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Gangaa 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Riya takes Aasha aside and asks why she didn’t deny Savitri for his demands. She tells Aasha to never forget they all love Parvati. She asks why Aasha is silent. Kushal comes and say he asked her to stay silent. He shares with Riya that sometimes they must bring people close to each other. He says he advised Savitri and it is important for Aasha to stay silent about the matter. He tells Riya he only wants to build pressure over Ganga and Shiv so that they share with each other what’s in thier hearts.
In the room, Ganga was unable to focus on her writing and was frustrated. Shiv was also restless outside. Gagna turns to leave, Shiv enters the room. Ganga asks Shiv what he wants to do now, Shiv asks what he should do? Ganga says he can marry Aasha if he wants to, Aasha is a nice girl. Aasha comes to the room and takes Shiv outside as she wants to talk to him right away.
Shiv angrily asks Aasha why she brought him outside. Aasha says she has seen Shiv and Ganga’s love for each other but there are communication gaps between them. She says Parvati always wanted them to stay happy, she can help Shiv with this. He must make Ganga feel ignored and that she is losing her life.
In the room, Ganga was worried why Aasha is taking too much time to speak to Shiv. Shiv comes to the room. Ganga asks for his reply. Shiv doesn’t feel to be paying heed, he says he has decided to do what he should. Ganga thinks this means Shiv has decided to marry Aasha.
The next morning, Shiv watches Ganga go an wash her clothes. She was irked and tells Shiv to wash his own clothes if he wish to wear clean clothes. Shiv asks Ganga to come aside. He dops his clothes in water and says they are clean now. He mix Ganga’s clothes in water as well, saying they are also washed. He pours the rest of bucket over himself saying he has washed his own shirt as well. Aasha comes there complementing his abs and body. She signals Shiv, he boasts about working hard all day long. Aasha whispers to Shiv to take his shirt off, to make Ganga jealous. Shiv says he would take his shirt off to show his body to her. Aasha was inspired by the muscles. Ganga stood jealoused with her back towards Shiv. Shiv says he must take a bath when he has taken his shift off. Aasha instructs him with applying soap.
Later, Ganga was spreading the clothes. Shiv comes to spreak his own shirt. Aasha comes right behind him. Ganga leaves the yard. Aasha corrects the spreaded saree and says he would never like Ganga to wear an unwashed saree. Ganga heard this. Shiv says this saree would suit Ganga anyway, a mark always suits the moon. Aasha looks around and asks if Ganga was listening, then appreciates Shiv for learning fast.
Riya tries to make Savitri up for giving sometime to Ganga. Savitri says Ganga was always against this marriage. Radhika comes to call Ganga to see what happened in the math. All the chairs and tables were broken in the Math. Shiv and Aasha come there worried and wonders if this was done by the men he beat. Aasha whispers she did this, and Shiv must pose he doesn’t care about SHiv’s worries. Ganga wonders how she would buy new chairs. Shiv suggests she must apply for a loan in bank and leaves. Savitri asks if Riya still consider everything would get well.
In the room, Ganga was curt that Shiv appreciates her behind her back but never talks to her well.
Shiv was worried for Ganga’s problem. He watches an ad from a social welfare society and decides to get the money to Ganga through them. He calls Muneem to prepare a 50k cheque, he would tell him later that from whom this cheque must be. He writes a letter from Ganga’s well wisher and says he would wait for Ganga’s thakyou reply.
He comes to room with Kushal. Ganga was writing an application and asks Kushal to come to bank with her tomorrow for loan application. Radhika brings a letter for her. Ganga was elated to see a 50k cheque from an NGO. Shiv asks if she mentioned his name? Ganga asks if she has nothing else to do.
In the corridor, RIya comes to Ganga worried that Savitri isn’t eating anything. Ganga comes to request her but Savitri pushes the tray away. Ganga says this isn’t good for her help, Jhumki wonders how they must make her up. Pratab comes there and tells Ganga to apologize Shiv falling over his feet and requests him to accept her as his wife.

