GENUINE – Part 1

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Hlo wonderful people there…Firstly I m new here…I don’t know anything about my writing..I m writing this because I feel so.There may be,no no not maybe there will be many mistakes..Strange impression to give at first na??..This story is not something brand new..It will be the story you heard or you read around..These are like a combination of stories that strikes me with my imagination??…Thanks to SALLY??to ur encouragement and all helps..n I m a silent reader here.I really adore Bela,Ria,Azure,Megha and some awesome writers here????

He is back…
LAKSHYA is back…oops yaa I know ,LUCKY.After a long time…What ? C’mon RAGINI it’s just 3 months.Still…This is what happening after I realized my CRUSH on him,talking to myself..The thought to face him makes my heart beats faster..I put my hand to my chest to calm myself down.The same feeling of nervousness when I feel around him..

I know he is inside my house now,having “boy time”with my brother…I can’t help but keep wondering when everything flip down.Sanskar my brother…Perfect man to be a “BROTHER”.He makes me feel I have three parents not two…..He and Lucky was friend since school days..Lucky was the BOY who gave me my favorite chocolates,he was the BOY who helps me to trick Sanskar for parties…and now he is the MAN who makes my heart skip a bit..He is the reason of my recent frequent visits in La La Land..When these feelings arises, even after knowing that he didn’t reciprocate.Infact he doesn’t give a damn..He treats me as a little baby sister na?…arghhhhhhh

“So,did you have a nice time?” I sigh as a voice interrupted my thoughts..Here I am,sitting on the car with Rohan infront of my house..I don’t want to face Lucky now.So it’s better to be out somewhere..Rohan has been constantly asking me on a date..I agreed today so that I can “skip Lucky”…..Stupid girl..He is not meal so that you can skip it.Now I m irritated,with Rohan’s boyfriend tone.

“Yes,it was nice”.I faked a smile as I said.He smiled at me and suddenly I feel guilty to use him.But what to do…My straight thinking capacity had gone 2 years ago when I started feeling for Lucky.

“I really like you Ragini”he leans close to me..I heard some noise and tilt my head to the opposite side..A shadow..what? I turned to face Rohan,but immediately his lips sealed mine..WHAT THE HELL??? I didn’t see that coming…Oh god!!!Reality strikes me and I tried to push him…Arghh that 6 pack abs are not a jock!!he is strong he doesn’t budge..His lips are torturing.I don’t want this…I hit him with my elbow…I heard the car’s door clicks open and suddenly Rohan’s weight is not on me…I put hands on my chest and look straight…My eyes widened….


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  1. IME

    Loved it!!
    Post soon!!

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you dear??..yaa I ll try to post soon??

  2. Vyshalivyshu56778


    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you so much???

  3. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend i loved it

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank u the way your name is cute??

      1. Berdilla

        Thank you dear friend

  4. Awesome

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you ??

  5. Mintu

    Amazing dear..!! Omg..poor ragu..!!! May be that someone is lucky

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you Mintu…who else????

  6. I love it

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thanks yaar???

  7. Follybraverl

    Hey that was awesome

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you folly…????

  8. Awesome

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you ??

  9. Sindhura


    1. Naz_Temish

      Thanks sindhura…I was a silent reader of your ffs…Now I ll make sure I m not silent???

      1. Sindhura

        That’s great to hear from you that you will comment on my osts

  10. Asw

    Amazing interesting keep going

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thanks dear??

  11. Sally_blr

    OMG ? did you just mention my name nazu. I’m like speechless. And I have always told you you are a wonderful thinker and now I can see you are so damn good writer too. So many people will agree to this. And keep your thanks with you ? love you sissy ?????

    1. Naz_Temish

      Sally???….Thanks is a small word,yaa took it back…..I m so happy that you liked it?????

  12. IQRA222

    awesome episode naz di
    that rohan he is so chipku i hope lucky will teach him a good lesson
    waiting for the next part

    1. Naz_Temish

      Hehe that’s true Iqra??..thank you

  13. Amazing yaar

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you???

  14. Awesome episode and feeling bad for Ragini. Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you so much Ammu??

  15. Dharani


    1. Naz_Temish

      Thanks yaar???

  16. Nice concept
    and i was searching one ff of raglak in which after kavlak merrage ragini went somewhar and become owner of hotels of one old man who saves after that all calls her baby and kavlak comes to celebrate their anniversery in that hotel after that with the help of ragini’s frnd ragini saw real face of kavya to all please any one help me to remamber that ff pleaseeeee

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you???..yaa I read it but can’t remember the name??

  17. Shrilatha

    Awesome naz..r u the same man who comments in my ff

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you shri…yaa that same naz…coming tu world a bit late…n yaa I m a super girl yaar? not ‘man’????

      1. Shrilatha

        I Know naz it was the mistake of auto spell check

  18. Shrilatha

    Same naz

  19. I think I have read this in wattpad in the title ‘heartbreaker’ sry if I hurt but I have read this

    1. Naz_Temish

      Yaa Kristen somewhat…I told na the plot is not new…but I make it’s different…I took only the starting phase…I m not planning to continue as that story..???

    2. Naz_Temish

      N I can’t help but do something like this on raglak???

  20. Bela

    Eekkksssssss This was too awesome!
    You described the emotions of Ragini brilliantly, I feel the same whenever HE is around?
    And yes, I am waiting to know how Lucky deals with this pest Rohan.
    Brilliantly done, and even if the story isn’t something new, I have full faith on you that you would twist it to become your original one?

    And thanks a ton for mentioning my name in your favourites first, I am really honoured ?

    1. Naz_Temish

      I m honoured….yaa I ll try????

  21. Lovely7


    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you ??

  22. Fairy

    Omggg superbbb dear?? loving dis storyyyy…rags is soooooo fab. n woho laksh??? N d way u have written dat laksh is not a meal to skip? hahahah awesome???? waitng eagerlyyy for nxt part????? keep rockng n stay blessed sweetheart??

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you so much fairy ???

  23. Asra

    awesome dear…

  24. Awesome…

  25. A.xx

    fba xx

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