Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) episode 20

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Hey guys I’m back with another episode hope you guys like it, thanks to you all I have completed 20 episodes, keep supporting me, if you missed the last episode this is the link Episode 19

Episode 20
Scene 1 in the car
G – can we go somewhere far, I’m feeling bored
O – ya sure, but where
G – a long drive
O – OK let’s go

Scene 2

in the car
O – can I ask you a question, if you don’t mind
G – ask, but on one condition you will also answer the question of what I ask
O –OK, who was that women in the picture
G – she is my….. wait wait stop the car panipuri please can you get some please, pretty please
O – OK I will get you, you stay here
G – awsm
They both enjoy the panipuri s and gauri shows her amazing style of eating panipuri,

Scene 3
G – can you get some water please,

O –ya sure
G – and my feet is paining so I will be in the car
Om was returning back with a bottle of water when the car blasts BOOM
O – GAURI..!!!!!
He shouted, she was dead no she could not die his life, his everything his breath, again his life played games with him, no this couldn’t be possible, just then he heard a noise
G – Omkara , she was frightened

She was alive his Gauri was alive, he was so happy to see Gauri alive he hugged her
O – Gauri you know, I taught I lost you, are you OK, don’t worry you are fine, Gauri Gauri
G – vo , I’m feeling scared

Scene 4 in Singapore
Mallika gets up with a jersey, shouting Gauri, she called Gauri, it was Not reachable she called Omkara

Scene 5

O – Mallika aunty ka phone Gauri ye lo
M – Gauri are u OK how is your feet, why is your phone not reachable
G – ma’a vo actually, mera phone, she tells the whole thing
Before she could tell anything phone got cut
M – hello Gauri

Scene 6
A – ab tak to, they would have reached na shivaay
S – ya I will call him
A – what happened shivaay
S – vo Om phone nahi utha raha hai, I hope he is fine

R – bhaiya O or G bhabhi Ko disturb mat Karo, busy honge
A – vaise mujhe lagta hai ru sahi keh raha he, unhe disturb mat Karo
Scene 7
A man calls Mallika,
M – hello

Man – pehchana
Mallika – tum,
Man – ye toh bas trailer the, picture toh abhi bhaki hai
Mallika – meri beti ke peeche kyu padhe ho
Man – arre aap gussa kyu ho rahe ho shaanth ho jaiye
Mallika – kya chahiye tumhe
Man – badla

Precap – I love you

Thank you soooooooooo much guys can’t believe completed 20 episodes, keep reading guys,and thanks to each one of you all this is possible, please comment, criticism accepted, silent readers please don’t be silent make some noise,keep supporting me, take care have a good day, c ya soon, bye love you guys.???????,

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  1. Logesh.M

    Its awesome rasika????????please post next part ASAP…plssss…please make next part lenghty…plssssss..

    1. Rasika

      Sure bro.. Will post it soon… Will try to make it lengthier

  2. ShailajaBanthia

    its awesome dear update soon

    1. Rasika

      Thanks… Keep reading

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

    1. Rasika

      Thanks nikita

  4. Aashi9

    awesome but vague
    update soon

    1. Rasika

      Thanks for the feedback aashi I will try to make it more descriptive, next time.. I will make sure I keep up to your expectations.. Keep reading

  5. Niriha


    1. Rasika

      Thanks niriha

  6. Fffan1234

    Superb update


    Dear Rasika
    Same Precap?Any Ways The Episode Is Very Nice?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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