Gathbandhan 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak diffuses bomb

Gathbandhan 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak says whats their plan? She comes out of house and sees Swati crying. Raghu hugs her. Dhanak asks what happened? Swati says Sheetal teacher threw me from school bus and asked me to leave. Dhanak consoles her, Raghu takes her from there. Dhanak thinks whats her plan? Raghu asks what is going on? she kept Swati away from bus. Dhanak says it means danger is in school bus.

Sheetal is in school bus with kids.

Dhanak says to Raghu that take out bike, I will ride it.
Mai hides on terrace and drinks wine. Bai says Dhanak can see. They hear Sejal talking to Mahindra. Sejal says we are doing this for Dhanak, she will comeback on right path. Mahindra says she is same like before, she never did anything wrong, she is working as under-cover police officer. Mai and Bai hears it. Mai is angry and shouts Mahindra.. I am coming. Sejal says lets go. Mai comes there and grabs Mahindra. She takes glass bottle and says you knew all this too? daughter and father cheating me?

Dhanak is riding bike with Raghu.
Sheetal loads her gun and hints to driver. She points gun to kids and ask them to sit down.

Officer gets Sheetal’s video in school bus, Sheetal shows him bomb on her waist and says if you dont free Bablu in one hour then I will blast this bomb. Officer is stunned. He calls Dhanak and tells her about Kids’ safety, he says dont take any action, kids can be in danger. Dhanak says trust me, I wont let anything happen to kids. Officer says I trust you.

Dhanak comes near bus. Raghu jumps and grabs window. Sheetal doesnt see him. Kids cover for him so she cant see. Raghu hints to Dhanak and jumps on bus roof. He looks down from sun-roof but Sheetal points gun at him. Dhanak jumps from bike and tries to climb inside. Raghu loses balance and is about to fall but holds on to front glass. Dhanak stands on roof. Sheetal shoots at Raghu but he jumps on roof. Dhanak jumps in bus and grabs Sheetal and says I am a police officer and I wont spare you, she grabs her and kids beat her. Dhanak hears some noise and sees bomb active on Sheetal. Raghu breaks glass and goes in bus. Sheetal says to Dhanak that this bomb will blast and you all will die. Driver is trying to control bus. Sheetal says your countdown starts now. Raghu comes behind Sheetal and takes off bomb from her as Dhanak grabs her. He says to kids that dont worry. Dhanak says we cant throw it away as it can hurt anyone. She calls officer and says we have to diffuse bomb. Officer says I will connect with an expert. Dhanak gets scissor from one kid. Specialist calls Dhanak and gives her instructions. Dhanak cuts one wire but it doesnt diffuse. Specialist says there are two wires, only one will diffuse it, you have to choose right one. Raghu says you can never be wrong, do what you think is right. Dhanak is tensed but cuts one wire and bomb diffuses. All kids rejoice. Dhanak has thrown Sheetal out of bus. They sit and sigh in relief. Driver jumps from running bus. Raghu runs and sits on driving seat. He tries to control bus but driver had failed brakes. He tries to stop bus but says what to do? Raghu sees cliff coming near and is shocked.

PRECAP- Raghu strikes bus with breakers on road and falls out from windshield. Bus hangs from cliff. Dhanak runs and holds his hand. Raghu says to Dhanak that my time has come. I thought to live with you and win your heart, you were my happiness in this life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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