

Ishan : wow chachu chachi you danced amazingly.

Ku : thank you partner.

Ishan : now I and sushant will dance… all shouted…. whattt….
Yeah we told you about our surprise. We decided to dance in engagement…. come on sushant.

Sushant : yeah let’s go.

Ishan and sushant danced on Kaala chashma song…. all laughed at their cuteness...

Ishan and sushant : how was our dance.

Ku : burnt it… you put the stage on fire.

At night…

Twinkle was sitting on bench in garden remembering sameer then other side is kunj’s care and his love which bothering her.

Tw : why kunj sir doing so much for me. Everyone said kunj sir never be kind with anyone and don’t believe on any strange person easily then why so much trust on me. He never showed his arrogance rudeness to me. Why… he always have polite with me and care for me….. Twinkle is in deep thoughts just then kunj comes there.

Ku : twinkle…

Tw : sir… you…

Ku : can I sit here… pointed on bench.

Tw : yeah… both sits.

Ku : so what are you doing here at this time.

Tw : just came for fresh air.

Ku : ohh.

Tw : sir… as soon as twinkle said this kunj give her look.

Tw : I mean kunj… I wanted to say something.

Ku : yeah say.

Tw : Kunj I’m very thankful to you for everything you and your family had done for me… and now we are going to bind in a sacred relationship… I can’t forget sameer… he is still in my heart…when we are going to marry each other then whole life we can’t live like a love less married couples. I’m not promising you but if you would be able to love me like sameer then I’ll surely try to reciprocate your feelings.

Kunj smiled and said : twinkle you and sushant both are my responsibility now. I know I can’t take place of sameer but I promise I will never let you down never leave your hand always support you. And fill your life full of colors and about sushant I’ll never feel him alone which he lacked father ‘s love… and about us I’m not sure about love but we will be friends always… I LOVE YOU… Twinkle looked wide eye… as a friend… Twinkle looked here and there.

Tw : thanks.

Ku : I think we should go to sleep… it’s late.

Tw : yeah.

Ku : good night.

Tw : good night.

Days were passing all sarna family performing all rituals in a grand way. Aliya was trying any possible way to stop this marriage but her all plans failed. Which made her furious.

Manohar : Anand usha where are you all…

Usha : what happened why are you calling us.

Manohar : what do you mean by what happened usha… Everyone is so lazy head… so many preparations are left.. and

Anand : papa.. papa relax everything is done. You don’t worry.

Manohar : I want each and every thing to be perfect tomorrow is kunj and twinkle marriage.

Usha : I don’t believe my kunj is getting married.

Manohar : yeah.

Anand : now come on go get ready your selves tomorrow is kunj marriage.

Next morning…

Whole sarna mansion decorated very beautifully. All workers running here and there.

Manohar : where’s your son usha. Today is his wedding he’s no where to be seen.

Anand : papa calm down. Kunj is attending his meeting.

Bebe : what unbelievable God knows what will happened with him.

Usha : right Anand call him and told him to come fast he has to get ready also.

Other side…

Kunj was attending his meeting. After the meetings ends clients shaked his hands with him. After meeting ends kunj picked his car keys headed towards sarna mansion. Through all the way he has bright smile on his face. He entered in sarna mansion welcomed by his angry family.

Manohar : welcome welcome son I think you forgot that today is your wedding.

Ku : I’m so so sorry papa. This meeting was really important I couldn’t delay it.

Bebe : it’s okay now go and get ready.

Manohar : if you wouldn’t have come in right time then may be I would have fixed her marriage with someone else.

Ku : whhattttt nooo…

Anand : hehe relax Kunj no one is stealing your twinkle from you. Papa was just joking.

Ku : papa very bad joke.

Manohar : now go and get ready before I cancel your wedding.

Ku : papa please… I’m going… and run from there.

All laugh out.

After sometime… twinkle was sitting in room with a photo frame of sameer and twinkle in her hands.

Tw : I’m sorry Sam. I couldn’t keep my promise. Though I always wished to be with you but….. tears flowing from her eyes…. please don’t get mad at me I’m marrying him only for our son I can never forget you neither can give your place to him you’ll be always in my heart. I only love you and will always love you.

Meanwhile kunj was getting ready with a bright smile on his face.

Ku : I can’t believe my dream going to be true. After a long six years you are going to be mine. Today is happiest day of my life we’re going to tied in one knot. I promise to always keep you happy I’ll give you so much love that you’ll forget sameer. I love you twinkle I love you so much.

