Gathbandan Ki Ek Ajeeb Kahani – ShreZain ArJen FF – Episode 4

4. Kabir and Pooja’s meet

The episode starts with Shiva entering the house, followed by Ritu, Ishani, Pooja and Mahek.

Shivandh – “How is my surprise by the way? By the way, Ishani’s fashion sense has set the bars high. Anyways, sisters are wearing same color dress.”

Pooja – “Let it be, Shiva. Thankfully, you got some time to spend with us.”

Shivandh – “I got a project here. I mean at Igloo Studios. So, I decided to stay up here. Also, I missed you so much…”

Ritu – “Wow, beta… Finally, you got some time to spend with us. You didn’t even talk to me in this one year. Where did you leave?”

Ishani – “Wah! Shiva, Its been a year since you visited here. Also, we are angry as you lost touch with us after your breakup with Pooja.”

Mahek – “It is really unfair, Shiva. You broke up with that Pooja but you didn’t speak to us also.”

Shivandh – “Cool girls… Cool… (changes his accent into a sad tone) I am extremely sorry for losing touch with you.. Please forgive me as I am your buddy.” (he pulls his ears and winks)

The girls stare at him.

Pooja - "You're just impossible

Pooja – “You’re just impossible. No problem if you didn’t apologize. Don’t do this over-acting just like that buffoon.”

Shivandh laughs.

Ritu – “Come on, let us have dinner.”


Kabir is lying on the couch whereas his sister Shivli is massaging his head. Kabir narrated whatever happened today, including Pooja’s innocence in the bike spoiling one.

Kabir told about the previous day incidents where he went Pooja's house and lashed at her in front of her family members and his plan to scare Pooja and his deal to punch the dealer(Pooja)'s enemy

Kabir told about the previous day incidents where he went Pooja’s house and lashed at her in front of her family members and his plan to scare Pooja and his deal to punch the dealer(Pooja)’s enemy.

Shivli – “Better late than never. Apologise her as mistake is on our side. You’re still immature and wanting revenge for a silly thing. Ok, how did you get that dealer’s number?”

Kabir - "I got idea to scare her with spiders and lizards

Kabir – “I got idea to scare her with spiders and lizards. So, I thought to buy plastic insects from fancy store. I asked my friends if anyone knew the contact fancy store as I don’t want to go there. I succeeded and called her. I thought to change my voice through an Application not to get caught in this foul play. Then, I come to know the girl I called is studying in my college. So, she asked me a favour in return. That is, I have to compete and defeat her enemy in boxing competition and she would supply spiders. The plan is to be executed some days later. Today, she is to meet me but gladly she cancelled the meeting due to reasons. I am going to cancel the deal with her.”

He further explains about Bluetooth speaker to create realistic sounds.

Shivli – “What a genius plan! But, you never knew that you are behaving childish to fulfill your revenge. Forgiving is the best solution for all the problems. Just cancel all your so-called deals and stuffs and apologize her.”

Kabir – “But how?”

Shivli – “It’s your plan, so you must know how to escape.”

Shivli says, “Good night.” and leaves to sleep. Kabir thinks.


After finishing their dinner, Pooja took Shiva with her sisters to ‘Girls Room’ and they discussed about their personals for a long time. Pooja narrates everything about Kabir to Shiva as he asked her who is that buffoon she mentioned. Ishani and Mahek support Kabir. Pooja reveals about her foolish plan to demean Kabir in front of everyone. Shiva chuckles at Pooja.

Pooja takes a pillow and beats him

Pooja takes a pillow and beats him.

Shiva – “So, this is the reason why Pooja’s palm is injured. Everything is funny… I mean fine… But, how did Kabir get Ishani’s number?”

Pooja – “He asked me whether she is the owner of ‘Laila Fancy Stores’.”

Ishani – “Maybe, he miswrote the number and coincidentally, it becomes mine.”

Mahek – “Everything is a coincidence here. Laila’s number becomes Ishani. Pooja attends Kabir’s call. Kabir planning Pooja to harm herself and Pooja discuss with Kabir to demean himself.”

Shiva – “This just represent how immature and egoistic you both are. Why can’t you take things lightly? I agree, you didn’t deserve Kabir’s lash outs yesterday. He is of course wrong. But, what do you obtain in hurting him?”

Pooja – “Shiva, please.”

Mahek – “Shiva is right, Pooja. We know you won’t answer me or Ishani. But you must answer Shiva.”

Ishani – “See, you have hurt yourself and also embarrassing us just for your ego’s sake. Now, you should answer us openly!”

Pooja – “What answer… openly!”

Ishani is agitated.

Shiva – “Mahek and Ishani, leave it. She herself is disturbed. I know you need to get out of such situation, am I right Pooja?”

Pooja nods hesitantly.

Shiva – “As Pooja, you invite him for a private meeting tomorrow. There, you reveal the things about the deal and end the conversation peacefully.”

Pooja – “Shiva, you’re the best and only you can understand me… (She shares a hi-fi) But wait… How will I convince Kabir to come?”

Shiva – “That is probably your problem…. (chuckles) Anyways, I shall help you.”

