Gathbandhan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak confesses her love

Gathbandhan 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Commissioner asks Dhanak to bring Raghu to police station. She is tensed and tells Raghu, he says we didnt do anything wrong. A woman in veil comes there and thinks Savitri’s son Raghu walking with a police man, she thinks that police knows about my plan with Savitri Mai? I have to do something about this guy. Raghu leaves with Dhanak in police jeep. She thinks to meet Savitri later.

Dhanak is in police station and is scared. Commissioner comes there and says you know why you are here? He goes to Raghu. Raghu turns and smiles at her. He shows her senior position badge. She is stunned. Raghu says congrats on your new chair. Commissioner says yes you got promoted because of Tawre’s case, you are incharge of this police station now. Dhanak gets emotional. Raghu holds her hand and makes her sit on new chair. All clap for Dhanak. Raghu says I didnt want to miss you being promoted, I got everything today. Dhanak holds his hand and thinks he says his heart things easily, I will confess tonight.

At night, Raghu is waiting for Dhanak and says I have to be habituated to wait now. He prays to God to make Dhanak confess love. Someone kidnaps Raghu.

Raghu is kidnapped and tied to a chair. He asks who is this? Dhanak takes off his veil. He says you? Dhanak says yes I kidnapped you. Raghu says have you gone mad? Dhanak says its not fun to just call you, I will encounter you today. She is red saree and flirts with him. She moves closer to him and frees him from chair. She says I want to show you something. She shows him place decorated. She says its your shop, you got promoted from stall to a shop, I managed one shop but you will have to turn them into 10 shops. Raghu gets emotional, she asks if he didnt like her gift? Raghu says this is best gift, I dont deserve it, how much can you do for me? Dhanak moves closer and kisses his cheek. Dhanak says I love.. Raghu says I love.. Dhanak blushes and runs from there.

Raghu and Dhanak comes in chawl, Rain starts pouring, they both dance romantically on dekho na. Raghu pulls her closer and says I love you Son papri. Dhanak blushes and runs away. Raghu gets sad. Dhanak hugs Raghu from behind and says I love you, I love you so much. Raghu close his eyes and smiles. He turns to her. Raghu says say it again. Dhanak says I couldnt say it before but I want to shout at world that I love you Raghu. Dhanak sensually kisses his cheek. Raghu kisses her forehead and moves closer to lips. Dhanak shies away. He hugs her and lifts her in air. She hugs him.

PRECAP- Lakshmi meets Mai and says I am from transport company, do you remember? Mai gets angry and says I forgot that chapter of life, I dont want to talk about it. Lakshmi says police started crackdown on drug racket that was involved in that case and 20 people got arrested, maybe next is you. Mai gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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