When usha with Anand entered. 

Usha : aww my Kunj looking so handsome.

Anand : more than me maa?

Usha : yes…

Anand : haww… but really kunj today twinkle will faint seeing you.

Ku : just hope so… winked at him.
Both laughed… then usha tied turban on his head.

Usha : now let’s go.

In another room…

Bebe put net chunari on twinkle’s head. My twinkle. Nobody caught evil eye…. and kissed her forehead.

Nikki : true bebe our twinkle looking so beautiful today our kunj will be flat…

Manohar walk towards twinkle and kissed her. A tear drop from her eye.

Manohar : why this tears… wiped her tears. And cupped her cheeks.
Twinkle you are not becoming my daughter in law but my daughter. And I know no one can take place of parents but we can try to be like your parents now you are not alone you have your family with you your sister in nikki a brother in Anand your parents in me and usha your grand mother in bebe.
And kunj he will be beside you in every walk of your life. You know what I have double happiness.

Twinkle have confused expression…

Tw : what…

Manohar : I have two grand sons sushant and ishan. Now don’t you ever call me uncle from today onwards you’re going to call papa.

Twinkle eyes glisten….

Tw : papa…

Manohar : that’s like my princess… then both new father and daughter had a emotional hug eventually manohar also had tears. Bebe and nikki also got emotional and wiped their tears.

Bebe : now enough of emotional talks otherwise twinkle make up will spoil.

Kunj was sitting in mandap and again n again looked upstairs.

Uv : uff look like someone is so desperate.

Kunj rolled his eyes.

Ku : I’m not desperate.

Uv : when did i took your name. I was saying it casually.

Anand : kunj my brother just relax after some time twinkle will be all yours after all waiting fruit is sweet.

Kunj blushed…

Ku : bhai…

Uv and Anand laughed…

Usha : stop teasing my son. My baby kunj.

Anand : maa he is not baby anymore but now capable of giving you a baby.

Ku : maa see him.

Usha : anand just quite.

Uv and anand chuckled but stopped seeing kunj glares.

Kunj murmured : when this twinkle going to come I know she would be looking killer and killed me by her traits.

Uv : what… what you said… looking keenly at him

Ku : nothing.

Usha : aww your wait worth it Kunj. Look twinkle has come.

As soon as kunj listened and looked upstairs his eyes freez on her face. Kunj mesmerized by her beauty he couldn’t take his eyes off from her.

Anand whispered in kunj ears.

Anand : kunj twinkle is looking so hot right.

Ku : yeah…. not in senses.

Anand : then don’t become wild tonight.

Kunj came in his senses.

Ku : what… it’s not like that Bhai

Anand : I can see that… teasing him.

Twinkle was coming downstairs with bebe manohar and nikki.

Sushant : today my papa is looking so awesome.

Ishan : no my chachi is looking best.

Bebe : whatever it is both twinkle and kunj making perfect couple. God bless you.

Both twinkle and kunj were made to sit in mandap.

Kunj in his heart…
I promise I’ll always keep you happy twinkle always trust you support you in every circumstances never become reason of your tears love you till the end of my life. If I have to choose between you and life than I’ll choose you because you are my life…. Both were taking pheras around holy fire. Twinkle saw sameer standing far from there in bright light with slight tears and a mild smile on his face. Tears flowing from twinkle eyes.

Twinkle murmured : Sam…

Sameer nodded in no and gestured her to wipe her tears.

After completing their pheras both were made to sit on mandap. Kunj took nuptial chain and tied in neck Twinkle closed her eyes tightly making her tears fall rapidly Kunj looked at her. Kunj about to fill her hair line with vermilion just then they heard nikki’s voice…

Anand : nikki…

All rushed out side and shocked to see aliya aiming gun on sushant head.

Tw : sushant…

Ku : aliya what’s wrong with you just leave him he’s a kid.

Tw : please leave my son.

Aliya : leave this kid never. Because of this twinkle and her son you are away from me.

Tw : what… but what I did.

Aliya : don’t be so innocent twinkle because of you kunj rejected me.

Twinkle looked at kunj.

Ku : aliya just stop your nonsense and leave sushant.

Aliya : noo… today I’ll kill her son then twinkle will also be dead seeing her son. She will be left with no soul.

Tw : what enmity you have with me that you are doing like this to my son please leave him I beg you…. tears in her eyes.

Kunj looked at twinkle…

Ku : what you want aliya..

Aliya : I want you kunj. Why can’t you how much I love you.

Ku : but I don’t.