Ishani – “Okay, so tomorrow Pooja and Kabir are going to meet. Ang laga de re…. Mohe range lage de… Temperatures are going to cross the bars… Uff!”

Mahek – “What a scene! Hotness overloaded.”

Pooja – “If you both could able to close your mouth, I can set everything peacefully.”

Mahek – “Oh, really! So, date is confirmed.”

Shivandh – “Girls, please. She is already disturbed because of Kabir and things. And we should not add fuel into it. Let us make her feel better.”

Mahek – “Oh, that’s the matter. Shiva is jealous of Kabir now as Pooja is going for date. Also, he is supporting Pooja too much.” (Mahek giggles)

Shivandh – “Seriously!”

Mahek – “Why not! We four were thick childhood friends. During Pooja’s high-school days, you fell for Pooja and proposed her. You both were in a relationship for at least 1.5 years. Even mom like Shiva like her own son, we thought everything go well. But suddenly, Shiva left the house in mid-night without our knowledge. Pooja revealed that you broke up with her. Then, you didn’t contact us for a year. Now, you came back after a year. Tell us, did you have any feeling for Pooja?”

Shiva – “Mahek… Actually…”

Ishani – “Tell Shiva. Why did you break up with Pooja? Are you feeling now for Pooja still and is that the reason of showing up here?”

Shiva stays silent and thinks something. In fact, the whole room was silent. Shiva bows his head down. Pooja is highly embarrassed seeing Shiva’s state. Ishani and Mahek regrets for asking the question very soon but they thought they deserved answer from their best friend. Shiva wiped his tear escaping from his eyes. He looks at the girls who are blinking.

Shiva - "I am a fashion designer and it is usual that I would get projects in various cine industries like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata

Shiva – “As a fashion designer, it is usual that I would get projects in various cine industries like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. I was busy with those works and it is the reason I could not keep touch with you. About the break-up, I am responsible for it and mistakes are on my part. Pooja deserves someone much better than me as her lover. I don’t have any sort of feelings for her other than a best friend just like you both.”

Shiva bows his head down - "I came here for a project and I actually missed you guys a lot

Shiva bows his head down – “I came here for a project and I actually missed you guys and aunty a lot. So, I just visit here as your old Shiva.”

Tears overpowered him. Pooja moved her hands ahead to wipe his tear. But he moved aback and looked at them. They could see his disappointment, guilt and hurt in his eyes. Their words had wounded him badly. He stands up  saying “Good night.” and moves to the other room.


Next day – night 7.45 PM

Kabir has come to the cafe where Pooja asked him to come. Kabir is much surprised that Pooja called her for the cafe. He is wondering how could a lady like Pooja speak in a serene manner without much headstrong attitude. Still, she cut the call in mid-way. Kabir is waiting for Pooja’s entry.

Pooja comes inside the cafe. Her style is personified well in her dresses and her attitude. Kabir loses himself on seeing Pooja.

Pooja tries to show herself confident in the crowd, but only she knew how much efforts she has done before meeting Kabir and to end the meeting without tussle. She was reminded of how Shiva taught her to speak Kabir and how to ask apology without attitude. Shiva dialed Kabir’s number and asked to speak whatever he taught. She too obeyed that and spoke patiently but Kabir tested her patience by questioning more and out of vexation, she cut the call in mid-way. Ishani, Mahek and Shiva advised her not to do any blunder out of her ego. Without any choice left, she suppressed her ego and acts calm.

Pooja sits in front of Kabir. Kabir waves “Hi.” Pooja reciprocated the same with a smile.

 Kabir understood Pooja is faking her smile

Kabir understood Pooja is faking her smile. Kabir orders two cups of coffee as per Pooja’s desire.

Pooja – “Actually, I am sorry Kabir. It was my mistake to mess up with you and made you angry.”

Kabir – “Its okay, Pooja.”

Kabir is stunned by Pooja’s innocent words. He wonders if it was Pooja’s lookalike talking to him and not Pooja. He pinched his hands and confirmed he was not in the dream world. He wonders someone has hit Pooja on her cerebrum and it might be the reason of the sudden change of behaviour. He smiles.

Pooja is agitated by Kabir’s words and his smile and curses Shiva(light-hearted) as he made the tigress a jackal. The waitor serves the coffee to both. Both of them starts sipping the coffee.

 Both of them starts sipping the coffee

Kabir – “Sorry, Pooja. Majority of the mistake is on my side. Actually, one of the seniors mistook someone’s bike for me and destroyed the bike by pouring chemicals and beating it with a rod. I mistook you were the culprit.”

Pooja – “Its okay, Kabir. But, I broke the rear-view mirror of your bike.”

Kabir – “Okay, Pooja. I should take these things not serious.”

Kabir is agitated when he heard Pooja broke his mirror. But he faked his words for her apology with a fake smile.

Kabir - "Also, I am sorry because I planned with a girl to scare you by locking in the room

Kabir – “Also, I am sorry because I planned with a girl to scare you by locking in the room…”

Pooja interrupts – “And the girl asked you to beat her enemy in boxing competition.”

