Gathbandhan 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak lashes out at Raghu

Gathbandhan 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu starts running away from dogs. Manager asks him to run faster. Raghu falls in water, Shepherds follow him. Raghu says I have to do this for love. He runs faster and prays for success. Raghu jumps and falls down. He imagines Dhanak there. He smiles and gets up, he starts running again. He jumps in pond and sees dogs gathering around him. They start biting him. Shoot stops. All clap at him. Aslam wipes his tears.

Manager says to Raghu that you gave us the best show, you must love someone a lot. Manager gives him 5,000. Raghu is very happy to get it.

Mai sees Dhanak vomiting and says when will you cook? we have to make fish. She brings her in kitchen and makes her work on fish. Mai says you understand my problem, this is a ritual. She brings wine and says I will give

it to you too, she drinks and asks if she wants to taste? She shakes her head. Dhanak says I wont break easily, there is a solution for anything in this world. Our training make us strong so I will stay here, cook and make others eat too. Mai thinks that I will teach you some lessons too.

Mai is playing card wit Maya. Raghu comes in house and calls Dhanak. Maya smirks. Raghu smiles at Dhanak and shows her saree, he says you will look so good in this saree, I worked hard for first to get this saree. Dhanak throws saree at him and is hurt. Raghu asks if she didnt like it? Dhanak says do you even know how to work hard? you stole today too. Raghu says no I worked hard, I promise on God. Dhanak shows him video of him stealing a purse from car. Raghu is angry. Dhanak says this is your hard work? Raghu says this is not true, this is half truth. Dhanak says you can only lie. Raghu says give me a chance. Dhanak says I gave you a chance, I left everything to came here. Dhanak says to Raghu that you wont change ever, you were a goon and will remain. She leaves.

Scene 2
Mai says to Raghu that she wont come in ritual, go and talk to her. Raghu goes behind Dhanak.
Dhanak is packing her bag. Raghu asks her to listen. Mai and Maya sees it and laugh. Flashback shows how Maya recorded half video and showed it to Dhanak. Dhanak says to Raghu that everything is finished, I came here because you promised but you couldnt follow it for a day. Raghu says you want to think like this? then think, you put blame on me and dont even listen to me. Raghu goes to Mai and Maya and says you must be happy now. He takes wine and leaves.
Dhanak packs her bag but Aslam comes there. He says Raghu earned it. Dhanak says dont lie. A man comes there asking for Raghu.

Raghu drinks and sees his wounds he got by dogs. He recalls Dhanak’s hurtful words.

Manager comes to Dhanak and says Raghu did a stunt in our show, he forgot his remaining payment. Mai asks what stunt? Aslam says some dogs were left behind him and he had to run with meat. He did that stunt. Dhanak is shocked.

PRECAP- Dhanak’s face revealing ceremony starts. Gauhar Khan enters too. Dhanak points gun at Mai to shoot an apple on her head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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