Gathbandhan 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu saves Sejal’s life

Gathbandhan 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak cries and asks Sejal to wake up. Raghu pumps her heart, she wakes up. Dhanak gives her water. Raghu goes to call doctor.

Doctor checks Sejal, all are worried. Doctor says she is out of danger, whoever gave her first aid saved her life. Dhanak glares at Raghu. Doctor leaves. Sejal wakes up. Mahindra asks if she is fine? Sejal says why didnt you let me die? I dont have options now, once Dhanak broke my marriage and now her husband, no one will marry me, I will be a burden. Mahindra says you are not a burden on me. Sejal says to Dhanak you are responsible for all this, everything bad thing happened because of you. Dhanak gets hurt and tries to leave. Raghu says listen to me. Dhanak throws him out of house and falls down. She cries. Raghu sits outside and is hurt too. Dhanak takes

off her manalsutra. Preeti comes there and says Sejal is fine. Dhanak thanks her and says we have to be away from our own sometime, I will go and check on her.

Dhanak comes to Sejal and sees her sleeping, she says you are right, I am not perfect, today it was proven, I couldnt save your marriage once more. She looks at wedding dress and hugs it. She cries and says Maa why this happens everytime? you said elder sisters are like mothers, I couldnt save my sister’s happiness.

Raghu looks at Dhanak’s house and says I am a fool, I have to talk and she has to listen.

Raghu comes to Dhanak’s house. Dhanak says you are here to see our tears? Get lost. See we are all crying, are you happy now? Raghu says enough, let me talk, I know I am a goon but I dont regret a single thing I did and I will show why I did it.

Raghu brings Dhanak to police station. They see Vikram and his family there. Inspector says to Vikram that I arrested you before as well, you are already married and was marrying Sejal again? Raghu did great by reporting you all, Dhanak sees Vikram’s wife and baby. Inspector takes him away. Dhanak says no, Raghu says I did bet with Mai because I already had doubt on Vikram, I waited to grab proofs, I took his phone, saw wife’s number and found out that his whole family is fraud, not all goons are cheap, thanks. He leaves.

Scene 2
Mahindra says to Sejal that I am sorry for not finding a good proposal for you. Sejal says its good that we found out about them, they were cheaters. Parag says Raghu saved us. Nani says he is nice. Mahindra says his way is wrong.

Mai comes in house with Maya. Bai says Raghu won bet so he will bring Dhanak here. Mai laughs and says Dhanak is angry now on Raghu, she will never forgive Raghu for breaking her sister’s wedding, she will hate him for life. Mai says tomorrow there will be pooja and another surprise is going to happen.

Sejal says to Mahindra that he can be anything but Raghu saved my life. Dhanak says I did a mistake by not listening to him, I will say sorry.

PRECAP- Dhanak says I am sorry Raghu, I did a mistake this time by not listening to you, she holds her ear. Raghu stops her and says I am sorry too. He is about to fall from ladder but Dhanak pulls him to her. She smiles at him and leaves. Raghu says today she forgave, soon she will accept.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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