All were shocked listening her…

Manohar : kunj what is this.

Ku : papa she is mad just obsessed with me.

Aliya : kunj it’s not obsession I really love you.

Ku : okay but first leave sushant.

Aliya : as you say kunj.

Sushaant run into twinkle arms and hugged her tightly.

Sushaant : mumma.

Tw : sushant my baby… kissed on his face.

Aliya : just tell me one thing Kunj what does this twinkle have which I don’t have. I’m much more better than her. Why you love her over me.

Kunj was numb while twinkle was shocked. And looked at kunj.

Ku : I’m not answerable to you.

You are arrest miss aliya…. all turned their heads and saw inspectors standing there.

Aliya : what… but why.

Ku : for trying to kill sushant.

Aliya was flabbergasted….

Aliya : what… do you have any proof.

Ku : I knew it you would say this only.
Kunj took out a cctv footage where sushant accident happened in that clearly shows aliya s face.

Inspector handcuffed aliya…

Aliya : kunj please what ever I did for you only. I love you kunj.

Ku : its not love aliya it’s your obsession. Which you want to get at any cost. If you would loved me than you would have sacrificed your love.

Aliya : I’ll not leave you twinkle years back he left me for you and now again he leaving me for you.

Tw : what… confused.

Ku : nothing twinkle she is speaking just nonsense. Officers you please take her away from my sight before I’ll do something.

Police took aliya from there…

Usha : kunj you didn’t told us about her before.

Ku : maa she is crazy she is behind me or should I say obsessed with me from years.

Bebe : but ends well then all well.

Uv : but their marriage is still incomplete.

Manohar : yes.

Ku : is that so… and cuts his thumb from his bracelet and filled twinkle hair line with his blood.
Now she becomes Twinkle Kunj Sarna. My wife.

All clapped while twinkle and kunj looked at each other.

Kunj filled twinkle hair line with his blood and declared her Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna. All were happy.

Uv : so I may take my leave.

Anand : why stay for some time alteast.

Uv : no tomorrow I have work.

All guests left by now…

Bebe : now come on let’s go in.

Usha : yes. Nikki bring that plate.

Anand : ishan sushant you come here.

Twinkle and kunj stood at entrance. About to enter but bebe and usha stopped them.

Ku : what happened maa bebe.

Usha : my son you forgot it’s a ritual. Twinkle you dip your legs in plate and enter in our home with your auspicious foot steps. But first let me do your aarti.

All sarnas was so happy finally twinkle become daughter in law of sarna family.

Twinkle and kunj stand together with sushant and ishan and usha did their aarti. Then twinkle dipped her right foot first in plate followed by her left foot and left red imprints of her footsteps on floor.

Bebe : now the next ritual is here.

Usha : you both sit here…

Tw : what is it bebe…

There’s a bowl in which milk and rose are there. Bebe put a ring in it.

Bebe : this is a ritual which married couple perform in which whoever find out a ring first will rule another’s heart as well as family.

Anand : so papa and me in kunj team with bebe. 

Nikki : no bebe is with us me and mummi and bebe.

Anand : that’s not fair.

Bebe : stop fighting I’ll be from both sides.

Manohar : yes whoever will be win this ring belongs to my twinkle only.

Bebe : so one two three start…

Kunj dipped his hand in milk twinkle feels awkward and slowly dipped her hand too in milk…

Ishan : what about us.

Sushant : we are also here.

Anand : aww…

Manohar : okay my babies so sushant ishan Anand and me from kunj side.

Ishan : no I’m in chachi ‘s team.

Sushant : but I’m in papa’s team only.

Nikki : my baby good boy come here ishan. come on twinkle fast show them girls power.

Anand : kunj it’s about our self respect bro come on you have to win.

Twinkle and Kunj finding ring. Kunj holds twinkle fingers in bowl twinkle get shocked and looked at kunj. Kunj found ring and give in her hand twinkle nodded and about to remove her hand but kunj gripped her fingers tightly and gestures her.

Anand : come on kunj find it.

Nikki : I’m sure twinkle will only find the ring.

Anand : don’t be over confident.

Just then twinkle took out her hand with ring.

Ishan : yayyy chachi won.

Nikki : wohoo good twinkle now you’ll rule kunj heart.

Anand : every man have to bow down in front of his wife man.

Manohar : kunj now make her wear this ring.

Kunj farward his hand twinkle looked at him and gave her hand in his. Kunj put that ring in her finger.

All looked at twinkle and kunj smiling.

Ku : now what.

