Gathbandhan 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu and Dhanak plan for honeymoon

Gathbandhan 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai comes to Dhanak’s room and says I have to check that file before they comeback. She checks her cupboard.
Raghu brings Dhanak to chawl and calls everyone there. He announces that me and my wife are going to re-marry, all cheer for them. Raghu says this time it will be with rituals and blessing from Mai. Mahindra and his family is happy too. Dhanak lovingly looks at Raghu.

Mai sees drawer locked and says I have to find key first. She hears Raghu’s announcement and says I have to save myself till they are busy. In chawl, Raghu announces that this will be most memorable Marathi wedding of the year, all cheer and dance. Mai comes there and shouts that this marriage cant happen, leave her hand. Dhanak and Raghu look on. Mai says I meant that it wont be a Marathi wedding

only, it will be Gujrati style too. All laugh. Mai tells Mahindra that lets plan wedding together, he smiles. Dhanak goes to her family and hug them. Mai thinks that I will make Dhanak so busy in wedding that she will forget about that case.

Dhanak checks different countries and says they are so nice. She tells Raghu that we will go on holidays. Raghu says in Mumbai? She says no, we are getting married so where will we go? He says where? Dhanak says you are useless. He says you are right. Raghu brings cape and says Kashmir is cold so.. Dhanak says we will go to Kashmir? He says yes, tell me that you want to roam around and romance in Kashmir? Dhanak says I am not shameless like you. Raghu says I saw you looking at locations, Dhanak blushes. Suddenly electricity goes off. Raghu is scared. Dhanak turn on mobile light and says tell me plan? Raghu says we will sit in train and our honeymoon will start. He shows her a spaghetti strap gown. Dhanak blushes and says will you wear it for me? Dhanak looks down.

Mai checks Dhanak’s cupboard but doesnt find file. Dhanak asks Mai if she searching something? She shows her Lakshmi’s file and says were you looking for this? Mai is tensed. Dhanak says do you know her? Mai says no, I dont know any Lakshmi. Dhanak says I am not joking, check her photo, did you meet her anywhere? She is a big drug dealer and was involved in 30 crore drug trafficking in Nasik. Mai says then why do you have this case? Dhanak says it was transferred to Mumbai, 4 people died because of this. Mai sees Lakshmi calling and ends it. Dhanak tells Mai that I need your help in finding Lakshmi. Mai says give me this file, I will look into it. Raghu comes there with decoration stuff. Dhanak tells that everything will happen as I want, she asks Aslam and Batli to follow her. Dhanak comes to Mai and asks for file. Mai says worry about your marriage first. Dhanak says I will handle work and marriage both, she takes file and leaves. Mai thinks that I wont let her solve this case.

PRECAP- Dhanak tells Mai that we found tip that Lakshmi is in Mumbai, I have to go on search operation. Mai stops her and makes her wear sacred thread. Mahindra says its a ritual that you and groom cant leave house till wedding once you wear sacred thread. Dhanak thinks how will I catch Lakshmi now?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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