PRECAP: Riya asks Ganga if she wants to move on with Shiv forgetting about her past, if Shiv is ready to accept her as his wife, would she accept this new relation. Shiv awaited Ganga’s reply upstairs.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. love saga alwayss ??

    RUBBISH!!! means riya wants gangaa shud forget evrything her daughter her childhood the chaturvedi family who gave her shelter wht directors want from this serial….i have made a conclusion that gangaa has got readymade family nd can forget anything c’mon yaar she doesn’t forget sagar in 7 yrs just bocz he was alive???? I want all these answers from u guys nd directors producers nd all actors who r still working on this cheap serial the they all r talented actors if they quit this show they vl get much much better show nd good recognition nd still 43000 people know her nd half of them r her fans bcoz of gangaa serial its true she has got her break from this serial but still she cud get a better serial…. bullshit!!!! Just hate gangaa she is so irritating nd her daughter is so overacting ki dukaan she is 14-15 yrs old but her voice is like 5-6 yr child…. directors cud start another’s season wid another characters nd closing the previous story… its gud that &tv took decision to close this shitty serials soon they realize that this show is just wastage of time i never ever seen such kind of serial buttt yeah i have to say that i have never seen couple like gangaa sagar they both always look young nd beautiful….. thier intimate scene was so hott nd s*xyyyyy… that cud never been compared to anyone…….

    Love saga alwaysss ??

  2. Gangaa is going off air on 2nd June. They may want to end with Shiv Gangaa union. Anyways after revamp how long story survives .In mid Jan revamp happen. Then Sagar re enter for 15- 20 days so after revamp & all the changes they could drag it hardly for 3- 4 months

  3. M so happy ?
    Gangaa ending soooooooooon

    They made ganga lawyer but never showed doing her practice serious way

    She always worked in this serial after sagar as dumb character -:(

  4. If the show end with Shiv and Ganga union it will be a blow to all Saga fans who have been watching from episode 1. We heard over and over again that Ganga is only for Sagar. The writers had a chance to salvage the show with Shiv death. This way Ganga would live her life as she wish may be in an ashram. Shiv need to let Ganga go. The Jha family has only given her grief. Kushal and Rya should stop meddling, For me the perfect ending is to see Ganga move away and help other women and fight for their rights or she died.

  5. I wish i can burn the script.It is so irritating. After read this.Omg…how can they do this.Gangaa become so stupid now.All i want is Gangaas death or shiv death.don’t wanna see them together.Gonna be a great n fair ending for me.

  6. Another sweet episode. Loved the scene where Shiv is praising Gangaa’s beauty and she’s listening smiling to cute. Aditi has such a lovely smile. I hope Pratap doesn’t ruin the mood when it’s going all so nicely. I wonder if Savatri is secretly eating food in her room, it would be so funny to see her munching away while everyone else thinks she is starving.

  7. I would like to see Gangaa United with Saagar and Krishna, all alive. I have not watched a single episode since they separated them, have been reading the updates regularly after that in hope of watching it end on a happy note. I am still very hopeful of the desired end . Writers have spoiled such a soulful love story, they should at least end it happily.

  8. kaythwe (Myanmar)


  9. I have missed a few episodes. Did they show Sagar and Krishna dead. MAYBE THEY ARE alive! Whatever Ganga serial should end with Ganga taking up legal practice to help women in distress.

  10. Gangaa is really dumb she was unnecessarily smiling when shiv just praised her beauty such a dumb nd in next moment shiv aisa kaise kar sakta hai.. poor gangaa all making fun of her nd her beauty she has wonderful smile no doubt!! But she is making fun of herself nd her smile by acting in this useless show…… flop actors.. they really need counseling for choosing rite serial nd movies………

  11. Ganga deserves Shiv he is her protector as well as her healer.
    I don’t see a sad ending coming Ganga has a right to happiness and if in the form of Shiv so be it. Behti ka naam hi nadi hain aur Ganga ek nadi hain jo kabhi rukti nahin !