Kabir is stumbled and he is getting many surprises since few minutes. How did she get to know about his cheap trick?

Pooja – “You asked the girl to supply insects to scare me and the bluetooth speakers…”

Kabir – “How did you know all this?”

Pooja – “Come on! I am the girl who dealt regarding that. But I never knew in the beginning that you are the one who messed up with me and I planned with you to demean you.” (smirks)

Kabir - "Means, you asked me to fight with your enemy to demean him and that enemy is me

Kabir – “Means, you asked me to fight with your enemy to demean him and that enemy is me.”

Pooja nods and laughs. Kabir is confused.

Pooja – “You are a fool actually. You called my sister unknowingly or knowingly. But to my luck, she is not in the home and she used the app to change voice. I attend the call and speak with you. Even fools like you have brain to use that app.”

Kabir – “Hello, mind your words. You are the fool to discuss with me how to defeat me in boxing by using me. You’re the biggest fool.”

Pooja - "You mind your words, idiot

Pooja – “You mind your words, idiot.”

Saying that, Pooja poured the coffee on Kabir. Everyone looks at them. Without thinking about things, Kabir too poured the coffee on Pooja.

Kabir – “I will teach you a perfect lesson, wait.”

He folds his sleeves and stands up. Pooja takes the glass and hits him and runs. As the coffee was cold, no harms in their faces. Pooja runs to the bill counter and pays her part of bill. Kabir runs behind her without wiping his face. He paid the bill and runs behind Pooja.

Pooja runs towards a forest and Kabir follows her shouting.

Pooja – “Let me make this guy run behind me. What an entertainment!”

Pooja hides behind a tree and giggles. Kabir who is coming behind, stands near the tree and searches for Pooja. The street lights were suddenly turned off. Pooja was frightened of darkness and tried to escape from the forest area. To her horror, some fox shouts. Pooja comes from the tree’s shade and walks some distance. She could understand that she was walking on the road. Still she is not out of forest and it is dark still. Suddenly, a horn’s honk is heard and suddenly a truck heads towards Pooja. She is shocked.

Before she could realize the truck, Kabir comes between and drags Pooja from the road and both rolls down through the slope of the forest.

(Mere Rashke Qamar plays)

Pooja holds Kabir’s shirt tightly and Kabir holds her waist. Finally, their rolling through the slope ended as they were in a plain land.

Kabir is on the land and Pooja is on his chest. Pooja is gazing where she was meanwhile Kabir is looking at her eyes. He touches her chin and her attention is on his eyes. They both share an eyelock.  Breaking the eye-lock,

Pooja – “Kabir.”

Kabir – “So, you recognised I am Kabir  and that you are lying on my body. Anyways, we have a connection, thats why you could able to identify me.”

Pooja – “Nothing like that buffoon, the coffee smell in your face made me recognise you. Your face is not at all evident in this darkness. Useless!”

Kabir pushed Pooja and he is on Pooja staring at her eyes.

Kabir pushed Pooja and he is on Pooja staring at her eyes

Pooja – “You duffer!”

She pushes him and stands up. She wipes mud from her face. Kabir stands up and he does the same.

Pooja – “Thanks for saving me.”

Kabir – “My pleasure, sweetheart.”

Pooja – “Slipper.”

Kabir – “Ok, slipper.”

Pooja is annoyed. The streetlights starts to glow. Kabir looks at her face and a small dust was sticking to her face. Pooja feels weird of his look. He signs him to remove the dust from her face. She wiped the mud dust from there.

Pooja and Kabir headed their way towards the road. Suddenly a police jeep stops their way to go.

To be continued…

Precap: Pooja slaps the inspector. The Inspector takes Pooja and Kabir for custody. 


  1. Radhakrishn

    Lovely epi. Ishani and Mehek teasing Pooja wad funny 😂

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks. Their hilariousness will reach a new height in next episode.😅😅😅

  2. Zingo

    Hey, Shesha485. Very well-written. Your narration skills are perfect 😍. Will you show Arjun Bijlani in a negative role or supporting role?

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou, dear. Arjun would be paired with Jennifer and ArJen is a supporting couple. Thus, he won’t turn negative.❣

    2. Zingo

      Okay, the story will take a beautiful turn then. Glad to read🤩

  3. Jasminerahul

    the girls n shivandh scene was funny.shivandh’s melodramatic dialogue delivery…very funny.I wish I could see it in real.loved shivli asking kabir to apologize to pooja.though shivandh appeared to be a clown he is very mature.that’s why he told pooja to end the rivalry with kabir.
    glad that now shivandh doesn’t have feelings for pooja.but did they really love each other earlier? why did they actually break up?
    .jabir apologizing with a fake smile was cute.omg but they ended up fighting n even threw coffee at each other.loved kabir saving pooja.eye lock was romantic. kabir talking about connection n pooja saying that she identified him by coffee smell was funny.nice pics

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much for the compliments. To my surprise, you thought Shiva as a clown. Maybe your impression on him get changed.😯

    2. Jasminerahul

      his introduction a humorous. my impression on him has already changed.he is very sensible n mature

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