Gathbandhan 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak finds truth about Tawre

Gathbandhan 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tawre hides his ring from Dhanak. Dhanak thinks he is thinking something. Tawre says you keep running behind this case. Dhanak says you were there at sweets shop too? Tawre says you are doubting me? You are right, he shows her his ring and says yes I trapped Raghu but I have a story behind it, I had black money and had to hide so I saw your husband there and put money in his bag. Dhanak recalls Raghu’s harsh words and says criminals get punished here. Tawre says you need this proof more. He asks officer to bring big stone. She does. Dhanak looks on. Tawre crushes his ring in his finger, his finger bleeds. Dhanak says you will get punished for sure, you will say sorry to Raghu, remember this, she leaves. Tawre says I will become enemy for both from now on.

Mai is playing cricket with Maya. Dhanak comes there and catches her ball. Mai says you want to play then come in ground. Dhanak says okay lets start in ground, save your wicket now. Mai bats. Dhanak bowls her. Mai throws ball in air and have a six. All dance for Mai. Mai says saw my sixer? I will play a sixer when I find culprit of my son. Dhanak thinks that I have already found that person and I will punish him, you might be a don but your guts and fighting spirit is inspirational.

Scene 2
Aslam comes to Sejal. She is corridor. He tries to hide but she sees him. They share eyelock. Aslam’s finger gets wounded by hitting on pillar. Sejal says you dont do anything right. She takes him to bandage it, he says its okay. Sejal says dont overact, come if you want to. Aslam thinks she is a nice girl.

Dhanak recalls Tawre’s words and burns her hand with iron mistakenly. Raghu comes to her and blows on her hand. Dhanak starts ironing again. Raghu says you are miffed with me? I had to do it for Mai, I love you a lot, I can do anything for you, I just feel disgusted looking at this uniform. Dhanak says if someone is wrong then it doesnt mean whole police department is wrong, I am an honest person too. Raghu says I know but I dont want to look at uniform for now. Dhanak hides it, he thanks her. Dhanak says I wanted to say something.. Raghu says just say. Dhanak says you… I.. your pant is worn wrong side. Raghu becomes embarrassed.

Raghu comes to his stall. Tawre is there. Raghu recalls how he beat him before. Tawre says he is our son in law as his wife works for us, he asks for pav. Raghu goes to make it, Tawre says I have a big order. He asks Batli to bring water. Raghu says I dont like people taking things free from here. Tawre glares at him and says I can take off your ego, he is about to beat him but Raghu holds it and says you are along right now, dont try to fight, all people are seeing you, you want to beat an innocent man? Raghu makes a scene and tells people that policeman is beating me because I am asking for money. Tawre says he is joking, he is my brother, he whispers to Raghu that I will take revenge for this, this area is mine.

PRECAP- Dhanak says to Tawre that you will go to jail, say sorry to Raghu if you want me to spare you. Tawre thinks I dont bow down to anyone.
Tawre brings Dhanak to Raghu’s stall and says I have some debt to pay. Dhanak thinks he is upto something, I hope Raghu doesnt make any mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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