Gathbandhan 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak’s father gets hurt

Gathbandhan 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai looks at Raghu’s photos and says he was cute since start, he used to play so much, comeback please. She looks at his childhood photos and says he was so chubby. Maya cries looking at photos. Mai sings lullaby. Bai asks her to drink water atleast, nothing will happen to him, he is lion’s son.. she cries too. Mai consoles her and says nothing happened to him.

Raghu and Dhanak are walking in jungle to find way. Dhanak sees road and smiles. They both hold hands and starts going towards it. Dhanak tries to restart phone. Raghu says it wont work. Dhanak says network is back and we should call Mai, she worries too. Dhanak calls Mai. Mai asks to pick call. Aslam does and puts it on speaker. Raghu says Mai.. you hear me? Mai smiles listening to him and says where are you? are you fine? Raghu says I am fine, Mai asks Dhanak? Dhanak says she is fine too, bus destroyed but we are fine, goons tried to attack us but we beat them all. Mai asks him to comeback, he nods and ends call. Mai hugs family and says our Raghu is coming back.

Dhanak and Raghu comes to tea stall. Dhanak says I dont want to drink tea.

Aslam comes to Mai and says goon’s gang is here. Mai says Dhanak messed with them and I have to bear consequences? Goons come in chawl and asks Mai to come out, you are not saved today. Goons bring Mahindra’s family out of house. Sejal says leave him, he is heart patient. Goon says to Mai that come out otherwise we wont spare Mahindra. Mai says its good, I wanted this too. She brings all weapons and says he doesnt know whom he is messing with. Sejal goes to Mai’s house and knocks on door, she asks her to open door. Maya opens it. Sejal says save my father, please. Maya says Mai wont put her life in danger, she closes door. Sejal pleads goon to leave Mai.

Goon calls other goon’s phone but Raghu has his phone. Raghu takes call, goon says Sawan goon where are you? we are in Savitri’s chawl and has Dhanak’s family on gunpoint, come here, he ends call. Dhanak and Raghu are tensed. They start running towards chawl.

Goon grabs Mahindra and beats him. Mai opens window and sees Mahindra getting hurt. She sits down and enjoys it. Maya brings alcohol for her. Sejal runs to her and asks her to save her father but Mai ignores her. Goons beat Sejal too. Aslam is locked in Mai’s house too and cant do anything. Mahindra cries. Goon is about to hit him with hockey but Mai comes there and holds hockey away from Mahindra. She glares at goon.

PRECAP- Goon throws black ink on Mai’s face and chants against her. Mai thinks I will take revenge of this insult, she shouts Dhanak. Raghu and Dhanak comes there and looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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