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Gangaa 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aasha brings a videogame for Radhika. Radhika cheers thankfully, Ganga returns the gift saying Radhika won’t study if she plays all day. Aasha promises to take Radhika for vacation, Ganga interfers Radhika has exams and she has to prepare for them. Savitri thinks Ganga must have left the house by now, what if this fast costs her much. Shiv comes there. Aasha gifts him a Kurta. Shiv says he isn’t used to taking gifts since years now. Aasha points that Parvati told her Shiv can play guitar. Radhika insists on Shiv to play it again. Shiv finally agrees. They make a bon fire, Radhika asks Shiv to sing as well.
Shiv plays guitar and everyone enjoy his singing ‘Jabb Koi Baat Bigar Jaye’. Ganga was about to take on the female vocals when Aasha begins to sing. Ganga was irked. Kushal and Riya discuss that if Shiv confess his love to Ganga tonight she won’t be able to deny.
Pratab looks around in the Math. He finds out that Ganga got the cheque not from any NGO but from Shiv. Shiv has given this cheque to an NGO. Jhumki says Ganga doesn’t realize Shiv is going crazy behind her. Jhumki was determined to destroy the lives of Shiv and Ganga now, she would make a blast. She turns to tell Ganga about her well wisher. Pratab stops her saying they will make a blast now.
Ganga speaks to Parvati’s photo in the room confused about what should be done by her.
Shiv tells Kushal to arrange for a doctor for Savitri. Kushal says no one would argue if Shiv announces any decision. Shiv says this isn’t easy. Kushal thinks he has already won Ganga’s heart.
The next morning, Savitri was in the bed. She thinks about doing something today else this fasting would kill her. Ganga brings tea for her. Savitri walks downstairs and faints in the yard. Everyone gathers. Shiv tells Kushal to call the doctor. Savitri forbids Kushal not to do so. Shiv holds her up on the chair. Savitri reminds them its the 7th day, she wants to know about her real daughter in law today. Ganga suggests they must take Savitri to hospital. Shiv tells Savitri that by tonight she would know who her real daughter in law is. Savitri smiles.
Pratab takes Savitri inside for rest.
In the room, Savitri tells Pratab and Jhumki that now Shiv must announce his decision. Shiv won’t marry Aasha and Ganga won’t agree to marry Shiv.
Ganga comes to the yard and watches Shiv and Aasha making floral arrangements in the yard. She comes to Shiv. Shiv hands her a diary to call the light man, there is much of the work to be done. Ganga again comes to Shiv. Shiv doesn’t hear, he tells Ganga to get the curtains changed and takes Kushal aside. In the room, Kushal notes Shiv’s instructions. Riya asks the reason for this arrangement. Shiv says he could never tell Ganga what was in his heart, but today he wants to show Ganga he will fill her life with happiness only.
Later, Kushal and Riya come to the hall with all the desired items from market. Riya and Kushal discuss about the gifts they brought for Ganga. Shiv hands Kushal a gift for Ganga from him, Kushal was moved watching school property papers after Ganga’s name. Shiv thinks today he wants to tell Ganga she is a gift from Sagar, but he would keep Sagar’s memories alive while walking the path of life.

PRECAP: Savitri tells Ganga that her intentions don’t seem to be of giving an heir to this family. She must leave the house now. Ganga comes to pack her bag.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. After reading the updates, I am not hopeful that it will be a happy ending after all πŸ™
    I think Gangaa’s stubbornness and pride may just prevent her from admitting that she has feelings for Shiv and wants to be with Shiv.
    Unless of course, something miraculous happen, lets say, Shiv manages to serenade Gangaa and touches Ganga heart. Ganga becomes emotionally overwhelmed and touched by Shiv efforts to prove his love for her. All the decoration that he has made for her and Ganga recall the caring and tender moments Shiv has showered her. Gangaa dumps her back and flings her arms around shiv and says ‘ yes, I accept this marriage and want to be with you’ πŸ˜‰

    1. I am reminded of pride and prejudice where E Bennett was proud and prejudiced against Darcy bot he eventually managed to win her with his ardent love where gratitude was the reason of their union not for loving her once but loving her despite her resentment.
      Shiv is a good man you cannot help liking him One cannot expect the passion of youth in this couple but it will be a happy union.