  12. Hi Everyone,

    The story so far especially after revamp is not to everyone cup of tea. Gangaa went through a lot. From childhood she lost her father, husband no 1. as a child bride, loss of memory due to tragic event, followed by loss of husband no 2- Sagar. Loss of Krishna and many more struggles in life. Her love to Sagar did not come easy, she had to struggle to get the blessing of Sagar family, when they finally accepted the union after Jhanvi’s death ( Sagar first wife) Ganga faced more struggles – Prahba and Yash evil plotting.

    By fate, Ganga was swept in the Jha family by mistake through wrong identity thinking she was young Gangaa. Its sadly the serial is coming to an end and we have not seen much happiness for Gangaa, albeit short-lived before another hurdle of obstacles thrown in Gangaa’s path. So far, Ganga had to endure misery after misery. Shiv genuine loves Ganga and I believe Ganga too has developed feelings for Shiv. Maybe its her guilt that is holding her back?
    Dear writers, please give the happiness Ganga deserves and a family who will shower love for Ganga. Shiv would make a loving and caring husband and Radhika will fill the void in her life, likewise Ganga will give the nurture of love and support a child needs. Riya and Kushal will be the caring and supportive brother and sister Ganga never had. Jhumki will be always the clown who never leaves a moment dull 😉 Please give a happy union and a positive ending. 🙂

    1. so be it.

  13. Wht amen???? Gangaa doesn’t deserve happiness at all after loving shiv she deserves to die……….

    1. Totally agree

  14. Hi Summer
    Very nicely written ?. However I believe that Ganga can still be happy on her own if she can do the things she like. Like I said before move into and ashram and helping other women and fights for equality. Teaching etc…prior to the rewamp she was always independent and determined. Living with the Jha family seem to have weaken her and she is full of uncertainty.

    1. Hi Pooja,

      How are you? 🙂 Hope you are well.
      I understand what you are saying, but I cannot see why Gangaa can’t do those things being married? Gangaa can use her strength and independence to educate the women of the village also the children. Her marriage to Shiv, working together as a good team, supporting each other and having mutual and equal respect for one another can be a good example to the women, men and children in the village. Women, are no less than men, its recognising strength and weakness in different areas. Working together can utilise those skills, hence Shiv being a head of Mathdeth can also demonstrate how a good marriage with mutual respect and support can benefit to the family and community – equality without prejudice.

      With Ganga’s determination and strong mind, she can educate women to become more self reliant and as a result, confidence in women will grow. Ganga teaching the young children about values and difference in strength between men and women, this will educate and broaden the mind of the young generation who will become the next generation. When they become adults, they will learn to respect one and another appreciate the difference in strength between men and women and will not view women less capable, as a result broadens vision.
      Teaching is one thing, for the pupils to learn is another, however we all learn best by example. Therefore, should Gangaa and Shiv have a happy reunion and a strong and united relationship, the example of a marriage working together as a team with love and support, the villages will notice and this may just make the men think twice how they treat their wives and other women. Within time, men may just see women just as capable and strong, but in their own way and will display less of the chauvinsim behaviour towards women. 🙂

    2. well said about interdependence.

  15. Ganga, right from her childhood has been shown as a girl who has a mind of her own and a fierce will to survive. She wears white but doesn’t consider herself a widow. Also though she believes herself to be married to Saagar , she could never strongly say so as Saagar makes it a marriage of convenience. No girl in her sane mind will trust a person who has betrayed her
    trust twice and that too, so badly. That is why, she was reluctant to go back. Also , she didn’t want Krishna to experience hear father’s love and then feel hurt if Saagar chose to walk out of their .ife again. But finally, she married Saagar and accepted that she loved him. As far as I can make out of the story is that Krishna and Saagar should be still alive and story should end in a happy note. Since she has been shown legally married to Saagar, she can now rightfully claim his companionship and call his house her own.
    I think Aasha is ParvatI only and they should show them together.

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