Anand : come on kunj don’t act as you don’t know anything.

Ku : but seriously I don’t know what happened.

Manohar : kunj you forgot or what it’s our ritual you have to carry twinkle in arms till your room.

Twinkle / kunj : whattt…

Usha : yes.

Twinkle eyes widened both twinkle and kunj looked at each other shocked. Twinkle looked here and there.

Nikki : come on kunj what are you waiting for.

Kunj bend down and picked her up in his arms in bridal style. Both looked in each other eyes. Their faces were an inch closer. Twinkle heart beat increasing don’t know why… sajna ve playing in back ground.

Sajna aa ve… sajnaa ve…
Ajaa ve sajna… rooh mei shaamil tujhe kar loon…

Anand : ahem ahem…

Still both were looking at each other lost in each other.

Anand and nikki looked at each other and smirked. All giggles… both slowly went towards kunj and twinkle and shouted in their ears.

Anand : kunnjjj….

Nikki : twinnkleee…

Both came in their senses and felt awkward.

Nikki : have some shame we are here only.

Anand : my little brother you can do this in your room you have whole night for this.

Usha : keep quite both of you kunj you go.

Ishan and sushant jumping and clapping seeing them.

Kunj hold twinkle protectively and twinkle ‘s hand around kunj neck looking down. About to enter in their room but Anand and nikki blocked his way.

Ku : now what… irritated.

Anand : uff so much desperate.

Ishan : first give our gift.

Sushant : yes then only you will be allowed to enter in room.

Ku : haww.

Kunj put twinkle down… Kunj gave them nek and nikki took twinkle in room.

Nikki : ishan sushant come you both sleep with us today.

Ishan : no I want to sleep with chachi.

Anand : my baby don’t disturb chachi and chachu. They have to do important work… winked at kunj.

Kunj widened his eyes and glared Anand…

Sushant : what is that important work that they can’t do infront of us.

Nikki : sushant they will plan surprise for you and ishan. And surprise shouldn’t be shared with anyone right.

Ishan : really.

Sushant : then me and ishan will sleep with you.

Anand : aww so innocent they are. So good night bro.

Nikki : have a great night.

Anand : now go twinkle is waiting for you…

Before kunj could say anything nikki and Anand pushed him in room and closed the door behind. Kunj stumbling entered in room and amazed to see his room decorated with candles and roses his fall on twinkle who was sitting on edge of bed. He mesmerized by see her. Kunj took off his turban and put it aside and sit beside her.
Ku : twinkle.

Twinkle looked at kunj with tears in her eyes.

Ku : twinkle… tensed.
What happened.

Twinkle nodded in no…

Kunj cupped her cheeks and wiped her tears.

Ku : twinkle now you are part of my life you can share with me anything. I know you are missing sameer….. Twinkle looked at kunj…
I know we married each other for sushant but I’ll never ask for my husband rights we’ll always be friends for each other… Twinkle hugged him and burst in tears kunj smiled mildly and wrapped his hands around her and rubbing her back to console her.

Twinkle puts her head on his chest…

Tw : you know what kunj after maa and papa death I was brought in orphanage I daily cried for them papa always said he’ll never leave me but he broke his promise then after I turned seven I met sameer in our orphanage…. Kunj hands stopped which was on her back…. we used to play together eat together we always supported each other  in every walk of our life he was very possessive for me since childhood never let any boy roam  around me when we passed our twelve class he proposed me though I always had some feelings for him but couldn’t understand at that time until he confessed to me. Then we decided that we’ll marry after our studies again he promised me he’ll never leave my hand. He always called me unromantic lady…. Kunj clenched his jaws….. then I got to know I was conceiving his child. The happiest day of our life turned worse day of our life that day only he had to go leaving me and sushant in this sophisticated world he also broke his promise kunj he never came back I waited and waited for him but he never returned I was in my eighth month of pregnancy when I got his uniform smeared in blood at my doorstep. I was all broken kunj… Twinkle moved from there and looked at kunj her face drenched in tears…

Tw : you will never leave me?

Ku : never twinkle I’m always with you… wiped her face and kissed her forehead.

Twinkle again hugged him…

Ku : sshhh Twinkle I’m here only… don’t cry please… patting her head. Suddenly he felt heaviness on her shoulder and saw twinkle slept while crying. Kunj put her head on pillow and covered her with quilt. Kunj about to go to couch but stopped due to twinkle… she clutched his collar in her fist. Kunj smiled and kissed her head and slept beside her….. 


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