    2. Hi Poonam,

      Yes,I agree with you. Shiv is a good man in heart, considerate, caring, kind and loving. I too hope that Shiv and Gangaa will have a happy union.

  2. Gangaa is such a shameless character ever in indian serial industry she has lost her husband nd daughter she got the news of he daughter’s death a week before nd now she is enjoying guitar wid shiv shamelss woman!!!!gangaa is a stain on women nd mothers she is soo cheappp she is not at all worried about who kill sagar nd where is the dead body of krishna she is only concentrating on how shiv wud be hers not asha’s….. cheap showww cheapp characters………

  3. Sorry summer wht u r saying vl never ever going to happen gangaa never confessed her love for sagar like this C’mon guys remember when sagar made it all for gangaa to confess her love for him but she never did that… initially she was loving him but never confessed her love for him….. then how can she easily say to shiv that she loves him….. floppppl serialll!!!!!!?????

    1. Hi Anushka,

      No need to apologise, everyone is entitled to their own views, as we all perceive things differently. There was one episode when finally Ganga did admit her love to Sagar, she did take a long time after the 7 year leap. Gangaa was angry with the betrayl from Sagar after he disbelieved that Gangaa was with his child. When Gangaa learnt the truth that Sagar was under the influence of drugs which explained his absent memory, she too found it difficult to admit her mistake on her behalf. Her mistake was not fighting for her love and taking the time to explain to Sagar what happened that night, instead she walked away. They were both hurt. To cut a long story short, Ganga eventually admitted her error and accepted her mistake too to the break down of the union. She apologised to Sagar and they were due to marry again because of Sagar’s dad illness . Once Gangaa apologised to Sagar, this time Sagar thought he would teach Gangaa a lesson and give her own medicine back of hostile treatment, although deep down Sagar has forgiven her.
      It is a shame that the serial has taken this direction, but I can only hope for a happy ending.

  4. Hi Summer
    How are you? I cannot see Ganga with anybody other than Sagar. Their love and chemistry has never been seen before in any serial. It looks like the the story is haading towards a happy ending but anything is possible. We have seen how the story changed dramatically over the years. If Ganga accept Shiv then I agree with what Anushka is saying. Her love for Sagar could not have been that strong that in such a short time she is developing feelings for Shiv.

    Shiv was still grieving for Parvati when he married Ganga 3 years after her death and he made it very clear to Ganga that he could never love her and even forbid her to touch or move anything in the bedroom. He never allowed Ganga to grieve for Sagar and he is only been dead a few months ago and now he expects Ganga to accept/love him. This is not right. This is selfHe is trying to buy her affection and using Sagar name in the process. Shiv and Ganga should not be united.

    1. Hi Pooja,

      I’m good thanks :-). When i came to your end sentence ‘ Shiv and Ganga should not be united’ my initial reaction was ‘noooooooo’, please don’t say that. I like to see a happy ending. πŸ™‚ I understand what you are saying. Its a real shame they serial has taken this turn. You know, when Ganga and Sagar married the first time, instead of dropping the bombshell of Gangaa pregnancy and Sagar leaving for London.
      The writers should have celebrated the union after much difficulty and left it at that with perhaps a little insight of Sagar and Ganga lived happily ever after. Instead they took a seven year leap which left many unanswered questions and a huge hole in the story. The writers had another opportunity to get the serial back on track in terms of Niru health, they should have left it as a happy ending there too. No! Instead, they decided to bring back Prabha and Yash and that just ruined it for me.
      Another revamp took place, I decided to keep an open mind and see how the story develops, to my surprise, i like Shiv. I liked the pairing of Shiv and Ganga. It was nice to see their relationship developing . Personally, I felt they should have left Sagar re-entry out. This kind of disrupted the flow of the storyline of the new revamp which lead to Shiv’s change in character becoming more assertive onto the point of aggressive which i did not enjoy watching.
      Nevertheless, i would still like to see a happy ending, but like you say, anything can happen.

  5. I totally agree wid u pooja shiv is using sagar’s name to attract gangaa towards him nd yeah anything can happen in gangaa…….

  6. Hi Summer
    I share you views. The 3td revamped was unnecessary. It should have ended with Sagar and Ganga flying to Switzerland for their honeymoon and the family waving to them happily. Proper Bollywood style?

  7. kaythwe (Myanmar)

    Also agree with you Pooja and Anushka. I like your comments.
    Thank you !

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